The Battle Mage

Greatest Improvement I have seen.

As the title said I think you have improved dramatically. From the beginning where from chapter there couldnhave been made five more to a well laid out story and flow. Well there are still some eaten or misplaced letter from time to time and I understand your problem from writing from your phone. Wha tcan we do ww are just gos in a human shell :grin:

(Deleted draft)

Tags should mean something.

Don't lie to your readers. Still you could add SC later 

ReProject- Sealed Memories

The beginning is not so bad as it seems but the way this story started means that later on you will have to give a lot of sidestories about his previous lives.

The other thing in the prologue and sometimes in firsy chapters is that I grow confused about who is speaking .

Last thing I want to take note of is that there should be a difference between the character's thinking and speaking.

On the later chapter it seems that you have fixed the things I have mentioned, So Keep The Good  Work 


The Ice Empress's Husband  is The Third Lord a Stubborn Hot blooded Gardner

This is a story, that it is for those who don't care about grammar, punktuation and figure the last one for yourself. It is interesthing, funny and mature ;) if you get what I mean. Come alonge on this ride :grin:

Kingdoms Come, And Kingdoms Go, But An Empire Is Eternal

Are you sure that your Tirle is right? Because Bulgaria still standas. And I don't think that it was an Epire (even if we are yet again walking towards our downfall)

True Emperor

interesting and promsing, but I think this story could use a bit more detail :)

at chapter 1

Leveling Up Is Better Than Reality

This is a great story I wish I could read more of it. It is funny to read, it tells exactly what a lazy person would do and I love it.


By the way @Char if you think this is unrealistic try reading "Legendary Elemental Knight" I think that need a major re-write 

True Insanity

Call me crazy but I do think that our world needs that kind of guy to fix it up if you do not believe me here is an video that at least shows how corrupt we are:



New Reality [HIATUS]

I don’t know why this fanfic has a half star and who put it there BUT it is totally wrong. This story shows the bad side of us humans and how the MC “broke” under it. Even if it has only three chapters this story is still filled with feelings. There is indifference, he shows for every “cockroach” or at least that is what the MC thinks, even tough he shows compassion and is trying to help others.


ps. At the speed you are introducing the female characters and how they look I really hope you would include if not Harem at least Mature. 



Jade Immortal

When a soul has an unfinished business with another soul they will always meet :grin: