1. July Prompt Thread. 2022

      Gonna go on break for this one too. Holiday to talk about is Hari Raya Haji, but not gonna go into depth. Without further ado, this is the July Prompt Thread! Here, you can use the prompt and write (...)

    2. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      https://www.royalroadcdn.com/public/covers-large/descent-46794.jpg?time=1621256717 Arty and Eli live normal lives. They excel in their academics and are respected as leaders. They also hide their powers (...)

    3. Re: Who founded and owns RR now?

        me   https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/655071341669646337.webp?size=96&quality=lossless The revolution sends out regard.

    4. Re: References.

      "Who's they? What the hell is an Aluminium Falcon?"

    5. References.

      Make a reference.

    6. Re: Ask Me Anything.

      If I throw my soda can into a black hole. Is it considered 'recycling'? You aren't getting anything back from it, so no.

    7. Re: Ask Me Anything.

      What inspired your stories? Some dreams, hours without sleep, and reading a lot of stories with twins. Can you hop up and down the stairs while holding a cup of boiling hot tea?  A nearly empty cup (...)

    8. Ask Me Anything.

      I can already hear myself regretting making this, but I'm currently bored, so why not.  Ask me anything (within reason.)

    9. Re: Best fantasy novels to read on Royal road. No Romance pls, No harem.

      I'm not conceited enough to say it's one of "the best" but the novel in my signature is a fantasy/adventure story that's not harem or romance, so if you like, give it a look. There are over 40 chapters (...)

    10. \•_•/

      Complete the following sentence and answer it. "Why would you..."

    11. Re: What's the oddest/dumbest bad review you've received?

      Not picking up Descent because the "power" is vague in the Synopsis. Like please, I've made what could possibly be one of the most intriguing and as scientifically accurate magic system to date and you (...)

    12. Self Reflection.

      What did you learn from writing your stories?

    13. Cats.

      Purr. Meow. Grr... Are the Cat haters gone? Good. The revolution starts at dawn. Help the Ducks.

    14. Re: Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      Descent: A pair of twins literally running for their lives. Cry Wolfe and To The Stars: Single chapter short stories that are short enough that if I give a TLDR, it's spoiler, but hey, people say they're (...)

    15. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      I already thanked Buller for helping me make my post, but I'll do it here again. Thank You, Buller, for posting my story. Now to make this relevant, do read Cry Wolfe and To The Stars.

    16. Re: Wanted: Ducks/People who want to rebel against the systematic oppression of ducks

      As a cat, I'm obligated to follow Buller on his endeavour. And clearly not because it was midnight when Wing made the June Thread and I wasn't immediately able to post my story.

    17. Re: About seeing your job in a story

      I'm currently serving as a soldier within the Singapore Armed Forces. Before that, I've been reading a rather accurate military Sci-Fi work called the "Frontlines" Series, by Marko Kloos. Now, every (...)

    18. Re: Free Reviews! [Now Closed]

      Damn you timezones! I missed this. Still, hey, that's generous of you.