World Keeper

I'll first start by saying that if you don't like this type of stories, of let's say world building, managing a world or system, overseer MC, then you probably won't enjoy the fiction, that's not to say that's all the story is about so you would do good to read the first chapters if you're interested, this one fiction is actually one of the longest on RR with more than 5000 pages, so sit back and enjoy if this genre is your type of thing.

Mother of Learning

If there is a story that deserves to be called a masterpiece and a must-read for almost everyone, is this one, just the world-building of the story is crazy good, you won't find a lack of plot twists and sudden turns of events, the story is perfectly well written and it is a rollercoaster of excitement, 5 stars story.

The Snake Report

This fiction is quite great overall. The way it's written makes you feel engaged and excited about the story and what's happening. I'm especially a fan of non-human leads, the world-building is also pretty great in the story, and our tiny snake can be quite hilarious and funny sometimes. I really recommend reading it. It should be worth your time.

The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

I actually want to give this fiction a 4,5 for all the unnecessary POV's on the last updated part of the story, but I won't, the fiction is, outstanding and the concept is amazing. There is so much potential to write about, and it got better and better with each life. I think this fiction could have been on par with Mother of Learning due to the sheer potential, but oh well.

The Abyssal Dungeon

The story is a good and unique dungeon building fiction. I really enjoyed reading it. I especially like the character building and development part of the story; usually, I find side characters POV's boring, but they are actually quite fun to read here. Overall it's a 4.5 for me, not much to complain about.


This fiction is simply one of the best, the way the story has been structured so far, MC development, the plot, the way it's written, the fact that the MC has done so much after being reincarnated despite being so young makes it even better, there's a lot of potential for world-building too, especially after recent chapters, it is quite a great fiction, I recommend giving the story a try and see if you'll like it.

The New World

The story is a mix of Eldrich and a System managed by an AI. It is a pretty good read and certainly, one you won't regret if you like the starting chapters. I especially like how the MC personality is developed. He gets OP pretty fast, but it is made reasonably; the fighting scenes are pretty amazing. It is good fiction overall.


This one is one of my favourite fictions, and each chapter is pretty long too. The character development is pretty good overall, and every chapter feels relevant to the development of the story, great pacing, and the system is well fleshed out. The story used to feel snail-like before, but in recent chapters, it's started changing.

Defiance of the Fall

You will love this story if you like system fictions mixed with Xianxia, and you better pay attention to what's happening in the chapters as what is said may have relevance hundreds of chapters later. The story does a pretty great job to keep you interested and excited as you read it. On a general level, it is excellent fiction. I recommend reading it.

A Lonely Dungeon

Pretty good and unique fiction with a dungeon in a destroyed world. Nothing to complain about, really. It was a pretty fun read; I'm not used to reading such short stories, but this one packs all the plots in the 19 chapters quite nicely. I recommend you to read it if you are bored and want to read something interesting that isn't too long or just because you want to read a good story.