1. Re: I don't know about you, but I HATE bad first chapters. Here's how I would fix them!

      I think I learned something from your post. sometimes we really need to listen to the opinion of others as well. don't pay attention to me just go through the thread thanks ..

    2. Re: Tips for getting over writers block

      I should keep that in mind! So stress relieving...

    3. Re: Ratings with no reviews

      Thanks for you guy's!

    4. Re: Ratings with no reviews

      I just checked out the story stats, and this isn't unusual. A lot more people are willing to rate than actually take their time to review a story.  The story has 14 followers and 8 ratings, which is (...)

    5. Re: Ratings with no reviews

      Isn't it unsual?  Having a ratings of 8 without reviews? https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/44748/i-just-reincarnated-normally-ehh

    6. Re: Your opinion on the prompt to leave feedback on rating a story?

      I felt someone rate me with just one star! With additional views of only 2   a rate star of one is happened while i was refreshing page..

    7. Re: Your opinion on the prompt to leave feedback on rating a story?

      The message has this 50 character So just leave the star without review it's taking my time to write review so i don't review because of that i just leave a star to them..

    8. Re: In my opinion

      Please ignore this thread.. thanks

    9. Re: In my opinion

      I don't understand your post at all :/ I'm sorry.. 

    10. Re: In my opinion

      I understand the first part, but what does "phrase by others" mean? Praise.. im sorry its just my opinion.. i want to delete this thread but i don't know how, it's kinda embarrassing..

    11. Re: In my opinion

      I don't understand... You want people to be forced to rate the stories they read?  :peoconfused: Im sorry it's just my opinion..

    12. Re: In my opinion

      Reader's have a responsibility that every set of ongoing LN story must be rate not just their favorite i guess.. or should i say they're the reason why a LN is phrase by others due to their rating, somehow (...)

    13. Re: I feel *gutted* by my rating :( How do you stop it from affecting you?

      So, I opened up my dashboard today and I saw that I received 3 0.5 Star ratings and 1 1 star rating, all in the span of a day.  It's a real gut punch. I thought I'd been doing a pretty decent job, (...)

    14. Re: L Nimbus's simple, in-depth reviewing guide.

       What is a review?   That's something I wish I'd understood when I started out here on RR. While there seem to be a lot of interpretations of that question, some seem to be better than others. (...)

    15. Re: Someone who's learning his mistakes as a failed author.

      Hey, my name's Bryan, someone who's completely new to this platform and getting the jist of it. I got recommended to it by a friends brother who I should've listened to because I made the mistake of (...)

    16. Re: What do you put in the AN?

      At the bottom of a chapter, the author can decide to write a note to their readers. Many choose to state that they hoped that the readers enjoyed their chapter, some advertise their Patreon, there are (...)

    17. Re: Reason for writing

      Had a few of those 0.5 ratings happen to me. I assume those are just trolls. Kinda annoying ngl.  Hahaha..

    18. Re: What time is good for updating chapter...

      Thank you everyone, it helps me a lot. Time to write again for this tommorows chapter

    19. Re: I just reincarnated normally eh!!!

      Bad gas? Mmmmm, try not to use too many "..."! It helps Thanks...