Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia

This story has such an interesting idea as premise yet such that I can't believe it has not done before. To take the tropes of traditional xiania but rather viewing such a path through western philosophy instead of eastern. It is bloody brilliant and clearly written by an author who knows their Roman and Greek influences reasonably well. The back and forth dialogues on the Roman vs Greek perceptive, the nature and value of virtue is just great as you watch two men over time become brothers. I bloody love this story even as it is only building up it feels like only better it to come


Ah I need to put words here. Well I like the system used. It is well done. I think the world matches with the system pretty well with natural quirks as a result of it. The main character is a moves from the intial proactive to more reactive but it works well as it feels like she still has a spine. And the author pretty nice person so that is a plus.

Just a Bystander

It feels like the setting of harry potter but matched with hard magic system, instead of a soft one. It blends elements of traditional fantasy with what I would expect of a thriller. And perfect amount of mystery and this is absolutely one of the best I have read on the site for a long time.

Monster Soul Online

Nvm my bad it is the translator nice to see you. Decent novel easier to read in this format

Mother of Learning

One of the best I have ever read.  That is about it. I am eagerly awaiting the finale.


Dragon Knight Prophecy
Spoiler: Spoiler


The title of this review should be enough, but for a bit more it is one of the few that has arcs and minimal if nonexistent litrpg mechanics. It is not an overly complex story but it is good for the fantasy romance genre.

Stygian Mage

Pretty good but not without fault

I quite like. Some criticism:The transition too cold blooded murder was a bit too quick, he did not think of his family his supposed main goal at all after making the kill like "what would they think of me?" and I think the events of chapter 28 should have occurred earlier to give stimuli rather than added later when he already is cold. The good: interesting ablities without too op, reasonable motivation, reasonably continent characters and nice world. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Lament of the Fallen

One of the rare cases of a full webnovel that ends appropriately. It took some time but the end result was worth it. Be proud Vihyungrang you have made a good work. 

The Masks of Under

A proper story a rarity on this site. Not that power levels are enjoyable but the work of fiction seeks to tell a story more then just bask in the main characters glory. Reminds me of the mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare just accelerated. It should be a crime that this story is not the front page of popular this week. 


An elegant magic system, and an interesting world. This is one of the best I have read. The novel lacks the boring fluff but still makes the world interesting and clear. Read it if you enjoy any sort of modern magic novel.