Antagonist's Sidekick Becomes the Hero!

A nice story that deserves more attention.

This is one of those casual stories on royalroad, don't expect anything amazing but absolutely perfect for spending free time. 

Frozen Soul (Completed)

Yo ho ho and the leecher gives rum!

I read vast amounts of fictions, but I never give reviews. I am a silent leecher enjoying fictions. But this book, this book got me to get up and write a review. This belongs to the top of royalroad among gems from the works of Andur. Kudos to the author for getting me off my lazy bum and writing you a review. You are the first one who managed that.

This book is just fenomenal! Once I started to read it, I just couldn't stop. I read all the chapters during one evening and was starving for more. All the guerrilla tactics are believable, insanity is real and most of all the main character may be overpowered but not through his powers alone. Main character and a some side characters are nicely fleshed out.Aside from those however, the rest of characters are mob that won't appear again. The grammar is nonproblematic, there may be a small mistype here and there but not more than one per chapter. The pace is good and easy to follow and points of view are defined by colours and/or by small headings

I definitely recommend you to read this book if you love anything about guerrila warfare, pirates or intergalactical wars. Careful though, there is exist mature content including enslavement, rape, mind control and/or gore.