Ariana Vivoni

Ariana Vivoni

    1. Re: Promote your story by giving us your main character(s) appearance(s) and any possible meanings behind it

      Here are Noah and Lorelei. The one with the mire peculiar features is Noah. He has darker skin than most Limerians because his mother was from the south. Doe to this, he does not have the traditional features (...)

    2. Re: I didn't get the award for writing a guide

      Contact the mods with a ticket. 

    3. Re: Salary

      The truth? I've been here for over a year. My book reached the top 200. I have over 1000 pages. The number of donations I've received is 0. Whether you'll get paid depends on many factors, the main one (...)

    4. Re: Moving away from LIT-RPG for a while, any suggestions?

      You can check mine. It has soul-magic, knights, a bit of romance, vile creatures from beyond the grave, nice supporting cast, and some political intrigue.

    5. Re: [Complete Beginner] How do you even start writing?

      It is simple. To write a story, you need... to have a story to tell. Jack's pirate adventures. The greedy dragon and the emancipated princess. Cinderella's old shoes.  There are two main writing schools (...)

    6. Re: How should I write a scene where a character has a very long dialogue?

      I needed to do something similar in one of my chapters.  I just went with interspersing a few actions throughout the dialogue. It isn't perfect, the explanation parts of the dialog are on the larger (...)

    7. Re: How do you deal with negative comments and criticism on your story?

      How do I  cope - scream, curse, bawl my eyes out, move forward.  Life goes on. It's up to you to decide why you write  - for validation through comments or because you are convinced that you have a (...)

    8. Re: One Line of Advice

      You don't need those 300 pages world building, just sit on your arse and start writing the story already!

    9. Re: 🦇 Weekend Snippets 28/10 | WEEK 65 🪦 Halloween Haunting 👻

      I'm baaack.[email protected]@._V1_QL75_UX500_CR0,0,500,281_.jpg Here is my (...)

    10. Re: Help with finding reviews

      Most importantly - make a cover for your story. The cover is often what sells. Also, for a review-swap you need at least 10k words. This is a general rule so thar the reviewer can have a good grasp (...)

    11. Re: I'm confused. How to make my novel gain more attraction?

      Why you are not gaining more followers on Royal road? 1. You don't have the magic tags "LitRPG", "Portal fantasy", "Gamelit". Only with those can you gain 1000 followers in a month since Royal Road's (...)

    12. Re: Two-Sentence Horror Stories

      Tucked in my bed, I savored the warmth and the feathery comfort of my sheets, unafraid of the snow piling up, wet and heavy, on my driveway. Then, an ear-piercing screech violated the blissful silence (...)

    13. Re: Looking for: Thief fantasy

      Here are two stories that should fit your requirements: (however, this is a stub) (...)

    14. Re: Awkward Paragraph

      I have no idea what this paragraph should mean. The way I read it, the MC lives at the core of a Dungeon that spawns multiple children cores, big and small, and around them form the structures of a regular (...)

    15. Re: What's the best line you've written (or read)?

      "In general, people only ask for advice that they may not follow it or if they should follow it that they may have somebody to blame for having given it" Athos, The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. (...)

    16. Re: Abusive relationships being glorified is disgusting

      Young women are encouraged to be independent and set boundaries/ standards more than ever. I very much doubt that reading twilight in your teens would have a significant impact down the line. I still (...)

    17. Re: Abusive relationships being glorified is disgusting

      Am I not supposed to write something disturbing because I am going to worry that a reader isn't going to know the difference between fiction and reality and then go out and do these things? It's not so (...)

    18. Re: Abusive relationships being glorified is disgusting

      Personally I don't understand the purpose of this thread Because it was important to the thread creator. Next time e we can discuss the ork genocide and muggle discrimination. All in all, we discuss the (...)