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strand VV

    1. Re: Swap of a Different Kind

      Since you are providing free reviews, I would like to request one. You can stop whenever you like. I just would like to know how my story is faring up. My story is in my signature. I could give you (...)

    2. Re: Free Comments on First Chapter

      I would like very much to see what you think of my first chapter. My story is in my signature. Thank you for your effort.

    3. Re: Free Review for New Authors

      Hello, My story is not exactly new, but it is a rewrite from a story a few months back but it is still my first one. I have posted about 68 pages which are 9 chapters. (50 pages is between chapter 6 (...)

    4. Re: Graphic Designer- will make a book cover in exchange for a review of my story

      Hello,  I just saw this and I really hope you are still doing it. If you are please tell me. 

    5. Re: Review Swap

      I am up for a review swap. 

    6. Re: Review Swap :)

      If you are still doing it, I would like to swap. My 10K mark is at chapter 5.

    7. Re: Review Swap!

      I am up for a review swap.  My story is in my signature. 

    8. Re: Quick review swaps

      I am up for a review swap. 

    9. Re: Okay, weird idea regarding a story, or maybe a genre?

      I think any idea is viable if you can cook up reasonable explanations and backgrounds. I am more inclined to think how the world upgraded and how it worked before. Lets talk about spawning and magic. (...)

    10. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      10 You guys are killing anyone who has OCD. 

    11. Re: Grammar fixing?

      Well this is something I can definitely relate to. I am writing a story and I am non-native speaker. I can tell you it's a lot of struggle. I prided myself on my English grammar, and it got recked here. (...)

    12. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      26 But you are only one person, you can't make an active thread alone. Soooo, don't take offense? 

    13. Re: The Penguin Below Me Game

      Yeah, hello, there is a flamergency in the woods. No, I want a veggie burger. Of course I want you to send a flamibulence. What do you mean they are all out. Hmm hmmm. Well, stick your head in the (...)

    14. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      26 I believe you, it is just sometimes, maybe, always that I think that perhaps you are possibly not saying the truth.

    15. Re: Class Choices

      Well if you are confused here are my two cents if I were you. I would choose a pyromancer if I am in your situations simply because it is versatile enough. A shadow assassin will be based on sneak attacks (...)

    16. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      28 You would be stuck in eternity. So tell me, how does time pass for you if you don't have any?

    17. Re: Reader-Players Needed for Mystery; Will Swap Critique or Reviews

      I am up for it, but I would love a review for a review, still I will comment on the last chapter in an attempt to solve the riddle. My story is in my signature if you would like to swap.

    18. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, please now pay for the PC. I wish for a revolution in RR.

    19. Re: Let's Write A Terrible Fanfic Together!

      Unbeknownst to all, the true evil of this story was hiding in this space within space, eating poo plants gaining powers to rule all over RR forums, you could hear his maniacal laughter resounding through (...)

    20. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      22 Found this thread and I had to share my wisdom. Time is relative to your place in this grand universe it could be perfect timing yet still you are in nowhere for it to matter.