I was reborn into a fantasy world as a magic robot?! Automata Prime

So, I'll preface this by saying that I'll be back to give an advanced review once I'm fully caught up, at least with Book 1.

The book is a really fun read and a unique twist on the isekai that we all know and love. I've seen a few comments and reviews complain about the light-hearted tone and I think that it fits both the book and the author perfectly. If it were a gritty, grimdark affair I don't think I would have liked it as much or it would have become a slog. Because, lets be honest, slave fiction gets really tedious and puts a real damper on things.

I like the world and lore that has been presented. If you're a fan of anime/fantasy lit then there's really very little need to worry about world-building because we already know this world. There are elves, dark elves, and really cool transformer cats. And I'm all about the transformer cats.

While I don't usually like to read slice of life, I found that this is one of my few exceptions. It's a relaxing read where the pacing has a very fun clip to it, you don't get bogged down by too much. You just go in, see what Prime and his new found buddies are up to, and follow along as he learns about his new world.

I really, really like the magic system. The coding/programming bits are really well thought out, you can tell the author has extensive knowledge of coding and it actually makes me want to learn to code. It's a unique take on magic that I've only seen a few other times but not done like this. Our MC is a pretty happy-go-lucky dude who just wants to make his nerdy quips and I dig it.

Overall, I'd say if you're considering reading then do so with the expectation of reading something that's refreshing and definitely doesn't have an edgy isekai protag. Prime is a nerd and a top-tier geek and I like him. And Ravage is officially best cat.