Ariana Vivoni

Ariana Vivoni

    1. Re: Help with description for review?

      “I don't understand…” Ren stuttered, glancing down at his translucent hands, “where am I?”   “Yes, yes, you’re confused. But as you can see, my boy, we don't have time for that. Go grab that shovel (...)

    2. Re: What would be the limitation of steam based technology?

      Tractors, which will automatically change agriculture. And factories with all sorts of machines, escalators/elevators (believe it or not, steam escalators really existed), basically anything that has an (...)

    3. Re: Published my first fiction here.

      Congrats and welcome to Royal Road! ::DrakanWine::

    4. Re: Book Cover for my Upcoming Sequel

      Hmm, I like it but maybe you could take another font for the title, like one that imitates old paint or something. There are free fonts one can download at

    5. Re: Finally got me an EPIC bit of grimdark cover art ;)

      Blood?  :peoYes:  Demon-like characters?  :peoYes:  Eery smiles?   :peoYes: Simply marvelous!  

    6. Re: Need a map

      I don't know if it is still open, but an artist here in the forum was open for map commissions: Otherwise, I second Inkarnate. I made my own map there (...)

    7. Re: Please Review

      With only a single chapter out, it is too early for a review. Usually, the first meaningful review can be made when the work reaches 10-15k words. But friendly comments with helpful tips under the early (...)

    8. Re: To all lovers of love

      If I were capable of doing something more than stick figures, I would add to this. Great art though.  :peoapproval: All forms of art are accepted, even stick figures.  :peoapproval:

    9. Re: To all lovers of love

      Since, unfortunately, there seems to be a "huge wave" of people wanting to share their romance characters, I've decided to add some more of my own. All the following images are parts of stories I came (...)

    10. Re: I need an honest opinion here.

      It sounds interesting. Not all stories need Sauron or Voldemort. In real life, more often than not, who is good and who is evil depends on the side narrating the story. Were the crusaders the good or the (...)

    11. Re: What is your opinion regarding Onomatopoeias?

      I use them sparingly. Mostly for a surprise effect or to convey certain feelings (monotony above all else). Like every spice, it should be used sparingly. Here is an example from my text, and I don't (...)

    12. Re: Give me your opinion.

      I post weekly too. There is nothing wrong with it. How much and how often you post depends mainly on how many chapters you have in stock and how long do you need to write a new chapter. What is truly important (...)

    13. Re: Art from my story!

      Very, very, very cool! Especially the last one with the purple masked character posing with the sword. :peoeyesparkle: :peolove:

    14. Re: I finished some realistic(ish) art of my main character

      The thing I like the most in this picture is the hair. It is gorgeous and has this feeling of softness to it. Good job. :peoapproval:

    15. Re: Illustrations from my story...

      The bison is definitely my favorite. Good job!

    16. Re: Traumatizing Content vs Gore

      If you have blood gushing, bones crunching, brains splattering - this is gore. The traumatizing content is more nuanced. It is not just a depiction of violence. Physical damage/torture, sexual assault, (...)

    17. Re: Sad/Dark stories

      I would have liked to self-promote but my story does mention rape (not explicitly shown, but a mention is a mention, and there are some attempts at sexual harassment until the perpetrators either get kneed (...)

    18. Re: To all lovers of love

      To all readers, writers, and artists, and above else to all lovers of love in all its forms. I wanted to start this thread for everyone that wants to share some art of the couples from their stories. It (...)