1. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      Hi Guys could you please check out my story? You should probably start your own thread for that...

    2. Re: Why Commission A Cover When I Can Make One Myself

      I'm serious, though, Dev and Xian, where are you getting your fonts from? I've gotten bunches from a number of places over the years but I like the organization and interface on https://www.1001freefonts.com/ (...)

    3. Re: Finally got me an EPIC bit of grimdark cover art ;)

      This was a pretty enjoyable piece to work on.  We really explored the character designs and worked back and forth until we had something that worked.  I'm quite proud of how this turned out.  (Also got (...)

    4. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      Don't give Kana more tasks - I'll give you the rep that you want. I think I already gave you a 100 on this thread + the new achievement. Do you still want more?  Haha no no. Just as a joke ^__^

    5. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      Ah, IT IS NOW LIVE! I've asked Kana for it a while back, glad to see it in practice. I gave you an achievement that we give on rare occasions only~! What you've done so far is fantastic Xian~   Keep (...)

    6. Re: Certain Immortality Problems.

      sometimes I think about how much immortality would suck when our sun runs its course and expands to consume the planets in its orbit before collapsing in on itself.  That would be a pretty sucky time to (...)

    7. Re: Simple question - how's my cover?

      I think it looks okay, if a bit plain.  The cover certainly invokes the ocean though it doesn't give a sense of tension or intrigue that would make me want to learn more.  As for how it'll look as a thumbnail (...)

    8. Re: Crossliner's coup d'etat Art thread

      I like your art style, though messy, it's cute and has a lot of character to it.  It kinda reminds me a bit of the webcomic author Mr. Circus Papa. Several of these have some really interesting camera (...)

    9. Re: Illustrations from my story...

      I really like the armor details on the bigfoot-type monster :)

    10. Re: Why Commission A Cover When I Can Make One Myself

      this came out quite nicely.  the lack of funds bit is also why I do my own covers as well... though I don't have the same illustration chops lol

    11. Re: Sadie's Guide to CYOA's!

      nicely done, I loved the CYOAs of my youth and have oft wondered about writing my own.  I imagine that attempting to write one "on the fly" rather than planned out would make things infinitely harder. (...)

    12. Re: UK versus US quotation styles and Royal Road

      As an american, I didn't even realize that there was a UK way... But now that I've seen it, I find it upsetting... though I think that's mainly because I'm a programmer and strings (lengths of text) (...)

    13. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      There's a new button on the signature page https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/771816044373082112/832176859227488256/Screenshot_2021-04-15_Edit_Signature_Royal_Road.png It automates the whole (...)

    14. Re: Hiyao, I'm new here, howayu?

      welcome to the site and good luck finding your readership ^__^

    15. Re: A new writer!

      welcome to the site and good luck in finding your readership ^__^ I will say for your siggy though: You might consider a different tag line.  Currently there is a field of wheat, "Jon the farmer" and (...)

    16. Re: New writer here!

      welcome to the site! sounds like an interesting book premise.  I, too, started my "writing career" when covid shut everything down.  I have the luxury of being able to work full time from home since I'm (...)

    17. Re: Hiii friends

      < That means I get to retire now I suppose lol Welcome to the site, as you can see there are plenty of friendly and helpful folks.  I hope you're able to find the (...)(...)

    18. Re: Hello!

      Hello! I am new here. Goodbye Well that was a short stay. However you choose to spend your time, I hope that it is enjoyable for you ^__^ --X

    19. Re: Hello there, I'm one of those New Authors.

      test 2 I have no idea what <> copying is... Welcome to the site!  They mean using the "code view"  (the icon for it has <> on it) and pasting your stuff in that view instead of the normal view.  It (...)