Breakout: What Did I Get Myself Into?

Breakout: What Did I (...)
by YuKurogane
345 pages

The world is normal, and I mean completely run of the mill. People do boring things all the time, like controlling wind, moving at mach speeds and becoming able to demolish a building in one punch after eating. What...that's not normal to you? This is a world where the abnormal happens every day, thanks to super powered mutants called "Pathos".

Enter: Capital City: An infrastructure with constructed on the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, the basis for a school system of which the goal was to educate the Pathos on controlling their power in a safe place while also protecting those without power from being harmed. If you graduate, you could even rule the City one day! ...Or you could just take advantage of the free student housing and perfect the art of being a shut-in...

Join Reito Usodachi, a lax and jaded, but surprisingly strong 15 year old boy who's in way over his head, on his adventures in Capital City... The only problem is, he may falter a bit when he gets a grasp of how weird the people in the City actually are. Even though he's read his fair share of media and the like, no amount of reading Manga or playing games could've prepared him for this.

Amateur writer here! Trying my best on my first Original English Light Novel! (On a short hiatus!)

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