1. Re: Research journal! Hypothesis: fanfiction can be a useful academic tool! What do YOU think!

      Fanfiction is like 8% of content on here. Which is a pretty significant chunk, so yeah probably should have phrased that better I wonder what fandoms though - on scribblehub, I don't fanfiction is (...)

    2. Re: Sudden increase in views

      Here at my university in the US, spring break has effectively been deleted. We had to start the semester late, and so their "compensation" for getting rid of spring break is giving us a few weeks where (...)

    3. Re: Research journal! Hypothesis: fanfiction can be a useful academic tool! What do YOU think!

      That being said, RR really doesn't have much fan fiction and I'd absolutely recommend you ask around Huh. I was told otherwise. I suppose I'm an outlier. 

    4. Re: Research journal! Hypothesis: fanfiction can be a useful academic tool! What do YOU think!

      I think fanfiction can be quite useful. I recently finished a fan novelization of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and I viewed it as my training wheels, a way for me to learn to write fantasy. (...)

    5. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      The MCs hate the dark lord, and are therefore technically atheist I'm not quite sure, but I thought atheism doesn't mean hating the god, but not believing in its existence. To hate something, you (...)

    6. Re: Why do you like light novels?

      Quote: Why do you like light novels? I don't. I'll give you some reasons.  Reason Number 1 I used to translate them, and at first I liked doing it, then I loved doing it, then it was tiring, (...)

    7. Re: Why do you like light novels?

      Why would LNs be a limited genre? On the contrary, current YA is often pigeonholed into trends while LNs are more varied because eastern webnovels can succeed in more ways. For example, syosetsu, (...)

    8. Re: Why do you like light novels?

      I've noticed multiple threads where people are complaining about tropes that seem very common in light novels; my question then is, why do people write and read so much in this limited genre? I have asked (...)

    9. Re: Anti-heroes only: art has become predictable and boring.

      When was the last time you read a story where the priest was a devout (if imperfect) man trying to give reasonable advice to people, not a fanatical zealot or a disingenuous hack? -Well, not a priest, (...)

    10. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      To give my perspective on the "why" question: I think the logical outcome of most murder-hobo level-grinders is demi-god status. It really can't end up anyplace else without a hard cap. So, at that (...)

    11. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      I do not know about what can be found in the webnovel isekai world, but I have a traditionally published recommendation for you: The Mistborn trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson, has some very, very interesting (...)

    12. Re: Has the fantasy genre lost some of its fantasy?

      You bring up some very interesting points - and I should say I'm not inclined to fully agree or disagree with them. One thing you mentioned is that it feels like you are not finding this in the light (...)

    13. Re: How to make side characters have depth and feel alive.

      Rule of thumb: everyone in real life considers them themselves the protagonist of their own story. Although you likely will not have a viewpoint for most characters in your story, there are certain ways (...)

    14. Re: How can I end a story?

      xD I thought this was talking about the general idea of how to write the conclusion to a story. Well, guess it is time for me to pack up my paltry wisdom...  xD

    15. Re: Let's get to storytelling

      Welcome my friend - I might ask you, what ideas are you working on currently, and are you in need of any advice/critiquing? I may be willing to offer it, if you are working in areas I'm familiar with.

    16. Re: Non system novels

      Personally, writing more traditional western fantasy and not being familiar with litrpgs, I've wondered how systems are incorporated into these kinds of stories, when I feel like it would be more simple (...)

    17. Re: Hiii friends

      Hello! Welcome to the site! And yes, reality bombs. Why would I go outside and have a life when I could create a fantasy world instead? xD

    18. Re: Wattpad Immigrant

      Hello fellow Wattpad immigrant! I post on Wattpad, but kind of only as a formality. Ever since the forums were taken out, its felt like the site is dying. If you're trying to get some exposure, I'd recommend (...)

    19. Re: 100k Words...

      Congrats! I recently finished a novel of my own, 80k words after five years of writing hell, so I know the feeling. xD It's an awesome achievement though. Sometimes you just gotta bore through the pain.

    20. Re: How on Earth do I change chapter order

      So, I was stupid, and I accidentally uploaded my chapters out of order. However, I can't find anyway to rearrange them. This is really annoying obviously, especially considering I haven't had a hard time (...)