The Desecrator's Tomb - A Numbers Lit-aRPG

The Desecrator's Tomb (...)
by Flamebeard
371 pages

A man appears in a dungeon full of undead. Rather predictably, he tries to leave.

This is my attempt at writing a litrpg where the system is more formalized. This means that there will be a fair amount of min-maxing and we will hopefully be able to calculate the dps of every ability by the time I am done. Expect math. 

The main character will become a Drain Tank.

This story uses an aRPG item and stat system.

Oh and one last thing.

Beware the penguins.

update 1/8/22: I am trying to simulate things as faithfully as is reasonable. As of chapter 17 there are animated gifs depicting Chilly's life throughout encounters. 

update 1/11/22: Kreksyte drew me a cover! All hail our artist overlords!

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Weaponsmith : [A crafting litRPG]

Weaponsmith : [A crafting (...)
by Razzmatazz
245 pages

[I accidentally got engaged to the evil owl-goddess who is obsessed with the number-three and now I have to make weapons for our new adventuring guild]

In an era in which ancient gods live in the world’s cities together with their mortal followers, forming tight-knit guilds and powerful temples, the disfigured ash-caster and blacksmith Hineni has lived his entire life as a reclusive outcast. Hidden away behind layers of clothing and just as many walls and doors, he only ever leaves the house in the dead of night, so that neither the gods or anyone else can ever see him.

However, on one of these night-tide outings, he finds that has gained the unwanted attention of what is seemingly a perfectly normal owl and through his unwitting efforts at simply filling his nights with acts of personal meaning, he ends up promising himself to a creature that is perhaps even less versed in human ways than he himself is;

a mysterious, odd owl-goddess that nobody seems to have ever heard of, Obscura.

Hineni, having had no greater purpose in life until now, finds himself willing to accept this turn of events and dedicates himself to creating a brand new adventuring guild, under the watchful eyes of the ancient entity Obscura, who has only one, clear, proclaimed goal -

- To hunt the BIG FROG! BIG FROG! BIG!

[litRPG] [Soft romance] [Crafting] [Base/Guild-building] [Pact with a diety] [Slice of life]

(Updates every Wednesday / Saturday)

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I'm A Boat

I'm A Boat
by solopath
309 pages

A wizard enchants his row boat to row itself around the Endless Sea. If only he had paid more attention to the guiding intelligence part of the spell when he was casting it. Once a human with a mundane life, Robert now finds himself with a second chance made of wood and canvas. Now if only he can convince everyone he’s a male boat.

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Tunnel Rat

Tunnel Rat
by The Walrus King
275 pages

Milo lives in a steel cave within a man-made mountain of steel and concrete. He spends his days repairing the machinery that keeps the habitat livable and tinkering with the prosthetics that help his twisted body move about through the small tunnels and air shafts that are his world. He's as much a piece of discarded machinery as the equipment he keeps running. 

Given a chance at being someone different will he become a hero and live in the sunlight? The light beckons, but there are secrets buried in the ground. Ancient mysteries left by races that delved deep and stayed below. Maybe only a tunnel rat culd find them?

And thanks to the artist of that handsome rat for inspiration. Find more of her work here:

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Saltworld: An Apocalypse LitRPG

Saltworld: An Apocalypse (...)
by Dissonance
253 pages

August 18, 2018. Earth is at peace.

Then the sun explodes, and the world changes forever.

Sen Salazar, a third year in Dubai's renowned Belmont University, is thrust into a world where only monsters are found aplenty. Resources are dwindling, survivors are scarce, and safety is nowhere to be found. And when it's combined with an otherworldly system designed to bring out humanity's hidden potential? Sen's watched enough movies to know what to do:


...He just has to figure out how to stop himself from turning into one of the monsters, first.

Discord link here.

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Apocalypse Parenting

Apocalypse Parenting
by 300YearOldMagician
371 pages

Earth seems to be the latest victim of an amoral interstellar empire looking for entertainment, and no one has a way out. Kids and the elderly are being treated just like everyone else.

Can a mother-of-three keep it together as the world falls apart?

Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

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Violet Reborn (Isekai)

Violet Reborn (Isekai) (...)
by EmmaLeia
390 pages

She was an Archaeology and Linguistics major that had just graduated from university when the plane for her family reunion crashed in a freak weather incident.  

Follow the newly christened Violet as she is born again into a world with an odd fascination with the colors of the rainbow.  

Watch as she navigates this new world filled with blue screens and skills.  What happens when she unlocks forbidden magic?

This is an isekai story where the main character was reborn into the world.  Information about the world will be slowly revealed as the main character learns about it.

Posting Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday.

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by human-type-1
305 pages

Life has always been a battle, but for some people that's especially true. Not everyone can take living another day for granted. And that was before the world started ending. Now that the [Trial] is here, and everything is going up in flames... well, life isn't getting easier. That's for certain.

