strand VV

strand VV

The Atropos Schema

A litrpg story with the twist being that mana and technology and the forces behind them clashing in rather a subtle manner with the MC having been affected by the result of that.

The style of the story was excellent from transitioning from one part to another without any discontinuity and words conveying whatever the the author imagined. Nothing was hard to picture and there was always a clear image of the background and whats happening.

The story follows the MC as he gets introduced to the new litrpg aspect introduced to the world. I liked how it was said that the monsters we all commonly know like orcs and goblins that also appeared due to the changes have an actual reasoning behind why they were so known on earth. The one thing I didnt like was there was no stakes risen, up to what I have read. No antagonist, no immediate danger. I was left hanging on what was the major plot plan and sights of it ever affecting the MC.

The grammar for me was perfect so nothing from here.

The characters in the story were well written like they have personalities and follow them never going out of what was initially written. On the other hand they dont have much of a character like what is the MCs current goal other than protecting his family, because this feels rather unclear or vague for it to be an actual goal without us even interacting that much with his family if at all. Being thrown into all of this with no reactions and just going along with it with no repercussions feels like something is missing it might be the effect of the slight brain wash but I am left wondering if there is a way for side affects to appear as a long term instead of explanations. 

Among Monsters and Men

This is a classical fantasy epic mixed with underlying tropes of web novels. The author made a super ambiguous work by going with the same style of plot and storytelling of game thrones. Multiple POVs take place along the story with characters seeming to have no relations to each other but taking in the game of thrones concept, the author seems that he will intersect the characters bit by bit as the story progresses and then erupt as the actions of all the characters come along to fulfill the ending.

Putting aside the classical part. The author also introduced tropes not strange to web serials. As elves, orcs, and magic fill the characterization of the world and the world-building by their culture, actions, and history. 

All of this meshes up to introduce to you the epic that 'Among Monster and Men' offer.

Taking a deeper dive into the story itself you would find that no character is truly good nor truly evil, everything is fueled for a reason whether it be revenge or strive for power. Nothing appears as it is on the surface with - what I assume - the story hinting at deep powerful secrets.

The style of writing followed the classic literature formatting however to me it seemed as this was the best way to do it since the story incorporates a lot of the classical ways of literature.

A World of Monsters

This is an action, half litrpg half reincarnation. That centers around a monster and a human and a connection seem to be in place between.
A part of the story centers around a human reincarnated into a species called immortals as a monster with the potential to evolve. You would think he would be reincarnated into something...grandiose. But, don't even mention a moth he first starts as a caterpillar then evolves as a moth. The other part begins with human kids and he/she (not clarified yet who is the main star) seems to be joining a monastery to earn their class/profession.
The major world itself was hinted at in the prologue, but the actual chapters reveal bit by bit, as the world view of the two main characters expands.
There is not much depth to the human characters yet, but there is a lot of development with the monster. The author explores what happens when a human reincarnates into another species with different characteristics due to their bodily function. What is the result of the war between its past self and its current ego that steems from its species? The author is exploring an area I have rarely seen and imo is doing a great job at it by adding up stakes to the results.
There is a litrpg aspect to the story but what I liked about its standardized levels, The skills don't just fly off the hook as they level up with big numbers and you could see some of them losing effects if they don't level up. Also, the skills themselves played properly to their effects and description and felt a bit realistic, as in a skill description the prerequisite of flying due to the evolution to a moth was having wings.
The grammar for me was perfect so nothing from me there. While the style for me on one hand it had a bit too many descriptions that I could skim through while on the other hand I really appreciated the details in the story.

Enigma's Multiverse (Rewritten, link in description)

This is a classic litrpg story with the author adding on his own take of the multiverse, cultivation, and power systems, history, organizations, etc. (You know the drill) 


The fighting scenes were great, detailing every move so you could clearly imagine what the author was writing.

This is a classic genre however the author was able to expand on the world without feeling it was cliche since  it appears he has a good control on the flow and the description, which speaks for how good the style is. The only drawback for me is the somewhat short chapters, but then again the author said he is releasing chapters daily, so it is balanced. 


The story is very gripping although fast-paced but it does come with antagonist coming early in the story. The plot was somewhat revealed earlier on with a short goal for the MC and the major world being shown and described.


I had no problem with the grammar, so nothing from me here. 


The characters honestly were excellent. The MC was very realistic with his background, the motivation and the emotions were all shown clearly to the readers. I like how the MC was given even more depth by showing his strengths and weaknesses, how he admits them and tries to work on them. 

