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This is much better than I was expecting it to be - the idea seems kinda gimicky at first, but the author plays it out really well.

The world makes sense as do its rules, with a bit of mystery to uncover regarding certain elements like the ruling body, though the broad strokes are well-painted and colourful.

The pacing is absolutely perfect for a story like this - not too fast and not too slow. Plenty of character moments and plenty of action and plot-progression to go alongside it.

The characters themselves are heaps of fun - they're not the deepest as of yet, but the way the main character is being explored and handled, you know their personalities will be expanded out and no one's gonna throw to the wayside as a gag or anything. The interactions between them are pretty fun.

Personally, they're definitely the main draw for me here, since I'm especially interested in seeing these characters grow.

The grammar is fine - the style is perfect for a story like this. As far as the art is concerned, it's pretty good, though the tits are way big.

Would recommend if you're looking for a (so far!) casual and light-hearted read.


Precipice: Blood Beneath the Burning Sky [Dark Fantasy Novel]

Technically well-written and fairly compelling; don't come into this expecting your usual RR fare as I did, because you'll be a little jarred. It reads more epic fantasy than skimpy LitRPG, and it's commitment to its themes is one of its strengths.

It is a dense read; you will have to put effort into this to let it pull you in, but so far, I would say it's worth it. The grammar is pristine and so far the characters are realistic and compelling, and I'm curious to see where this goes forward. The plot so far is slow, so keep that in mind before jumping in.

Give it a read if you want something fresh that isn't your usual thing on here. Even if you're not a big fan of epic fantasy, I would say it's worth reading the first three chapters before passing judgement.

Apotheosis - The Grand Dungeon of Kess

This... I'm honestly not sure what to say about this one.

On one hand, I like the world and how the dungeon works. It's not necessarily incredibly complex or unique, but it came off as this nice campy, sort-of carefree thing (which I'm pretty sure is NOT what the author intended, but whatever) and the 'broadcast' elements, why they haven't played a major part yet, are an interesting hook.

On the other... there's something very incredibly artifical about this story, and I don't know what. The characters come off as sort of bland and thin, and nothing feels very impactful. Nothing really serves to draw me in, and I don't really care about anyone in particular. The dungeon itself and the MC's progress throughout is good enough, the action's okay, but it's not really all that hooking or interesting.

It's not the pace- the pace is okay. If anything, the pace is TOO fast and the story doesn't take the breathers necessary to build up the characters so we feel some sort of attachment towards them. Myles... isn't all that interesting. He's a very basic protagonist, and if the intentional feel was 'just reading about any ol' dungeon Runner, except this one is just one of the better ones' then that is the feeling I got.

Thing is, if your main character isn't a Chosen One - and I don't think this story would be better if Myles was something like that - then there has to be something for the readers to latch onto. Myles' personality isn't compelling, he's relatively bland with few emotional beats and can come of as robotic at times. The story by itself, what there is, isn't enough to fuel my interest, and since I'm not the type to be taken by 'Systems' or potential and keep reading just to see what powers are shown, there isn't much here for me to feel it's worth reading.

Not in the sense I'm searching for a 'unique' experience, but more in the sense that even if I'm after a good 'by-the-numbers' read, this doesn't scratch that itch because I don't feel like I'm experiencing anything. The relative blandness of the style does not mesh well with the flatness of the characters, creating something that just is not fun to read, and that is my point.

Some solid ideas let down by the execution. It's not bad, by-the-by; there's a reason it's popular, but it's disappointing, and I feel like people who enjoy dynamic characters won't be able to enjoy this. If you're just in it for a decent power system and a good world for that system to be in, you'll probably be satisfied.

A Dream of Wings and Flame

This is, overall, a rather enjoyable, light-hearted story with a decent magic system encompassed by the dream of a born underdog.

There's nothing incredibly unique or standout here- nothing truly excels, but nothing sucks either, forming a nice junk-food esque novel that quite neatly escapsulates than shounen adventure feel. 

In terms of the magic system, and the action involved, it's fairly average; personally, I tended to skim most of the action since I didn't feel engaged, but I also have incredibly high standards when it comes to action scenes. I don't read for high octane energy in the first place, so it's not something that really factors into my score. 

I will say it's serviceable- you won't read this story for it, but the fight scenes are alright, though I was oddly disappointed by the first magi v. magi duel we saw and felt it could have been better pulled off. It lacked impact or depth, feeling tacked on instead of something that truly mattered.

Asides from that, the characters aren't standout- even now, while they're a little more fleshed out, I would still say they're merely thicker caricatures. The enemies haven't been too interesting, though they certainly had the potential to be, but my main complaint in terms of characters is the main 'trio'.

We have our cheery, determined and intelligent protagonist, 'Sam', who will stop at nothing to meet his goal.
We have our burly, stoic tank, Dussok, the reliable best friend.
Then we have Takkla, our ranger and scout. 

None of them are incredibly interesting, but they serve as decent devices for the story. They are, obviously... sort of basic. They have little depth, and the few struggles we see them face are glossed over, given them a sort of paper-thin, 'here because it feels right to put them here instead of for any development reasons' feeling.

One of the best examples of this, that doesn't go too heavy into spoiler territory, is Takkla and Dussok's 

state after they face the big ol' centipede in the worms. They meditate and it's just... gone. I don't mind this; I've never enjoyed reading mental health problems in my fiction, I just wish it had been touched on a bit more after the fact to show that they've gotten over it. Instead, it's just forgotten and laid to rest at the side.


One that does go into heavy spoiler territory, but I think the best example, is 

the fact that Sam doesn't manifest a draconic ability in his first awakening. I thought this would be built on later, as people supported him in his theory that shaman-lady has sabotaged it for him, but I was really surprised that it actually was sabotaged. It felt like a really odd choice for I had thought would be a wheel that would spin Sam's character development up, but nope.


Stylistically, the story's okay. Could be better, could be worse. A few odd choices here and there, I wish the exposition would be cut back on, but it's pretty good. 

There are other things I could comment on, but those would ultimately just be choices made by the author I didn't particularly agree with; i.e, how kobold society was shown.

This a solid 3* novel. It can keep you entertained for a while and will be a nice time-waster. Give it a shot if you've got the time.

I Guess I'll Give This Other World a Try

Pretty good actually.

It's no masterpiece of literature; the prose won't blow your mind and the action isn't orgasmically destructive. The writing is largely unadorned and simple.

That works to this thing's charm, however; it's a relatively simple OP MC comedy story. It's not laugh-out-loud funny, but it is quietly amusing and written competently enough that it's enjoyable.

In short, it reads a lot like a really hot quality snack; a pack of Doritos or some bourbon biscuits.

I do wish we had more details and that the main character had a shade more personality to him; he's pretty basic at the time of writing, but asides from that, there's not much to complain about. His summons are pretty interesting and varied and it's kinda nice to see what he'll pull out of his pocket next.

If you're looking to pass the time with something relatively mindless and simply amusing, I'd say this is a good shout. No idea if the author has grand ambitions or anything, but so far nothing of that like has been hinted at.


~ Owlbie

This Hero

Not much to say yet- I'll definitely be keeping an eye on.

Pretty anime-y, but the writing is good and the comedy is well-done. Reminds be just a BIT about Arifureta and similar things, except it deviates from that heavily almost immediately; the set-up is just sort of similar.

I'm excited to see where this goes. I'll post an Advanced Review when the 1st 'arc' or whatever ends.