The Dragon Realms Saga

Coming-of-age (and-becoming-an-assassin).

Overall - A really great coming-of-age (and-becoming-an-assassin) story. A small town is protected by a guild of assassins known as the Black Rabbits. They recruit from the children of the town to grow their ranks. A young boy is chosen against his parents' wishes, but there's nothing much he had can do about it, and so begins to train. Think Jon's early time at the Wall mixed with Arya becoming a Faceless Man.

Style - well written and desciptive, fleshes out the world. It doesn't talk down to you, or give annoying info-dumps, things are expressed well.

Grammar - I didn't notice mistakes or common flaws that you can sometimes find. No problems here from me.

Story - It's a relatively simple story from the start, but with five planned volumes, I fully see this expanding into an epic that will be a delight to read. There's many places you can go from 'learns to be an assassin' and the author writes well and creatively even at the start. It'll be fantastic to see where it goes from there.

Character - I love the characters. They are well written with many facets, no one's flat or 'just' something (bad guy, or good guy). It's a complicated cast in a complicated world.

Somebody Stop Her

This story is... it's weird. But in a super fun way. It's mixing up Invader Zim and Adventure Time, Rick and Morty and Haruhi Suzumiya. Plus super heroes. So just drink some Red Bull and get ready for a whacky adventure.

So the son of a super hero is sure his neighbor is a villain. He meets the daughter of said neighbor, who confirms she (and her father) are supervillains. And then she decides he will now be her minion-- Mittens.

And that's just the first time they meet.

Then they go to school.

The story is a comedic mix of fun, tropes, and whackiness that you get when you take the idea of superheroes and villains to the extreme. And once in a while it'll get randomly dark and serious (honestly, my favorite parts). If you like comedy and slice of life and superheroes I highly recommend to at least check it out.

Grammar is good, a few errors here and there, but nothing major. For an early/quick draft it's still quite polshed. The story is just something else, but don't go into this thinking it'll be dark and gritty and realistic because it will not be. I do love the characters and the world and seeing where this will go.


A fantastic new well-written xianxia! There are a lot of them on this site, but this one ranks very high. Grammar and story are good, this is not a rush job. A lot of respect for the tropes we all love go into it.

I like the main character and the world that's being set up. The story's still new I can't wait to read more of it.

Unnecessary Evil

A fun fantasy with stats, mixes up the real world as we know it with a bunch of fantasy, more so to the dark-er side of things- orbs and goblins and races that don't get as much screentime. I like the main character, and that the Slavic countries get a mention.

Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator.

This story is funny. It's ridiculous. It's satire and a running commentary on the over-abundance of isekai in certain fandoms and genres.

It's basically Rick and Morty. Or 5th year Harry Potter being sick of Dumbledore's shit and flipping all of the tables.

I kinda love it.

Style- very to the point. Not a lot of desciptions, and it's third person limited to Steff and her thoughts. Her annoyed-at-everyone stfu thoughts.

Story- it's an isekai. But there's no awe about the new world, no trying to really fit in and become the best new person you can be in this new world! Nope. It's a total rejection of all of that, because damnit, you didn't want to be taken to a new world and you'll be damned before you conform and live by their rules.

Character- Steff is.. Steff. I like her. But she is not traditionally likeable in the slightest. Which kinda makes it all the better.

Grammar- I didn't see any issues or grammatical errors, so that's not a problem.

This is a weird fun 'turn your brain off and read half-drunk' kind of story. Where maybe you read it aloud with some friends, a drinking game written up, and you rag on your favorite genres and their tropes while thinking 'yeah, if I was really taken into a new world, I'd probably want to mess the system up too.'

Fixture in Fate

This story feels like a little bit of everything to me. In a good way. A little scifi, a little urban fantasy, a little superhero, some more dystpian/cyberpunk overtones tossed in. And it all works well together.

The style is very to the point. Things are happening and people being introduced, all the while a world is being set up. We don't have a lot of backstory or info-dumping, but you are shown things as the story progresses. It's refreshing and fast-paced.

Grammar - one or two small issues that I caught, but nothing major, and certainly not anything that will pull you out of the story.

