Ariana Vivoni

Ariana Vivoni

    1. Re: ✂️Sunday Snippet 16/01 | WEEK 25 ✍🏽

      A taste of Monday's chapter where our MC Noah is a sweet talker. No wife can be angry with him XD. Marching through the castle’s corridors, Lorelei felt restless with every step. Even Duncan had commented (...)

    2. Re: Do readers (and writers) here use DeviantArt?

      I do have an account but use it only for drawings/paintings. Have a look if you like :peoeyesparkle:

    3. Re: How to Writering--Reaver's Guide!

      6. I am sick of these motherfucking tonal breaks in my motherfucking stories Pick a tone and stick with it. If things begin to feel flat, add tonally appropriate conflict or stakes. I don't quite (...)

    4. Re: What's Your Novel's Soundtrack?

      If someday I had the right to choose and the honor of having a real soundtrack, it would be this: The most magical 10-minute-compilation that resonates so much (...)

    5. Re: Sunday Snippet 09/01 | WEEK 24 ✍🏽📖✂️

      Hello! I'm back! Happy New Year to all! As a start of 2022, a wholesome snippet to warm your hearts. It is a bit longer than the 10 line breaks, but some of the paragraphs are only a sentence long, (...)

    6. Re: Top 10 Words Writers Should NEVER Use

      No, no, you're wrong about the brontosaurus. It did exist, but then it ate some cilantro, which lead to an undulating pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. It squirmed, slipped on a gelid surface, (...)


      I have delayed it a lot but it is finally high time to share the price I paid to the ferryman. Enjoy! (if you still haven't read it on the official ferryman thread)  :peoreaper: A toll for a soul (...)

    8. Re: Fantasy, action, and adventure stories.

      I have a romance/fantasy/action story. It might not be a first-person but it has a third-person limited POV and is still worth a read  :DrakanBook:  

    9. Re: Arch Mages Argust's Grimoire Guide: Monsters and their madness (Vol I)

      for all intense and purposes AAAghs! Intents! not intense! The only thing worse is 'intensive' that's even worse than "You've got another thing coming" instead of 'think', or 'baited breath' (...)

    10. Re: Tips for Writing Longer Stories?

      Why do you need to restrict yourself with the number of words and chapters? If you are able to tell a compelling story in a few words - great! Some people struggle their whole lives in an attempt to be (...)

    11. Re: Character Motivations Check List

      These are all very... positive needs, if I can say that. They certainly apply but let us not forget that a person is a mixture of positive and negative traits. These are the dark bits of one's soul, the (...)

    12. Re: Magic Novels but no transmigration/reincarnation/gamelit

      If you have nothing against romance, you can try my work. It is an action/fantasy/romance set up in a medieval-ish world. 

    13. Re: How deep does your worldbuilding go?

      I like world building. But at the same time, I hate losing time and a huge amount of pages to explain to the reader a never before seen concept I have come up with. To solve this conundrum, I keep my world (...)

    14. Re: Sunday Snippet 19/12 | Week 21 🎅🏽🎄 Christmas Bonanza Extravaganza!

      Ho-ho-ho! A little something from the Monday chapter for all good boys and girls.  Lorelei sighed in frustration and finally decided that a peek in the corridor wouldn’t harm her. Her fingers closed (...)

    15. Re: Graphic sex in novel

      Sure, some of it I can tone down, but I have a scene in one of the chapters where my MC gets sexually abused at a young age by this self-titled Queen of the Island. Now it is easy to say, Just take it (...)

    16. Re: Apocalypse Conundrum

      Ahem, I will be the nerd here and would like to point out... evolution takes a bit longer than 2500 years, especially if higher organisms are concerned (bacteria fall out of the equation). If you explain (...)

    17. Re: Graphic sex in novel

      Tag your fiction accordingly - sexual content, traumatizing content, and so on. In the chapter that contains the scene, put a warning in the author's note before the chapter. What I also do sometimes is (...)

    18. Re: What is the best way to denote a time skip or a perspective shift?

      Well, I personally use *** on a new line. No one has complained yet. 

    19. Re: Would you get along with a clone of yourself, and what would you think about it.

      Hmm, I think it will be 50:50 - we will either rule the world or kill each other. 

    20. Re: I'm Not A Native Speaker...

      Speaking as a non-native user of the English language, I feel like "I'm not a native speaker" is just an excuse...   Another non-native English speaker here.  Although I understand the frustration, (...)