Trapped in the [Trial], John is faced with a painful reality: If he wants to live, he has no choice but to climb. And if he wants to survive for the long term, he needs to keep on climbing. Even if that means heading directly into danger.


Dungeon/Tower climbing premise with a progression LITRPG focus. Not extremely fast-paced. Not a Super-OP MC. Intended for those with (or those who can relate with) chronic health problems.

Being written in the hopes of completing Book 1 before November 14th (World Diabetes Day)

New Chapters release on Monday

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Fleabag: A Monster Evolution LitRPG

Fleabag: A Monster Evolution (...)
by SomeoneToForget
513 pages

In the deepest reaches of the Bone Pits, a canine seemingly like any other woke up in the ruined remains of a wooden box.

With knowledge it shouldn't have, fleeting memories it couldn't reach, and the icy grasp of death crawling up its spine with every labored breath, it simply wished to live another day.

Yet, in the bowels of a city built on metal corpses, nothing was ever simple.

Gangs, religious groups, loose collectives, Dungeon Barons, highborn and cultists alike all battle for supremacy in the industrial underbelly of Carmera, blind to what prowls below.

For in the writhing clouds of smog none peer into, in the murky, frothing depths of the sumps that none approach, in the deepest reaches of the Dungeon that none but the mentally deranged dare challenge, the last wolf rakes its claws through steel and howls to a distant sky.

Are you tired of fun monster evolution stories where the monster becomes increasingly less monstrous, and eventually they're just a more spicy version of a human and it stops being a monster evolution story?

Well, i am.

So- insert thanos meme where he says "fine, i'll do it myself"

PS: Pacing is slow, and speed-reading will just confuse you. 

(The art in the book cover was made by an extremely talented artist named Chloe Bt, and she allowed me permission to use one of her renders as the main ingredient to my book cover, because she's fucking awesome.) 

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Omnicrafter (A Crafting Adventure LitRPG)

Omnicrafter (A Crafting (...)
by Barking Otter
284 pages

Countless twenty-something-year-olds around the world wish every day for a chance to go back in time to start practicing their passions sooner in life. Tabitha is one such woman. With all of her youth spent playing online games where crafting was as simple as gathering materials and clicking a "craft" button to put them together, she never gained any actual experience in making things. Every attempt to create something in the real world is met with disaster. Her heart yearns for being the master crafter of her virtual youth, but she's the type who burns water when trying to cook.

That changes when she wakes up and finds herself in a game-like fantasy world where crafting comes as naturally to her as breathing. She still has to put in the hard work of crafting herself, but the system helps her out to make what was once impossible for her possible. She gets all the fun of making things and flexing her creative spirit while not needing any years of training nor study to build her skill up! While she might not have any idea how she got to this strange world, she does know that she's not going to waste her chance and is going to make the most out of this new opportunity to craft everything!

An "Omnicrafter" was what they called people in the MMORPGs she played who maxed out every single crafting class, and that is exactly what Tabitha plans on doing with her new life!

The crafting side of this series is heavily inspired by games like the Atelier series and the critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV (which has a free trial, you know!)*. If there's a problem, it can be solved by crafting. Also, in case the title and synopsis didn't make it obvious enough, this series is going to focus on crafting all the things. Wooden spears and protective cuirasses? You got it! Healing tonics and farming equipment? Sure! Elaborate cupcakes and customizable fantasy golems? Darn straight! Weapons with a broken amount of different buffs applied to them due to the crafting process and materials used? You know it! The most amazing fishing rod to ever exist? Well, obviously. Fishing is the true endgame only after crafting, after all!

So, if you like alchemy, blacksmithing, carpentry, cooking, leatherworking, tailoring, engineering, rune forging, magical enchanting, or basically any other type of crafting found in RPGs, come check the story out! An omnicrafter doesn't just focus on one specific type of crafting. A true omnicrafter is the best at all types of crafting!

*This is a meme, I'm not sponsored by FFXIV, please don't hate me. I couldn't resist.

Cover by

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The Dog at the End of the World

The Dog at the End of (...)
by Skwrepb
367 pages

Lucky Lachlan is just your average mutt. He's been living with his Girl for as long as he can remember and he'd do anything for her. He might have to do more than he bargained for.

One day when he awakened from his mid-day nap, he saw a box. It had no scent and floated calmly in the air.

Greetings Lucky Lachlan!

You have been chosen.

The End is coming in three days.  Prepare yourself!

Thanks to Kieran Pierce for the lovely cover!

Dog at the End of the World is a participant in writathon.

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Nightfallers (LitRPG)

Nightfallers (LitRPG) (...)
by joeldg
265 pages

A group of outcast children become assassins within a high-stakes online game. Caught in the middle of a savage war between three schools for gifted children, they find themselves pawns in a bet between billionaires. A bet where they must win the competition at any cost, or lose their home and their friends—but first they need to overcome their own limitations and fears.

Updates each week, with occasional bonus chapters.

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