Angel's Dirge

A wonderful new story here on RR that I'll be following and reading!

Angels of some sort have been appearing all over the world. Individually, or in groups, etheral and just sort of... there. They don't seem to do much (yet). To some they are very beautiful. And then they suddenly do do something: Attack. Peri's best friend is killed, and she is injured in such a way that she should be incapacitated for the rest of her life, if not dead as well.

But she's alive. Something has changed her in the attack. Because of the attack? She doesn't know, and neither does the military at the moment, but they intend to find out.

I'm getting a great young adult / new adult fantasy feel with this. Throw in some X-Men like mutations, a good odd 'bad guy' like Angels, and here's a hit just waiting to get more fans. I'm hoping for a bit of great military style action and set up as well, maybe à la Fullmetal Alchemist.

The writing and grammar is great. We don't have too many characters yet, but those that are here have a nice voice. I like Peri and how she's dealing with things, and feel for her and the situation she's in.

A Butler in a Noble House - a Fruitless Endeavor

Ah, I thought, another fun proper story about nobility and classes and politics.

I mean, it kinda is, but also nope.

This is basically an anime. I realized that fairly quickly and had to readjust my expectations. But once you know this is a comedy anime about a kid from the streets trying to be a butler and finding a way to learn magic, it all falls into place.

It's over the top, hilarious, and the main character has a fun distinct voice and he swears a lot. The grammar reflects his personality, it's all first person, and we get a lot of ALL CAPS and varying other flavored versions of text to set the mood. That said there is a deep world beneath all this and it's interesting to see how the MC deals with life.

Phantom Ddraig

A really fun epic story with a lot of allusions to mythology and old stories, legends, and the like (Thor, Avalon, etc). If you're the kind of person who likes to see mythology names and references you'll be very happy at just about every character name. The scope is epic and brings to mind such mythologies and old legends. The cast is huge and interesting.

There's some consistent punctuation issues with quotes and ending sentences, but you can get used to it if you like the story enough. It is worth a shot trying to do so.

And the book cover is amazing, I always love a great cover.

The Atropos Schema

I really like this story. It's a LitRPG with an AI 'companion' - something we see a lot on RR, but it's done very very well. The main character is great, the writing is fluid, it pulls you in. It's polished as well and has a good flow.

There are great touches here and there showing you the author knows what they're doing. At the very beginning even adding a 'Hell' version of difficulty reminded me of DOOM and similar old games. I like Samantha and her commentary on what's going on and how the OP does.


Fun mix of scifi and fantasy

A fun and light mix of scifi and fantasy with a great narrator.

I'm not usually one for comedy, but this story has a way of making me appreciate the humor. We have an IT guy that ends up in a sci-fantasy world because he downloaded an odd program- fairly typical story set up. But the reason this story works is its characters. They're fun and the dialogue is natural and great to read. You know there's going to be shenanigans and you also want to see how Ian and company is going to deal with it all.

They Who Rule

Just a stunning world and story that compliments it. I love the main characters and their relationships between each other- it's great to see family and siblings in stories. This is a very character driven tale. You may find yourself backtracking a little to reread and make sure you have all of the information, but it's worth it. I love everyone's names too.

Good story and flow and great grammar too.

Witch Tier

"Steampunk bounty hunters" - what else do you need?

Ok, so this story isn't written in traditional prose. It's the first thing that anyone will notice, and it will turn a lot of people away. BUT- as mentioned in the summary, this is written by a screenwriter. So take this as a play, or an episode of a tv show. There is a lot of 'telling' to set the stage, and then there's just dialogue as the actors say their lines. I would suggest coming up with different 'voices' in your head for each character and reading it like a play.

With that out of the way- I want to see watch this TV show. High budget, Game of Thrones level money. It's a wonderful fantasy world with deep worldbuilding. We have steam-tech, we have magic, we have really fun and interesting creatures. It reminds me a lot of Firefly too.

Rolling Stone

A fun simply wholesome litrpg where we have a rock, a stone if you will, that gains sentience and starts to level up.

It's third person present-tense, which I tend not to like, but it works well here.

Grammar is good, and the style might take a little getting used to, but it's worth a read. I am told there will be gore later so that'll take a fun interesting turn.

The Legend

This is an amazing epic eastern fantasy tale. The world and magic reminds you both of ancient China and thousands of years of history and mythology, and has some modern twists that quantify measures like a litrpg. We have gods, and stats.

The prose reads in an older style as well, like we're listening to this epic around a campfire from an elder. Lin Yu Ying is a great protagonist and it's going to be a joy to see her story unfold.

Great grammar, writing, pacing, flow.

Reborn in Another World as a (Colorless) Demon Prince

We begin our story with a guy who's had it a bit tough. Sleep issues, family a little meh, took a while to graduate high school. But it's getting there.. except after he goes to buy a midnight snack at the store he's killed.

He gets another chance though and is reborn as a demon prince.

It's well written- simple and easy to understand, but full of character. You empathize with the MC and his life and want to know if his new one will be better. If seems to be, he is a prince with tutors, but I have a feeling being a 'colorless' demon isn't the best.

No grammar errors that I could spot, love the characters, and the world that's being set up.