Ariana Vivoni

Ariana Vivoni

    1. Re: Looking for Some Help and Feedback

      About the cover. The image of the mage is cool but the font of the text is lacking and too simple. If you PM me the cover image without the text I can try making it fancier by tomorrow. :DrakanFix:

    2. Re: Drafts - What Are They Good For? Hoo? Ha!

      You fight the urge. The longer you can keep a steady posting schedule, the better for the story's visibility.  You gain more followers when the story is a long-runnong one.

    3. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 14/11 | SWEET 16 🍭

      A taste of the Monday chapter.  “And he obviously succeeded!” Lady De Vindur snapped back. “You want me to entrust the fate of my bloodline to someone incapable of escaping a simple trap? There is (...)

    4. Re: My protagonist is a copy of me...

      A difficult problem you have there, but not unsolvable. From what I read, I get the impression that you are the panser type of writer - writing by feeling as it comes to you. This is totally fine and gives (...)

    5. Re: 50,000 words and 2000 views!

      Congrats! Let's drink to the achievement and to the many more to come! :DrakanWine:

    6. Re: Want a free (semi)promotion for your story?!

      Oh, free shout-out! I am in! :DrakanMoney:

    7. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      Why are you married to RR?  I'm given to understand that Scribblehub and Wattpad both have a larger userbase, and I think one of them trends towards romance pretty heavily.  Believe it or not, even (...)

    8. Re: Conlanging In Webnovels

      That's a slippery slope. For in-story realism it is good. The problem is that: 1. You lose the ability to character-built and/or infodump important information naturally through dialogue. 2. If it (...)

    9. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      Having 700+ followers with a Fantasy-Romance is great! (*applies makeup to hide her enviously green face*) I think that as long as you have devoted readers who enjoy the story, everything is fine. If (...)

    10. Re: I’m getting good feedback but my rating is low

      I was new to the whole litrpg thing since I had never written anything even remotely similar, I fixed the spaces and such in later chapters so that shouldn't be much of an issue. The thing is I plan (...)

    11. Re: I created my first cover!

      :peoeyesparkle: It's gorgeous and looks professional! What program did you use?

    12. Re: When do you decide to follow?

      As soon as I see blue boxes I search desperately for the follow button.  I am not always successful because it is so well hidden. I'm rather new here, what is a blue box? Status/System message (...)

    13. Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

      I am self-promoting. My story has darkness, romance, politics, the occasional monster, spirit magic, and knights in shining armor. 

    14. Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

      It depends on the genre you are writing. In my case, the fights are currently half a chapter long at most, usually just a couple of paragraphs (considering the chapter length is about 1.5-3k words). But (...)

    15. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 07/11 | No-theme-fifteen

      I am a bit late but here is my contribution for this week from my latest chapter. The moral of the story? Be careful what you say before toddlers. “Who would dare look shabby in front of the Blood (...)

    16. Re: Terrifying Monsters

      The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who!

    17. Re: Thoughts on characters and settings that completely reject 'conventional' morals?

      You can't ignore morality. It is inherent in our species. Good and evil have a biological derivitive; it's tied to our being social animals. Nope. Lions are social animals. Chimpanzees are social (...)

    18. Re: Words describing the feeling of being underwater?

      I went snorkeling with my Zoology professor and some of my university colleagues some years ago. There, I had several interesting experiences, one being almost not making it to the surface (kids, never, (...)

    19. Re: Shapeshifter MC

      Not on RR but the only thing that comes to mind is That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. But you have probably already read/watched it...

    20. Re: Short, medium or long chapters. What do you prefer.

      I prefer medium chapters. Too short chapters irk me since I feel that the flow of the story gets broken. Too long chapters scare me, especially if there is no option to mark where I have stopped reading. (...)