short review "that’s a negative, good buddy!”

The author said the protagonist was overpowered, but that leaves the reader thinking “well then, there’s got to be some other exciting stuff here!” Well… it takes some time to find this out, but to use fake military jargon, “that’s a negative, good buddy!”

To me, this plot fails to generate any interest, because the tension feels meaningless. In fact, I rated this novel on the amount of tension that it elicited within me. I have never read any novel where the protagonist had so little challenge in their obstacles, both right from the start of the novel, up to the point where my interest asymptotically approached zero. It’s like the challenge is a technicality, so that there is something for the character to occupy their time, or talk to, or for the author to describe them running through. There aren’t relationships, there are shooting galleries. There is no rags to riches tale, the protagonist lacks for nothing in their human community. This novel is like watching a player of the Doom video game where they never die, just unlock more weapons -but it’s in literary format! It’s like watching a rock fall down the side of a cliff, and... smash through some bushes along the way. Uh… go rock!

On a separate note, I REALLY hope the author doesn’t leave a stub advertisement on RR after they take the novel down because they sold it to Aethon Books. They get all these useful ratings because for a window of time some people could read it on RR. RR allows these stubs (because hey, RR got clicks which lead to ad revenue), but they haven’t enabled a story tag that functions as “this book isn’t here, it’s really at Amazon. These ratings are for when the book was actually here on RR.” However, IF Royal Road does enable that tag to sort out story stubs, then everyone can re-evaluate whether they want to pay attention to story stubs. Then it will be a matter of which website better enables their visitors to search, collate, and review fiction: Amazon or Royal Road. Everyone wants a slice of that sweet sweet ad revenue, my friends. Well, not me, I’m just reviewing this here because the author disabled anonymous reviews.

Super Minion

Best Villain/Hero Fiction on Royal Road

Very much a "Stranger in a Strange Land," the main character gradually grows into an ironic contrast to other super powered individuals. The author provides a very fun cast of characters that earn the readers' interest and even affection. A strong and succesful attempt is made at helping the main character evolve into a more powerful individual in order to keep up with life's increasing challenges. World building is done piecemeal, without it distracting from the plot, character development and is intentionally both funny and grim. 

Highly addictive! Even if the author has put this story on Hiatus, it's an epic 50 chapters of character growth and world building. Keep a lookout for the author's new work.

"Advanced Reviews must be at least 200 words long", so I've padded this updated review in order to comply with new rules. This text is irrelevent compliance with a rule. Yet amazingly, I'm still getting this message that there aren't enough words, because there's really nothing else that I want to say. I like rectangles, like all normal humans. Also, nobody can tell me I need to lose weight, my body mass is precious to me. I don't understand what is happening, this review has gone way over 200 words, yet the dreaded message continues to appear when I attempt to update the review to recognize that the author has put writing the story on hiatus.

Beyond Humanity: Lightning Falling and Hook of Rage

Just my opinion, but to save the reader time and effort, skip this story.

The concepts are nice: super powers, humanity colonizing stuff, aliens, etc. These are why I started reading.

But, the characters are incomplete in their motivations, their decisions seem to stem from "the story said so" instead of developing from genuine demonstrated human motivations. This is why I stopped reading at chapter 14.

Finally, the author doesn't seem very proficient with the English language yet, and uses many phrases that are poorly translated. This makes trying to understand what is being said extra challenging, and weakens the story.

Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices

In the interest of saving my fellow reader time and sustaining their interest in web-novels:

This is a brew of pulpy, low brow power fantasies. These are seasoned with a lingering depictions of women as either sex objects, amoral killers or both. Drops quite a few n-word racist bombs (but it’s the characters who said it, so it’s okay!). Frequent usages of grunts, growls and scatalogical fear (“I almost pooped my pants in fear!”). I pressed on to chapter 14, but I just don’t have the right palate for this.

My opinion is subjective and just a summary, obviously.

Apex Predator

Mildly ambitious, but hollow

In the interest of saving my fellow reader time and sustaining their interest in web-novels:


Overall: ⅖, the novel is weak, but not total trash

Style: ⅕, there is no subtlety, nothing clever, it’s not purposely funny

Story: ⅗, the premise is uncommon, but cannot deliver on its concept

Grammer: ⅗, inoffensive

Character: ⅕, tiny cast, poorly realized, unperceptive, immature drivel


Progress: 35/177, it took a lot of effort to endure this much, but effort is not rewarded

Note: might be interesting if you enjoy delusions of grandeur 


My opinion is subjective and just a summary, obviously.