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Gender: Male
Bio: I typically read published novels on the weekdays and stories on this site on the weekends.

It's good to read both official novels and free content on sites like these if one aims to approve their writing proficiency. Just because a story is published, does not mean it is without mistakes and flaws and just because a story is made public on RoyalRoad and Wattpad, does not mean it is without its gems.

Current Works:

The Four Constructs - A work in progress! I want to at least get one full part of the story outlined before beginning a weekly post to it. It's a story that takes place in a somewhat African setting. It draws heavy inspiration from West African cultures, but also includes stuff from other cultures. I'll totally update this profile to let people know what's going on its creation!

Here are some books I'm currently reading:

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
The Seven by Peter Newman
Gates of the Dead by James Moore

You can also find me on!

The fun thing about Fanfics is that you dont have to work to establish an entire new world. It allows me to just sooner write out my ideas without spending too much planning time. Unlike with completely original stories like the Four Constructs.

Don't be a afraid to pm me about writing tips, fun books to read, and more literature related stuff!
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