Ashes Of Heaven: Book One

Ashes Of Heaven: Book (...)
by AMRahi
336 pages

Book One will consist of 3 volumes, spanning over 300 chapters, 200 of which have been drafted already.  Update schedule mostly depends on follows, ratings and reviews; the more, the merrier. 


The universe gives some of us gifts that we may utilize to achieve our goals, reach the highest peak of our vision, holding an edge over every competitor. 

The universe also takes away taken-for-granted abilities from some of us, restricting us at every step we take forward, bombarding us with obstacles, and rendering us incapable of touching our aspirations in life. 

How would YOU lead your life, had you fallen among the latter minority? 

Across the vast Macrocosms of Man, the world of cultivation continues to demonstrate its brutality, its hazards, and its never-ending cycles of conflicts. 

One day, we find ourselves becoming conscious of the truth of our world....and that's where our story begins. 

We follow Han Xuhan, an individual in that latter minority trying to sneak his way to the top order of the universe.

Things don't go his way.

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Reborn as a Demonic Tree

Reborn as a Demonic Tree (...)
381 pages

Ashlock awoke in the courtyard of a demonic sect... as a tree.

A tree that eats people.

And one that grows stronger over time due to a daily sign-in system and cultivation.

This will be a very long series with regular uploads every 48 hours.

Discuss the fiction and hang out with other readers: Discord.

Support the author and get access to more chapters: Patreon.

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Dual Class

Dual Class
by Arthur Inverse
708 pages

What is a city boy to do when he wakes up in a white room with nothing and no one in it? All that greets him is a blue screen flashing with one word. "Welcome"

In this story of wise cracks and wide spread murdering, Drake is forced to face old traumas and find his way in the new world of a merged planet forced by the system. He will find enemies and allies aplenty. Even some he would have never expected. 

His decisions will shape the future of his planet and journey in this new wild landscape that the system has brought.

With God and Anime on his side- Oh and some spotty game knowledge- he must forge his own path. But first. He needs to get through this damned tutorial in one piece, and figure out how his damned spell works.

New Chapters are posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6 PM EST.

Cover Art is done by my wonderful friend Caneera you can find her at Caneera Carrd for all types of commissions.

This is a story I've decided to write because my endless fantasies of chuunibyou like proportions could not stay in my head any longer. I've just wanted to make a story I can make some cringe jokes in and this is the result. I really do hope people will enjoy it as I really do enjoy writing it, and will keep writing it. If you can catch some of the references I would love to hear it. Love and Peace! Just not in this story. If any of the tags currently don't make sense they are for later down the line so I don't have to add them later.

If you would like to read ahead, you can find my patreon at the end of any of the chapters!

Still slightly janky but here is the discord if you wish to join. Discordio

You can also find the story on scribblehub and webnovel if you wish, it will stay as up-to-date as RR.

You may also shitpost on the sub-reddit if you would like here

What you can expect - 

Lots of cringy jokes

Weak to strong MC

Tutorial that has classes, skills, and items given by rolling

Slight slow burn..?/Slowburn

More cringy anime jokes

Eventual romance and harem but not a singular focus on it

Eventual kingdom building and child rearing

A fun time

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The Monster Girl Heroines And The Hero Hub

The Monster Girl Heroines (...)
by Sebas_Guzman
132 pages

"Welcome to the Hero Hub! Are you ready to embark on the greatest undertaking of all time? We are all that stands between the Imaginal Realms and utter destruction! It's up to us to find the Heroes who were cut short of their potential and give them a second chance! This is the Hero Hub: The Place Where Heroes Can Rest And Ready Themselves To Fight Another Day! How did that sound, Fainn?"
"Svilran, stop posing in front of the mirror and help me find these Heroes. Oh? Hmm... She looks like one. Let's summon her quickly."


The Hero Hub is just getting started. Join apocalypse survivor, Fainn,  and apocalypse-survivor-kidnapper, Svilran, as they run the hero-raising facility, the Hero Hub, in this town-building, hero-dispatching LitRPG.

Here's what to expect:
Two Chapters (or 3000 words) a Week. Maybe more if a cliff hanger is too painful)
Character Management
Hero Hub (Town) Management
Complex Systems
Monster Girls
Some Spicy Scenes
And Special Bonus Art Pieces... What kind of Art? Well, we'll find out.

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Apocalypse Summoner

Apocalypse Summoner
by Sageni
159 pages

Where were you when the system came and the world ended?

