Level Up

This was an interesting and fun spin on the standard lit-RPG novel.

The main character is someone most people can relate to without being a blank slate for people to protect themselves on to. Add in a mix of fun supporting roles and a good dash of humour and you have a good novel to spend an afternoon on.

The story is well written and paced such that there is never a real lull in the action, while still having time for the character development. It brings a wonderful mix of the normal and of the weird which if done poorly would only lead to a chaotic mess but in here, tempered by the humour, leads to an interesting world you just want to explore.

The only complaint I have is the same complaint I have with every good story I read, I wish there was more.

Thank you for a wonderful story and I am looking forward to more from you.

The Everyday Life of A Pathfinder

I just happened upon this fiction and decided to give it a chance.


I am really glad I did. this author is a good writer and knows how to pace a story well, along with good grammar (so far) I have really enjoyed these first few chapters.


Once a few more chapters come out (10 - 15 depending on story progression) I will give this a full review, until then I suggest you give this a read.


Ps. This may not be necessary now, but it would be nice to have a 'creaturepedia' later on in the series especially if you keep making you own animals.

Dimensional Exchange Program

 I promised a review on chapter 10 and I am here to deliver.


Style: this story comes of as both playful and at times dark. I have seen several fictions on this site attempt this mix but it is hard to pull off. This is one of the few stories that has managed to pull it off. Right now the story is more playful/funny than dark, but you cannot complete discount it. In the first few chapters the story seems like it will be just another one of the many transported to another world stories, but as it continues it becomes more and more distinct making it worth a read. Although not perfect with more practice and time I expect this to improve. For a first story it is definitely one of the better ones on this site.


Story: The story so far has been interesting and not very predictable (I think this is a trait that comes naturally to the author) It also has 2 distinct story worlds. What initially drew me to this story was the perspective of Ears who comes to earth. It was a nice counter point to all the stories on the sight who do human to another world. This does not mean, however that Chaos from earths side of the story is not good, it also distinguishes itself with an MC that is what his name proclaims him to be CHAOS. It has surprised me how different the two perspective actually are. Right now it seems like the two MC's are going in vastly different directions and I like that. Just like the intro says you are getting two stories in one. I hope Lord is able to keep up with making the two sides of this story distinct because as It is one of the reasons I have been enjoying this so much. One of the main difficulties he will have with this though is keeping the world (or multiverse in this case) setting together into one cohesive story where they are still related, but are each distinct in their own way. So far he has done great and I am looking forward to see where he goes with it.


Grammar: So far (and thankfully) I have seen no real major error in grammar or at the very least nothing so drastic that it would take me out of the story so much that I notice it. That being said I am not a grammar enthusiast so unless it is a major error like repetitively mixing past and present tense, or misusing words, or ignoring simple sentence structure then It will not bother me too much. As it stands Lord is not in dire need of a PR yet, but as with all series if one can be obtained it is never a bad thing.


Characters: I love the characters so far. They actually have personalities! Sometimes when you read a story only one or two characters actually stand out and that is because they have personalities while everyone else is just bland story filling mush. The characters in this however actually have personalities (sometimes even more than one) and it really shows.  The MC's have characters around them that act as good counter points making each side of the story balanced and interesting.  All in all for a first time story I have been really impressed with lord's ability to make a Good character.


I am not a professional reviewer so I wont throw around fancy terms and ideals of writing. I am just a guy who likes to read A LOT and as such I have developed a good idea of when I like a story and when it is good at least to me. So far to me this story has been great and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to more.



Good story. Such fun. Give chance. Read enjoy. 


And thus ends the review of a Penguin(?) who reads far too much for a normal person. 


Definitely worth the read.

 This is a very well written FF he knows how to mix in action, character development, and world building while keeping up the readers interest. If I have one complaint (very minor because it is understandable) are the few grammar errors. A few times he mixed up (him, her, he, she) and it got a little confusing, but aside from that he certainly knows how to write a story and he does it well.


If anyone has read this and is still not sure about reading; please do this guy really deserves more views




Yay! With the re-vamped chapters finally being posted I can enjoy one of my favorite FF again.


NPC is back babby!

NPC (First Draft)

 I love this FF and Iook forward to every chapter. I especially like how the author is willing to listen to comments and suggestions.


I think everyone should try this series out at least once it is a novel idea with a great story.