1. Re: Typing with closed eyes is amazing, and you should try it too!

      ...Maybe I should probably begin closing my eyes when writing from now on because god knows how distracted I get after just 10 words 

    2. Re: Images in Chapters

      Right click on the image and choose "Copy image address". I believe pasting that link should work for images from imgur

    3. Re: I find it demotivating & distracting to look at the view count

      For some sort of reason social media perfectly takes advantage of our fundamental human need for recognition in the form of numbers on a screen. I personally would have never thought I would be a victim (...)

    4. Re: Art commissions colllection

      One year already, huh? Congrats on the anniversary! I'd definitely say the money is well spent, it's one step closer to an anime adaptation ::DrakanWine:: Also that last pic is pretty spicy if I do say (...)

    5. Re: Using art in webnovels.

      Just checked, yup gifs work here. The process is the same as adding pictures to your chapters using the "Insert an image" button and just slapping the link to it. 

    6. Re: Yooooooooom Tah! Yoooooooooom Tah! It's Wigglytuff's Puzzle!

      One! Don't shirk work! Two! Run away and pay! Three! Smiles go for miles! (Uhh... maybe?) :DrakanThinking:

    7. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story

      "Take back what we so dearly loved." Genre Shonen, Low Fantasy Azure, an organization tasked to maintain the balance (...)

    8. Re: Goals for the new year?

      Potentially aiming to hit 30 followers by the time this current arc in my story finishes.

    9. Re: Not new at all, but decided to finally introduce myself.

      Can I just say that I love your profile pic of MeguMcCree

    10. Re: What was the book that make you want to write?

      Surprisingly, it wasn't a book, but actually a mobile gacha game that goes by the name of Fate/Grand Order. I usually don't read fiction too often, so the story of that game gripped me with its fantastical (...)

    11. Re: Shifters Season 1 Artwork

      Holy crap this looks really cool, it was like I was actually reading something from Viz media for a second there :peoeyesparkle: Nice work!

    12. Re: Top 25 in Sci-Fi Trending + over 5,000 views

      Congrats, JK-sama! SotCH was actually one of the first stories I started reading here when I first found out about this site, so it's great seeing the success it's getting :)

    13. Re: Big influx of high rated stories.

      You could also say it's the quarantine that's making the average of stories a lot better from people improving their writing craft now that they have time on their hands to do so.

    14. Re: Are there senpais that can teach me proper character naming?

      I'm not Chinese so take this with a grain of salt. If you ever studied Japanese Kanji before, you can try using some of the words you know and see how their kanji characters pronounce in Chinese. Or even (...)

    15. Re: August Thread - Promote your Story I spent way too much time drawing a cover for this when I should’ve probably just focused the time on actual chapters but oh well (...)

    16. Re: Just a fun little question to all the authors here.

      If there's anything to learn from watching marathon anime is that eventually there will have to be a time for filler episodes. And everyone knows how they feel about filler. Oh, and coupled with the fact (...)

    17. Re: If you wound up in an Isekai story, what would most likely be your cause of death?

      Possibility while returning home from buying a game, I save a person from getting hit by an oncoming truck and died. When in reality, the truck was actually a slow moving tractor, but thinking that I was (...)

    18. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      What happens if you get amnesia and can't remember a single event in your life? You discover secrets in the world that humanity has yet to uncover, of course. Here is a little story of mine inspired by (...)

    19. Re: What do you prefer to read-

      B mostly because there wouldn't be much of a driving force for people to continue reading a shitty story, even if the writing itself is good.

    20. Re: Intro Time

      You and me both, the thought of having at least one person being captivated in your story is so reassuring. Good luck on your journey!