1. Re: Offering Free Reviews (No critique offered)

      I too would enjoy a free review, thank you MDA is here

    2. Re: Offering Free Reviews!

      I would definitely be interested once you get through with your backlog. MDA is here. I'm told it starts rough, but it gets better. Synopsis: Plaire Stevens moves into the cool new house she bought (...)

    3. Re: Can someone who is immortal still be considerd human?

      It really depends on how you define human. Is humanity a quality outside of biology? If you're 50% mechanical, are you still human? What about a human brain in a robot? While it may be technically incorrect (...)

    4. Re: Reincarnation into another world is a poorly done and over used cliche.

      I'm a webcomic artist/game dev who was reincarnated as a web serial writer (**cheap plug alert** if you like wild subversions of isekai tropes you should read MDA) Greek myth isn't western lit and a (...)

    5. Re: American Transmigration or Isekai/Portal Novels

      Self promotion, but MDA is about as American as an isekai can get without actually being set in America the main villains right now are small town cops, anxiety, and a shady Wal-mart knock-off, respectively (...)

    6. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      I liked Majora's Mask more than I did Ocarina of Time

    7. Re: Obligatory introduction thread

      Hello, my name is Matt I make browser games, I make tabletop games, and for about four years now I've been trying my hand at webcomic/CYOA hybrids. After hitting kind of a glass ceiling trying to pitch (...)