The Dragon without a System

The Dragon without a System
393 pages

All he needs to do is unlock his System, but luckily that's not a matter of chance. Right?

Felix is a dragon. “What is a dragon”, you ask? Excellent question! We have no idea, but if you have any credible information, please contact Administration as there is a substantial reward.

As the only dragon, Felix has always had trouble making friends. But now, with his coming of age ceremony, Felix will unlock his system and join the Academy. There his talons and dagger-sharp teeth should be an asset, instead of an obstacle, and he'll hopefully finally make some new friends. He desperately needs some.

But things hardly ever go as expected, so what will he do when he gets a crush on one of his new friends? And how will he deal with that while also figuring out what to do without a system? Because if he doesn’t figure something out soon, all his peers will leave him in the dust.

This story has gay male characters, so if that isn't something for you, please go find something you will enjoy instead. 

Edit: it's also a romance story. As it is tagged. Keep that in mind.

Updates M-W-F.

Each chapter is between 2k and 3k words.

My cover, for which I'm incredibly grateful, was made by Asviloka, who can be found by clicking the name or through this link: https://www.royalroad.com/profile/108594

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