1. Re: So, How is Writing Coming Along For You Lot?

      Well, I recently finished a 150K word first draft of a book. Then, while in the middle of revising it, I decided that the whole thing was hopeless trash and dumped the project before ever releasing it. (...)

    2. Re: What makes comedic writing good vs bad?

      Comedic tastes are extremely personalized, by which I mean diverse and divisive. Instead of good and bad, another way of looking at it might be more universal versus less universal. Comedy that is (...)

    3. Re: Examples of 'bad' overpowered characters vs 'good' overpowered characters?

      I tend to shy away from writing overtly OP characters even though I like reading about them. I'm trying to figure this OP thing out myself, but a couple of my cents thrown in... I don't think you can (...)

    4. Re: Has anyone posted completely wacky or experimental stories here? How'd it go? :P

      Haha, that sounds fun. Wasn't there a phone game a while back that was kind of like this? Can't remember the name, but you started really simple with one action, and it eventually turned into some effort (...)

    5. Re: Has anyone posted completely wacky or experimental stories here? How'd it go? :P

      I'm working on a "normal" story I'll post some day soon (I hope...) but I have a couple crazy ideas I want to write up. Maybe like a pilot episode or just a bunch of chapters of something weird or silly. (...)

    6. Re: How to encourage more reader interaction

      Yeah, good suggestions. I didn't even know about the +REP option. Just went back and repped the most recent comments! I repped your post here too! +1! I agree that comments from readers are super helpful (...)

    7. Re: Is the writing/book industry rigged?

      Pretty much every industry with money is like that. Skill matters, but so do insider connections. Usually the connections are as important, if not more important, than raw skill. That doesn't mean skill (...)

    8. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Sword System Academia Genres/tags: Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts School Life Strong Lead Xianxia Description: Talen, youngest Master of the Koroi, makes his (...)

    9. Re: What successes have you had recently?

      I got my first two ratings. One's a placeholder, both 4's, no reviews, but I'll take them! Hurray! I'm still mystified how some other stories with like 1 chapter and 5 pages get 20 ratings and 5 reviews (...)

    10. Re: hail and well met on the Royal Road

      You design and 3D print your own mecha action figures? That is seriously awesome.

    11. Re: Pros & cons of releasing chapters as you go Vs finishing the entire story first...

      I have the problem that I always want to change my story even after I finish it. It's kind of unnerving to publish a chapter and have the story (sort of) set in stone as you go along. My compromise (...)

    12. Re: LitRPG authors, how long did it take you to plan your story before you started writing?

      Maybe a month or two of pre-planning, another one or two months of very loose draft writing to see where it went and what unexpected issues cropped up, then another month of re-planning. I spent like (...)

    13. Re: Anxiety and Writing

      Nope, no anxiety. Just abject pessimism and despair. Nothing like writing 100,000 words and deleting the manuscript because you think it's hopeless...

    14. Re: Scrivener

      I used Scrivener for a year or so but gave up on it after continual license server errors. It also doesn't sync well if you want to write on your phone at times. Has saving problems on occasion and locks (...)

    15. Re: Not a lurker anymore!

      I hate writing without an outline, but I also hate writing outlines and usually end up veering away from them. Argh. That's why I'd rather rewrite a story a lot of times, but then I get sick of it and (...)

    16. Re: Not a lurker anymore!

      I've been writing novel-length stories for a while, but I haven't had the nerve to publish any of them. I finally got around to start publishing one of my current stories here on RR. Honestly, the idea (...)