1. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      This is super helpful and a major timesaver, thanks! Happy to be of service :)

    2. Re: Thedude3445's Weekly TheReviews3445 Thread (No Swaps, Don't Stop)

      My review for Magical Robot?! was posted.  Aaaw, you didn't need to. I know you're backed up and time is tight for you.  Still, thank you very much ^__^

    3. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      Thanks for this guide! happy to help, though I see the scroll bar showing up in your sig... there might be some extra empty lines/returns in your sig code, after the stuff you want in there causing (...)

    4. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      Trying mine.... that worked out well ^__^

    5. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      Thank you! This was extremely helpful, and it is even easy for people who don't understand coding. I usually struggle to do all the fancy effects like this on other websites because I don't understand (...)

    6. Re: Adding your book on your Signature

      If you want to get more in depth or need to add additional books and the like (or anyone else that comes across this post w/ a similar question), I wrote a pretty expansive post on the subject that's pinned (...)

    7. Re: Book cover quality

      What David said, but also, I recommend getting your image looking good at the size max size it will be displayed at to avoid any blurriness happening from scaling.  After that it comes down to compression (...)

    8. Re: New Year - New Art

      nice work w/ the colored pencils, I really dig the style. very theme appropriate.

    9. Re: Programmer and Gamer turned into a Writer

      I have made D&D modules before! I’d love to help with this. Might have to give your stories a read! This is a bit embarrassing, but I've never actually played D&D... I've played a session of Shadowrun (...)

    10. Re: The new alpha recommended stories feedback

      I don't know what maths Kana set up to push stories into the recommended section, but if I were making one I think I'd try to figure out "what categories of stories are present in the stories that the (...)

    11. Re: Odd Reader Quirks?

      I can't read it without feeling like I've crawled up the author's rear! please do not look at my book in this case.  AutoDot is okay though. Apparently I'm also guilty of the "synopsis in the title" (...)

    12. Re: What was the book that make you want to write?

      This was back in the cringy years of middle school and highschool growing up in a highly religious household, but it was the This Present Darkness series by Frank Peretti that first got me thinking that (...)

    13. Re: So frustrated with readers

      only three chapters so far, But out of 37 views On my most recent chapter (64) I've currently got 178 views (58 from RR users) and 1 comment... Automata Prime currently is ranked #1541, has 401 (...)

    14. Re: Programmer and Gamer turned into a Writer

      Ah nice to see another programmer trying to shoehorn their code skills into their fiction.  In my books, all the magic is code based so I can relate.  I've also been plotting out the development of a game (...)

    15. Re: Tables

      If I might direct your attention here: https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/96890?page=1#pid818731 As for altering the border and colors of your tables, it's a lot easier to just do it in code view, (...)

    16. Re: The finished cover I created!

      Nice work, I like where this is going.  If I may offer some small crits? The book title is too close to the top of the cover, I'd recommend giving yourself a little more room there so it doesn't feel (...)

    17. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      Is there any way to force the columns to be the same width as each other? Right now they're aligned very asymmetrically and it kinda bothers me. If we had access to proper html, then yes.... but sadly (...)

    18. Re: Introduction of a fantasy realist

      ...I think the silver in this lining is actually plutonium and highly radioactive. XD You might be right there mate.  Lucky for me, I'm a bit of a cave troll/hermit anyway so I really haven't been (...)

    19. Re: So frustrated with readers

      And this is why I try to engage with every single comment if it makes sense to do so. And probably more than I really need to, to be honest. I mean, I get a notification for each new comment anyway, (...)