My Pick Up Artist System

What is the main genre here? Romance? it is a part but it doesn't seem to be the center. Harem? With a pickup artist in a modern setting, seems not to be the right word. Comedy? Just tiny bits don't make it that.


I will call this a pick-up genre because I can't seem to find anything else.


The style is very good at displaying environments, emotions. It shows you what the author is thinking and imagining. some jokes hit a bit far. But I tend to think everyone laughs at different things, so maybe some parts I don't find funny are hilarious to other people.


The story and the plot are incredible. They are well thought and the scenes and time transitions flow smoothly. some big parts are a bit cliche but the story owns it and uses it to the utmost coupled with good writing skill and style makes it as good as the others.


I found nothing with grammar, so perfect from me.


Regarding characters, If you are looking for personalization and distinction they are there and are excellent. But the characters don't have a depth to them. I don't think this story incorporates this setting. ( Don't even know how it will do it.)

When Philosophers Cry – A Super Villainess Story

This is a superhero/villain story where the twist is the MC wants to be supervillian when she comes from a superhero family and how her desires for being a supervillain manifests.

Currently, action is the main grip of the story and it is shown beautifully. The story is still unfolding for its major plot but the MC will keep you until it is shown, currently it revolves about the MC and her backstory and her progressiom based on that backstory for her and then the difference in heros and villains. 

The current style of the story is fast faced but it has shown signs of it slowing down as the world gets shown to the reader. The descriptions of the fights were excellent I liked how I was able to imagine them. 

The characters have distinct differences from each other but I would love if emotional stakes were raised in the story, exploring more of the characters depth.


This is an action fantasy with abit if litrpg and maybe (post-apocalypse?) As the title says this story drives hard the fantasy feeling not only that but what are the effects that comes of actions in such a fantasy story.


The story tells the tale of the desire of the cast and the MC as well  that you cant help that believe maybe this is a real world, adding to the awesome world building you cant help but be immersed.


The style has no problem showing the world in the story, and although the chapters are short they are filled with quality writing where every words add a new description and scenery to your imagination.


There is nothing more i can say about the characters, they are all fleshed out to the extent of realism.


This is a pseudo half isekai half litrpg. The isekai part is that it seems the MC will get to travel to different worlds, but this is a regular thing where it all happens and the world has a mature society based on this. The litrpg part is the that the MC has a system but it is used in this story as a more of a raw source of power than the regular one with stats and descriptions. 


The style is a comedic first person. The style never fails to capture how the MC feels in a given moment and almost displays most of the MCs thoughts to the readers.


There was no problem in the grammar so no problem from me.


The characters were all fleshed, each with their own set of action and their bckgrounds affecting it. The MC is honestly the most fleshed one since this is a first person story. 

The Merchant Prince Book 1: Returning Home

Currently this is an action and adventure story that seems will integrate a fantasy part later in the story.

First this is a slow burn story so I suggest anyone to rea to chapter 3 before they decide whether it is good or bad.


The story seems to take place in a historical fantasy and of course giving what that entails. Schemes, politics, wars and of course some action. 

The best thing in my opinion in this work is its world building. It is very real that you could clearly imagine it with everything tht it haves without any problem. 


The story is one of the most surreal plots I have read. Currently without alot of fantasy, it is very realistic and everything about it is told, like the dark side of humanity and how the corruption of power affects people.


the style shows everything and is clearly explained, if there is one thing I had to pick was that I would like to see how the actions affect people. Without spoiling I would simply want to be shown the consequences of the some actions to the world and the people around. But thats just my opinion.


All the characters are clearly fleshed out, but what i enjoyed the most was the chaotic neutral personality of the MC. He does what he need to do to strive for power, which adds even more realistic depth to the story. 

Reborn in Another World as a (Colorless) Demon Prince

This is an isekai story with the twist being the MC being reincarnated as a demon prince. The power system is unique, not alot was revealed about it. But the aurhor seems to have mapped out with weakness and strengths, followed by dervative skills. There are some blessings but those are still being explained since the author didn't reveal much about them.


The story is honestly gripping, as it follows how the MC explores the world around as for me the reader see the world open bit by bit. It is a slow burner at first, but I think it is all worth it since the author seems to be laying the ground work for an expansive world.


I loved the style, every word matched for the the meaning conveyed, and there was no scene without the picture being clear for imagination.


The grammar for me was perfect so nothing i can sau about it.


The characters were all fleshed out, each with their own personalities and emotions. The dialogue followed naturally to tje character speaking which would make you tell apart who is who.