Story - it seems like we're just starting at the beginning of something huge. Like the beginning of the Avenger's Initiative, or in urban fantasy when the one race of fantasy creatures realizes there are more than just them. I can't wait to see what the big main movement turns out to be. It's a different darker take on superheros that I haven't seen before and feels really grounded and important.

Characters- we have a lot of main characters that we're following around. They're all fleshed out, work well by themselves and while playing off of each other. I really like Aaliyah.

Wander West, in Shadow

Overall: A classic fantasy that reminds me of stories from the 70s and 80s- dark and with all of the tropes you love. The pipe-smoking gives me Lord of the Ring's vibes. The names are wonderful and fantasy-like without being distracting.

Style: Well written, and to the point. Lots of adjectives and desciptions, but they're fun to read and help you get into the story.

Grammar: Saw no mistakes, very well written.

Story: We follow a young mage and his flirty companion, who knows magic 'the Art' as well. They meet up quickly and decide to travel together. Classic fantasy set up with a good deal of worldbuilding and magicbuilding that gets expanded on and grows.

Character: I like Martim a lot. He's a youngish character, but not a teen hero. He has some experience and knows the Art rather well. There's animal companions too, always a plus. Flit the Cardinal is my favorite. Elyse is competent and good with magic in her own way, a bit wary, but nice 'in her own way' as Martim thinks. I'm sure she's being set up as the love interest, but she's more than that as well, and holds her own as a character.

RE: Monarch

A wonderful dark story with a main character that feels like a real person. Great plot and worldbuilding as well. I'm a sucker for time-loops and this is well set up.

The writing and grammar is honed and it's publish-level good. I would pick this story up from a shelf and buy it.

This Strange New Life

Overall: We are in another isekai (I'm starting to love this genre the more I read it). Our main character  has died and been reborn. Well, almost, she's not even as a newborn at the very start, she's still an unborn baby. So we get her thoughts from before-birth. She keeps her memories, cursing streak, but is learning to like this new life she's been given. She seems to have memories, and an AI to help.

Style: First person. A lot of speaking to oneself and thinking. Occasionally we're moved to someone else's point of view in third.

Grammar: Some minor issues here and there, but nothing so over the top that it bothered me. Would be easily fixable if the author wanted to publish and get a quick edit.

Story: We're given a lot from the start, and hints at a huge story and world. Our main character is mostly human, but not entirely, and that from the start opens up lots of possibilities. We're also introduced to an AI that helps our new protagonist, but it seems they're from the past life too.

Character: I like our main character. She's still currently getting used to being a baby, and a sister, but after having the implied very dark life from before, she deserves some niceness.

Musical Land Trilogy

One of the most interesting stories I've ever read

This is one of the most interesting stories I've ever read. If you want a one-sentence tl;dr, it's Clone High mixed with La La Land. And it.. works.

Great fun odd story. We follow Marie, Marie Curie (yes, the famous one), as she begins high school. Except the world is not our own. This is a universe where, due to a chip implaneted in one's brain, everyone is basically living in a musical. It takes the tenants of musicals (when there's to much emotion to speak, sing; and when there's too much emotion to sing; dance) as an actual force. If your emotions are high enough you will begin to sing and dance.

And that's all well and good if you're a theater kid. But this is Marie Curie and she's more into science.

Yet she got into the best school in the land. And now has to deal with her passions, which were always stated to be the root of evil and war, while not being able to sing, in this school devoted mostly to singing.

The chip and forced implantation is hinting as much darker stuff. You cannot force a world to be good, and end all wars with singing and dancing. I think we're going to get into more cynical things eventually.

We get mentions of basically every single artsy or sciencey historical figure. They all live in the same time, and the historical accuracy is basically "famous name - did art/science thing.' So it's very much a weird Alternate Universe. Marie is a good character too, and she embodies a nervous teen girl and needing to start out in a new place where she doesn't fit in.

Grammar's great.

I really like this story. If you have any appreciation for musicals, or school-life, or just want to see Bob Ross as a teacher, give it a read.