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Crash Snowdon

    1. Re: Book 1 of my railpunk series "Multitrack Mages Down Under" is complete!

      Two young people from opposite sides of the tracks are thrown together in an adventure of steam and magic. Join farmgirl Charity Wilison as she faces her fear of leaving her home and many siblings, (...)

    2. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      My story Sisters of Rail has a nonbinary main character (not the POV character) and many other nonbinary side characters.  I have it tagged 'Adventure Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Cyberpunk Female Lead (...)

    3. Re: What program do you use to write?

      I'm just starting out, using Visual Studio Code for everything and writing in markdown. This lets me use GIT version control to keep track of what changes over time, gives me a preview that is close (...)

    4. Re: Hard Magic or Soft Magic Systems?

      I'm a software engineer, and the way my brain works means I'm inevitably gonna lean towards the rules based, quantifiable end of the magic system spectrum.  If a think happens, I'd like there to be a reason (...)

    5. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story Sisters of Rail (Multi-Track Mages Down Under, Book 1) A railpunk serial. Join farmgirl Charity Wilison on a magic and steam powered (...)

    6. Re: Premise: Bullied MC

      RE: Trailer Trash is sorta like this, with a timetravel redo being how the MC becomes no longer a loser. Oh and I hadn't actually checked for months but it seems to have updated, so I guess I have some (...)

    7. Re: My book

      This thread needs a more specific title.  Every thread in this section could be titled 'my book'.

    8. Re: How do you create your stories?

      So, you're writing several books simultaneously? Am I right? Only writing two simultaneously but also working on sequal plans.

    9. Re: Killing off the characters you love

      I considered adding a couple of side characters to a story, then realised they would get in the way later, but then saw that before that point there was a great opportunity to kill them off.  That let (...)

    10. Re: What program do you use to write?

      This might seem weird, but I use Visual Studio Code. This is because I write in Markdown format.  VSCode has syntax highlighting and built-in version control, among other features.  The main reason (...)

    11. Re: How do you create your stories?

      It turns out that your stories are created as a complex clockwork mechanism consisting of many details. If it's no secret, how long it takes you to write one book? Hmm, I probably got started writing (...)

    12. Re: What is the most unique aspect of the world's created in your fiction?

      In Sisters of Rail: Mages live in hives and have a unique gender based role system. Casters are scouts, guards, hunters, and fighters Drones are general labourers, the lesser skilled workforce Carers (...)

    13. Re: How do you stay motivated / on schedule?

      Actually setting myself deadlines and making those deadlines matter helps me.  If I just say "I'd like to get this done by tomorrow" then tomorrow I'll likely tell myself "well I can get away with waiting (...)

    14. Re: Novel Ninja's Four Maxims of Writing

      Aw man, I wrote out a whole reply and my internet glitched and ate the whole thing instead of posting. I can't tell you how many times it's happened to me. Someone who just found out I'm an editor, (...)

    15. Re: Why did you choose your username?

      It's my pen name which was inspired as an indirect Snow Crash reference with a family name folded in, plus I like Crash as a name because of Crash Bandicoot.  I could almost see myself changing my actual (...)

    16. Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

      Nah I do some of my best uninterupted when I ought to be asleep.  I'm trying to cut down on the need for that though.

    17. Re: How do you create your stories?

      I collect a variety of ideas that appeal to me - character ideas, plot ideas, setting ideas - all little fragments that over time I fit together in strange ways until they reach a critical mass. For (...)

    18. Re: What are your favourite chapters that you have written?

      Wow, I'd never heard of Thunderbirds being fanfictionised before! I don't know what it says about the world where I strangely/scarily knew of Peppa Pig fan fictions before TBs!  Thunderbirds was my (...)

    19. Re: What are your favorite lines from your books?

      I like this rather silly bit of wordplay: The train lurched, like it was suddenly dragging an entire herd of pigs.  The affected wheel began to drag and produced an unholy squealing sound, also like (...)

    20. Re: Free Ad Space for your story: crafting your forum signature

      This is super helpful and a major timesaver, thanks!