RE: Monarch

A wonderful dark story with a main character that feels like a real person. Great plot and worldbuilding as well. I'm a sucker for time-loops and this is well set up.

The writing and grammar is honed and it's publish-level good. I would pick this story up from a shelf and buy it.

This Strange New Life

Overall: We are in another isekai (I'm starting to love this genre the more I read it). Our main character  has died and been reborn. Well, almost, she's not even as a newborn at the very start, she's still an unborn baby. So we get her thoughts from before-birth. She keeps her memories, cursing streak, but is learning to like this new life she's been given. She seems to have memories, and an AI to help.

Style: First person. A lot of speaking to oneself and thinking. Occasionally we're moved to someone else's point of view in third.

Grammar: Some minor issues here and there, but nothing so over the top that it bothered me. Would be easily fixable if the author wanted to publish and get a quick edit.

Story: We're given a lot from the start, and hints at a huge story and world. Our main character is mostly human, but not entirely, and that from the start opens up lots of possibilities. We're also introduced to an AI that helps our new protagonist, but it seems they're from the past life too.

Character: I like our main character. She's still currently getting used to being a baby, and a sister, but after having the implied very dark life from before, she deserves some niceness.

Musical Land (book 1)

One of the most interesting stories I've ever read

This is one of the most interesting stories I've ever read. If you want a one-sentence tl;dr, it's Clone High mixed with La La Land. And it.. works.

Great fun odd story. We follow Marie, Marie Curie (yes, the famous one), as she begins high school. Except the world is not our own. This is a universe where, due to a chip implaneted in one's brain, everyone is basically living in a musical. It takes the tenants of musicals (when there's to much emotion to speak, sing; and when there's too much emotion to sing; dance) as an actual force. If your emotions are high enough you will begin to sing and dance.

And that's all well and good if you're a theater kid. But this is Marie Curie and she's more into science.

Yet she got into the best school in the land. And now has to deal with her passions, which were always stated to be the root of evil and war, while not being able to sing, in this school devoted mostly to singing.

The chip and forced implantation is hinting as much darker stuff. You cannot force a world to be good, and end all wars with singing and dancing. I think we're going to get into more cynical things eventually.

We get mentions of basically every single artsy or sciencey historical figure. They all live in the same time, and the historical accuracy is basically "famous name - did art/science thing.' So it's very much a weird Alternate Universe. Marie is a good character too, and she embodies a nervous teen girl and needing to start out in a new place where she doesn't fit in.

Grammar's great.

I really like this story. If you have any appreciation for musicals, or school-life, or just want to see Bob Ross as a teacher, give it a read.

Confessions of the Magpie Wizard

To start off- yes it's a teensy bit difficult to get into this story on Royal Road because the first two books are in Kindle Unlimited. But we do get several chapters of book 1, and book 2, and both have a good overview summary that lets us know what's going on. You can easily use that to start reading book 3.

And if you want to know more about books 1 and 2- go buy them. They're on Amazon and as previously stated, in KU. So you may even be able to nab them for free.

Overall Score: Wonderful imaginative story with great characters, prose, and story. It's very anime-esque, and our main characteris a flirt. Whether you like this is up to you.

Style: a good easy to read style. First person, with the summaries being in third.

Grammar: Perfect. As far as I can see there are no issues at all.

Story: It's very anime-esque. It's a harem story, but with a great world and characters and people. I love the different races.

Character: They feel real and alive in a way that I haven't seen all that often lately. Some tropes come through for some characters, but tropes used well are there for a reason.

The Primordial Tower

Overall: I like The Primordial Tower and where this story is going. There are some flaws, the grammar isn't always on point for instance, but there's a good story here. This reminds me a lot of my, and other writer's, early/first drafts. There are good parts, and over time the author will get better, but there's definite merit to this story. I'm looking forward to see how it grows and expands and gets better. If you can look past some parts that need polish you'll find a good story to enjoy.

Style: The chapters are short and we have blue-boxes. It's a mix of third person omniscent with the author/narrator talking to us, and also dipping into heads. It works well.

Grammar: Not the best, but nothing that can't be fixed later on with a textbook and some time.

Story: It's a tower-climbing litRPG with someone from our world being stuck in a new one with video-game logic. We all know it and love it. How the author is taking things and making it their own is nice to see. A good mix of all the favorites. I love the interactions between Noah and the Eternal Lion.

Character: I like Noah, and I love the Eternal Lion. I know it says EL isn't the main character, but I kinda want him to be.

Give it a shot it's a good story :)

The Pen Is Mightier

I love the worldbuilding and the characters. These things are always the best part of a story to me, so if they're great, that gets a lot of points from me.

There's some minor grammar issues here and there, but nothing big. Putting a period when you need a comma. Nothing that will throw you out of the story.

Angel's Dirge

A wonderful new story here on RR that I'll be following and reading!

Angels of some sort have been appearing all over the world. Individually, or in groups, etheral and just sort of... there. They don't seem to do much (yet). To some they are very beautiful. And then they suddenly do do something: Attack. Peri's best friend is killed, and she is injured in such a way that she should be incapacitated for the rest of her life, if not dead as well.

But she's alive. Something has changed her in the attack. Because of the attack? She doesn't know, and neither does the military at the moment, but they intend to find out.

I'm getting a great young adult / new adult fantasy feel with this. Throw in some X-Men like mutations, a good odd 'bad guy' like Angels, and here's a hit just waiting to get more fans. I'm hoping for a bit of great military style action and set up as well, maybe à la Fullmetal Alchemist.

The writing and grammar is great. We don't have too many characters yet, but those that are here have a nice voice. I like Peri and how she's dealing with things, and feel for her and the situation she's in.

Phantom Ddraig

A really fun epic story with a lot of allusions to mythology and old stories, legends, and the like (Thor, Avalon, etc). If you're the kind of person who likes to see mythology names and references you'll be very happy at just about every character name. The scope is epic and brings to mind such mythologies and old legends. The cast is huge and interesting.

There's some consistent punctuation issues with quotes and ending sentences, but you can get used to it if you like the story enough. It is worth a shot trying to do so.

And the book cover is amazing, I always love a great cover.

The Atropos Schema

I really like this story. It's a LitRPG with an AI 'companion' - something we see a lot on RR, but it's done very very well. The main character is great, the writing is fluid, it pulls you in. It's polished as well and has a good flow.

There are great touches here and there showing you the author knows what they're doing. At the very beginning even adding a 'Hell' version of difficulty reminded me of DOOM and similar old games. I like Samantha and her commentary on what's going on and how the OP does.


Fun mix of scifi and fantasy

A fun and light mix of scifi and fantasy with a great narrator.

I'm not usually one for comedy, but this story has a way of making me appreciate the humor. We have an IT guy that ends up in a sci-fantasy world because he downloaded an odd program- fairly typical story set up. But the reason this story works is its characters. They're fun and the dialogue is natural and great to read. You know there's going to be shenanigans and you also want to see how Ian and company is going to deal with it all.