Me? I was an innocent bystander in a shootout between mobsters and masked assassins.

I was just meant to be a delivery driver. Now I'm a goddamn summoner. 

[Releasing 3-4 chapters per week]


1. Main character with a crafting/summoner hybrid class.
2. Upgrading, evolving, and combining monsters. Might even have the crafter subclass be involved somehow...
3. Modern setting with dungeons, loot, achievements, guilds, and all the rest.
4. Comedic elements

Things you won't find: 

1. Harems
2. Sexual content

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Platonic Harem Revolution: An Anti-Harem Slice-of-Life Adventure!

Platonic Harem Revolution: (...)
by KeeperAbra
417 pages

Harems have become too powerful. Heroes fall prey to temptation and poor relationship development, and no woman is truly safe from a life of emptily yearning for one man. When the Goddess of Reincarnation is taken out of the picture, her sister Vice-Goddess summons a new champion, a man who she hopes will resist the blight of haremhood, emaciate the men of Gaia from their self-deprecating stupor, and overall just be a decent guy for once in this world.

Watch as he walks into a female companion in the middle of changing, then promptly turns around, apologizes, and leaves without being magicked in the ass because it's not really that big of a deal.

There's only one bed? No problem.
Need some personal space? Gotchya.
Developing mutual feelings? Let's talk it out.

In this tale, the true fantasy is the fulfilling friendships and mutually-assured relationships along the way.

I'm also posting this story on ScribbleHub under the same username. There might be some minor differences between here and there, though; there would be the drafts, here would be the later versions.

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OP Character - Ancient Being Predecessor of the Primordial Era

OP Character - Ancient (...)
by WalkingDemolitionCrew
164 pages

Light Novel - Isekai / Cultivation / OP MC / System

Temper Expectations - First Cultivation Novel. Lots of proof of concepts

James Anderson is thrown into an isolated space. He shouldn't be there. No ancient being to guide him or fully unlock his system. For eons he was stuck by his lonesome. Only the notifications of rewards and change kept him from going insane, but even that eventually faded. 

More time than he could remember passed. 

Until he decided to end it all. 

He jumped off the ledge of a flying island. Unbeknownst to him, a tear in reality opened. And it dumped him into a cultivation world gone awry. Demons and evil cultivators now dominate the world while the righteous clans and sects hole up on their mountain peeks. Why they hide... well, let just say James had something to do with it...

Follow James Anderson, or is it Yin Hu, as he is dragged into petty squabbles and the lives of the last remaining Hu Family members Hu Shui and Hu Xinyi.

Will he eventually achieve is ultimate dream? Would there finally be his dream lady to pamper him after eons of struggling? Or maybe he should begin a harem chasing adventure?

Follow James (Yin Hu) as he navigates the world with the belief that he isn't that strong.

Cover Art attributed to - I made that shit! Using MJ! Best Art spot ever. Subscribe if you havent!

Gallery of Generated Art -

Support me on Ko-Fi ! 

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All The Skills - A Deckbuilding LitRPG

All The Skills - A Deckbuilding (...)
by HonourRae
332 pages

In a world where all magical spells have been captured into cards, those who can build a deck have the most power.

The most Arthur could ever hope for was to someday earn a trash-tier spell card. When fate grants him a legendary Master of Skills card, he's thrust into a world of opportunity and danger.

To survive and grow strong, Arthur must learn skills. All the skills. 

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Dao of the Deal

Dao of the Deal
by jacobk
619 pages

When Muchen wakes up as an orphan living a hardscrabble life in a world of magical kung fu, he immediately starts working towards the obvious goal: to get rich! Money can make ghosts work hard, let alone cultivators. He can worry about immortality once he's secured a comfortable standard of living.

Unfortunately, on the Qianzhan Continent, it takes a clever mind to earn a fortune... but it takes strength to defend it.

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Odd Patriarch (Xianxia)

Odd Patriarch (Xianxia) (...)
by TheHiddenSword
74 pages

A cultivator decides to make a change by creating a sect. A reasonable one.

-Cover by Asviloka.

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Ave Xia Rem Y

Ave Xia Rem Y
by Mat Haz
2.2k pages

A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story!

In a world where power is everything, Liu Jin only desires to become a great doctor like his father. However, destiny has no end of troubles stored for our hero. Powerful cultivators have their eyes on him. A nasty doctor is spreading rumors about his father. A burning man crosses his path, and his father's past may not be as simple as he suspected. 

The tale of the strongest doctor begins now!

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