1. Re: How vast is the world?

      I find your thoughts interesting. The problem with being a human being, is that even if we were able to live to be a thousand years old, we would still have only one life experience. Only one viewpoint (...)

    2. Re: Hello Yall!

      I hath followed thee from scribblehub

    3. Re: Confidence in your writing.

      Writing is a difficult skill to learn, especially if English is a second language for you. A struggle I'm going through right now is that I grew up drawing a lot, and that kind of formed the basis for (...)

    4. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      I actually have the alternate response - I read certain books on these online writing sites, usually doing things like review trades - and something happens to the MC. They are sent to another world, they (...)

    5. Re: writing Fight Scenes

      You've made a lot of good points. Fight scenes should always accomplish a purpose. They should put pressure on the characters, reveal character motivations, etc. Of course, it is hard to do this perfectly, (...)

    6. Re: Hi I like Zelda and Brandon Sanderson

      Figure that it actually will attract attention putting that as my subject line. That's what I'm about. I play Nintendo games, read Brandon Sanderson, and write stuff. Right now, I'm working on an original (...)

    7. Re: Are guys okay with reading a fantasy novel about merfolk?

      Hullo, Just a simple question for the people here - if you are a guy, would you read a high fantasy novel that's centered around merpeople? I ask, because a majority of merfolk fiction is targeted towards (...)

    8. Re: What game are you playing?

      I've been playing some Breath of the Wild, going through master mode for the first time. I'm not having nearly as much fun with it this time, as I think that amping up the strength of the enemies has thrown (...)

    9. Re: Offering Free Reviews!

      So, this thread looks a little too old for me to reply, and it looks like you've already got a lot on here, but I'll put mine down here, just for the heck of it. This is not currently a full novel, as (...)

    10. Re: New Refugee from Wattpad

      Hi, I'm a writer that's been on a lot of different platforms, but for the past year, I've mostly been on the site Wattpad. That has changed however, when Wattpad shut down its forums recently, severely (...)