1. Re: Action figures are art!

      It looks terrific! Please share any more you make in the future. at present, I'm printing out the parts for this figure at a larger size.  Should end up around 7.5" tall vs 4.5".  This will be a "hero" (...)

    2. Re: Action figures are art!

      So, if you've read my book you know that the main character is supposed to be basically ME.  And in the book, our hero builds all sorts of robot bodies and such so it would be weird if the real life me (...)

    3. Re: Does your Sig need help? Will work for Reviews

      Yeah. It works. I will post your review by tomorrow :)  fantastic, thanks ^__^

    4. Re: Does your Sig need help? Will work for Reviews

      I definitely need your help. I can't even have the image appear in the signature 😭 try this one one and see how it works for you, make sure to past this into the code ( button with <>) view of your (...)

    5. Re: Does your Sig need help? Will work for Reviews

      Yup, the text on the right side of the image would be great. Thanks man. Try this out and see if it works for you.  I wasn't able to get the text to vertically align to the top though as the site (...)

    6. Re: Does your Sig need help? Will work for Reviews

      Hi I need help with my sig, it has the novel cover but looks off for some reason. I'd be happy to take a look.  From what I can see, you have a custom sized image and then some text under it that is (...)

    7. Re: Which Stories On Here Have Audiobooks?

      There's also the thread here in the forums by Agro Squirrels where they narrate several different RR books and put them up onto Youtube.  I've been thinking of doing the same thing for my own book, but (...)

    8. Re: I made a map for my story - show me yours?

      I used Azgaar for mine as well, in order to get something in place.  I love that it adds a whole bunch of stuff that I wouldn't have even though of, and I used the developer's city map generator for the (...)

    9. Re: My Illustration Collection

      I hit those limits myself experimenting with things... it'll be so much nicer when they switch over to using HTML in the forums instead of BBCode as I'll be able to do more with less characters....

    10. Re: My Illustration Collection

      Thank you! Also thank you for the signature guide, that was a ton of help!  You're quite welcome.  hmm.. looking at what you currently have, I might suggest adding a second after the one with (...)

    11. Re: Want to get self-inserted into a Gamelit story? Here's your chance!

      Attack - Rogue. Standard stealth class. Mixed Range and and melee usage. At a high enough level, these players can literally become invisible. Only class with the ability to hide/change their name/player (...)

    12. Re: Hello to those who walk the Royal Road with me

      Welcome to the site!  I used to do some writing and RPing on dA myself, can't say I'm a fan of the new format... I love when authors have had the same universe cooking for many many years.  The world (...)

    13. Re: My Illustration Collection

      these are quite nice, in particular I like the linework from your first artist.  I just take issue with that trigger finger.. how it's drawn, not that it's on the trigger.. but otherwise this is some great (...)

    14. Re: Hello from a newbie!

      Welcome to the site Will, I think you'll find that your work will be in good company here. ^__^

    15. Re: Trying something new

      Welcome to the site, the folks here are indeed quite supportive.  Hopefully, you'll find your own audience and more like-minded folks for your work here in terms of genre and readerships.  I've tried posting (...)

    16. Re: Hello There

      Congrats on breaking out of the shell!  That's a brave new step that you've taken, and I hope you have a great time crafting new stories and sharing them with eager readers ^__^

    17. Re: Hello There! I'm Rodrigo. Let me introduce myself.

      Welcome to the site Rod, can I call you Rod?  You've been well steered by your subordinate as there are plenty o' anime inspired works here (my own included).  I had initially started posting my stuff (...)

    18. Re: Posting schedule for a novel that's already drafted?

      Good points. I wonder if a good solution would be to update four times a week (say, Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun) . That would give me (breaks out calculator) about 100 days of live posting time, give or take a few (...)

    19. Re: My editor

      Dang.. I just have the human type editor.. I'm so jelly :(

    20. Re: Patricle Researcher cover art

      So, I have some questions/observations: 1- The name of the book doesn't seem to fit with this image.  Granted I've not read the book or even a blurb, but the cover makes me think "Bee Slinger". 2- (...)