Dragon Rising

Katrin Hollistersays she likes bittersweet endings well this one could definitely qualify even if it falls on the more tragic side of the spectrum.

I could say a lot about this but much of it would lead to spoilers

The characters feel real enough to relate and care about much like the other work of hers on this site but the story takes twists and turns and raises important questions about guilt and innocence.

If you can handle a less cheerful end then it is definitly worth reading. their are many retrospective points where perhaps things could have gone better but alas the choices made are understandable somtimes you don't know what you had until it is gone.

 POWERLESS: The Reborn Saga (NaNoWrimo 2017)

This story had great potential it had a story to tell unfortunatly it had a very abrupt end exactly when NaNoWrimo 2017 ended. 

The quality drop off began a bit further before  the anticlimatic ending however with the mistake leading to the MC's bad decision and rushed judgment forcing him to leave.

Alone this would have been a minior complaint yet the meeting with a certian creator or more specifically the incidents after this led to a very abrupt end.

Sorcery in Boston

A story full of depth and characterization

This work as of chapter 25 is one of the most outstanding works I have seen on this site with the sheer investment the author has shown for her worldbuilding given a highly developed and advanced magic system human characters each with distinct personalities ideals and character development.

The Historic setting has been well reaserched and kept up to the period showing deep cultural biases between Aera and those around her as she comes to grip with her situation, what she wants and her ideas on how to achive it. This combined with her dependence on her magic, heavy noblesse oblige bias towards the powerful, and lack of understanding of technology all come togetehr to really paint her as a flawed but relatable character.

This series doesn't shy away from issues such as morality culturally engrained biases among other things.

If you are looking for an engrossing read full of complexity I recomend this series but if you want a quick power fantasy then look elsewhere. 

This review probably doesn't do this series the full justice but it is the best I can come up with. Overall superiro to many of the top rated fictions here given RRL's score inflation so I am left with no choice but to 5 star everything.

Wolf of the Wasteland

Truly feels like a Wasteland story

So far it is a quite enjoyable work I can tell the author cares about improving an developing their story and world better.

It may be too early for a detailed review but this series is definatly worth it as is as long as the reader is ready for a survival focused protagonist.


So far I can tell Wolf carries scars from a harsh life and carries a fair share of secrets of her own. As the author seems to have plans to continue even if it is their secondary fiction at this point in time it looks like somthing to watch for in the future as it updates.


In short my only complaint so far is that there aren't more chapters yet :P As a story particuarly a non standard genre og RRL It is way above the average for this site (compared to similar chapter count stories iiregardless of genere) So as of chapter 15 I recommend! Just as always be wary of Cliffs though ;)

Sky Prince

Just read this so far and it certainly delivers a wholly underrated story that needs more attention

This is certainly an enjoyable read at least so far(up to chapter 58). The story presents a fantasy world on death's doors with the protagonists serving as a last hope of redemption role. The author has stated he is also working to produce a harem story with a developed female cast to show it can be done and has succeeded quite well so far. 


Style -I don't really have anything to say except that it works. Never remember what perspective type is what but regardless of what type is used it works in conveying the story. 


Story-You have a sprawling narrative in your head with enough complexity to hold your attention. Much of it is shrouded by mystery but that is kind of expected as the enemy effectively holds most of the world in its grasp and is simply toying with what remains. A very character driven narrative.


Grammar-tolerable there is a tendency to misuse homonyms as well as inconsistent grammatical syntax but it is still quite easy to understand what the author is trying to convey for the most part. Still it takes a large penalty here as the grammar is bad enough to turn some people away. Still I understand that good grammar is hard at times.


Characters-This is the jewel her and the main thing that brings everything including the story together. Nearly all the characters (at least the ones not on Chronos' side ) will eventually get fleshed out enough to understand and the major character have all shown considerable growth.

I don't want to be a hero

The rise of Evil, cute and sarcastic but who knows what and how it will happen?

A Fun story following an interesting character.

This story has an interesting narrator which the reader will come to understand in time however the strong cynical flavor is fun to read.


There are flaws with Grammar but they are understandable as the Author has said they are trying to learn English and they have improved in grammar over time.


If you like crapsack worlds with a super hero twist try this out it combines cuteness seriousness sadness and many other feelings.

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

This story is a beautiful work that easily captures the essence of a full blown world.

The story includes fascinating detail of world building revealed to the reader as our Main Character a Goblin named Blacknail develops through the story.

Unlike many other stories where creatures people and events seem like simple plot elements the author has managed to portray The main characters adventure under the bandit Cheif Herald.


Creatures all fit into the world as wild animals in a dnagerous wilderness rather than a plot element of kill this as they are evil.

Bandits are displayed as a result of a long drawn out conflict that is continuously fleshed out through dialogue.

While small details these interactions of characters and slow incremental revelations of the world as our MC discovers the world himself and his tribe.


Any fan of true fantasy seeking a whole and complete world with a unique and true system believable creature and people all seamlessly coming togetehr to form a full story, well this is for you don't miss this series!

A Girl's, Unusual Existence

A strong start for an interesting series

So far this series is a strong start with an interesting main charecter with 19 chapters out so far I figured there was enough material to start a review. The concept is interesting with a former researcher who has applied the scientific method to a xania world. However There has been some anomolus behavior in the background of Ame where it is revealed she tried to mess around with a partical accelerator more or less for amusment, which is ... extreamly unplausible/expensive (those things cost billions of dollars)


by category:

Style-full points for introducing a relatively unique concept both in perspective, backstory and some interesting changes  to the main characters former world the world. 


Story-Can't say much here as their isn't much to rate yet as  it is still in the introductory stages


Grammar-no major mistakes outside of maybe an occasional typo. Certainly better than I can do


Character-character pool kept small generally only the family and Ame's personal maid, however those that have been revealed certainly have potential. MC is interesting though there are some slight discrepancies to the story in plausibility of a particular event.  Overall believably well done.

B-But I don't WANT to be a protagonist!

Warning: Produces Laughter in sufficeent quantities to induce pain

This series is great for getting a quick laugh, the MC is basically trying to avoid as amny protagonist flags as possible but the universe knows how to keep it interesting. Effectivly anything that can happen will happen and any trope or cliche you can imagine will be used to make you laugh as it gets ripped to shreads.

Hatred: The Journey of the Madman [Old]

Expanding chaotic behavior to a more interesting extreme

For stories that involve MCs that fall on to the darker path it is usually a dark fair of evil cliches. A villain that murders maims rapes and slaughters in a classic chaotic evil mentality. Not so in this story. here the MC personifies randomness doing what he wants often  without thinking about the consequences however he supports those loyal to him and respects their rights, just as he destroys his enemies. 


As a reincarnation story it has taken an interesting spin for example (*spoilers ahead*)I enjoy how the MC handled dealing with the early life as the departure from the norm was quite refreshing.


I hope  Erojiji can continue this fine work and bring us more of this free spirited mad man!