1. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Hello! Please kindly provide feedback on my work, it's still on google drive. ch.1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HnhJd68th7e1eNDYt0l_SLJ2W9jtpHQS/view?usp=sharing Thank you.

    2. Re: Need some betareader, synopsis included

      WOW! That's really cool! I learned something new :PeoReading: . I starting to grasp the idea of what went wrong. could you just take a quick look and see if I'm heading into the right direction? (...)

    3. Re: Need some betareader, synopsis included

      Now I am curious. I never heard of a language without grammar. Just very basic ones, we don't have complex past or future rules. quoted from google Is Indonesian grammar easy? It's (...)

    4. Re: Need some betareader, synopsis included

      The question is important, at least to me, since depending on the time when you learned which language, you have different levels of "cross-contamination". For example, I write sometimes sentences (...)

    5. Re: Need some betareader, synopsis included

      Some advice from reading the synopsis - use a text-editing program like Grammarly or the like. There are some missing commas and unclear sentences that tripped me while reading. And I had a brief look (...)

    6. Re: Is it good idea to test first chapters for feedback?

      I really need feedback but I'm still total noob in royalroad. Is it normal to post chapter 1 and 2 with a placeholder title without cover just to get some feedback? or should I do it somewhere else (...)

    7. Re: Did I fix my blurb? How do I pick a good title?

      what's a blurb? is this about synopsis? :peoconfused:

    8. Re: Hi, is this the correct introduction thread?

      Hi, haha. Sorry for my noobness. New writer here, anyone could guide me for : 1. what's fiction information meant? 2. just what's usually expected of the synopsis in royal road? some place liked long (...)