Brogotta smoke

Brogotta smoke

    1. Re: Thoughts on Amazon's Wheel of Time adaptation?

      Absolutely awful, in respect to the books. It pretty much has almost nothing to do with the original story. They took all the main characters and made them background losers, then took the non essential (...)

    2. Re: Movies that have affected or influenced you

      Robot jocks Old as hell, but one of the best giant robot movies for sure. This is one they should really remake one day.  Definitely the single movie that got me addicted to giant robots when I was (...)

    3. Re: What do You Use for Note Taking?

      I use the basic note app on my phone for EVERYTHING. its always with me, and ideas pop in at random all the time. Not sure where else you would be able to keep notes on you as consistently. Cody

    4. Re: Your character's most quotable line

      Aaron "The really hard times make the hard times not seem so bad."

    5. Finished my second book

      Holy crap. I just posted the last chapter of my second book. They're pretty dang long. Nice to have that under my belt finally. Now it's on to edit the third book and do this whole process all over (...)

    6. Re: Story Idea Giveaways

      I've got a few others in line before this one, but here goes the premise. What I wanted to write about is where humans and the machines they created are at war. Nothing new there. The difference (...)

    7. Re: How many followers is a normal amount of followers to gain after posting chapter 1 of your story?

      It depends on how big of titties you put on your cover. The bigger, the more followers you will get immediately.  Sorry, had to say it. Cody

    8. Re: Did This A While Back

      i like the sound of this thread, my cover is down below i wonder how much one can use just my cover to know Hmm, not an easy thing to do off a cover. Well, here it goes. My best guess here (...)

    9. Re: Things that are popular

      That's basically the hipster mentality. Not a mentality I'm a big fan of in most cases -- though I guess it all depends on why you do what you do. If I were you though, I'd try to figure out the underlying (...)

    10. Things that are popular

      I'm not sure how this works for anyone else, but for some reason, I have personally always avoided things that are popular. Doesn't matter what it is. I've noticed that when I look for things to read (...)

    11. Re: How to get readers?

      I looked at the blurb for your book. Looks like you are going to be good on the world building, but I am still confused as to where the story could possibly go.  The intro to your story is critical (...)

    12. Re: My reviews seem to be garnering downvotes. Am I doing something wrong?

      Hmm, I didnt really see anything wrong with your reviews. I did notice a bunch of other reviews with lots of down votes too, not just yours.  I never paid attention to downvotes to reviews like that (...)

    13. Re: Blades, Bullets or Bolts?

      I have done both in my writings, however guns seem to have more shock and awe to offer all the way around, and I'm not talking about the simple capacity for gore.  You've got the thunder, the kick, (...)

    14. Re: Talking to writers has made me jaded

      For me, writing is super easy, however I only get about two hours a day on average to do it. I would not be doing it if it were a burden. I have plenty of other cool shit competing for my time.  600k (...)

    15. Re: Thoughts on LITRPG?

      I find it cool that an entire genre was able to pop up out of nowhere like it did. However, sadly, I simply cannot get into it. I've tried.  The second I see one of those pop up prompts, I quit reading. (...)

    16. Re: To gender bend or not to gender bend, that is the question.

      Dont be afraid to get into it. Just like sex scenes, you have to commit. If you're too soft, it's just filler material.  Try to pick a basic lesson to be learned, comic is probably safer in your case, (...)

    17. Re: The question of life, the univerese, everything.

      Ooh, yeah, Im at my desk looking on the forums instead of my engineering presentation. This week has been a struggle to focus.  Between us, I would drop this shit in a heartbeat to become a full time (...)

    18. Re: Did your characters do something stupid?

      Yes certainly. My MC can, like myself, be a rather oblivious male at times. Trying to be helpful, and with only good intentions, he tries to explain the basic behavior of men and women to a robot.  (...)

    19. Re: Plot holes in your writing?

      Heh, kind of. Something that happened very early on in my first book is still hanging. It's only the origin of two very important characters! It will hopefully end up being explained by the end of book (...)

    20. Re: A tomato Pep Talk

      Novel idea for sure. I could certainly see some frustration and comedy in it. I am not sure what your writing style is, but if it's light-hearted, that would make it fun. You might even ask the RR staff (...)