Villain: Remastered

Villain: Remastered
by FictionOnlyReader
75 pages

Villain. An existence fated to fight against the Heroes only to be eventually defeated, becoming stepping stones for others' journey to hegemony, and then fade away into misery.

Was that the only fate granted to the Villains? Couldn't there be any other future for a Villain?

For the average Villain, there was no other fate.

But for HIM... no Hero who ever met him got away.

This was his story.


Cover credit goes to: Fishheadakira/Duque. If you want me to pull it down, please reach out to me on Discord.

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My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal...

My class [Death Knight] (...)
by Belgianfri
733 pages

Ever since meeting his uncle, Arthur has pushed himself daily to achieve an arbitrary goal. He trained like nobody else did, longer than anybody else could. He neglected his personal relationships to pursue something he didn't even understand, in hindsight. When the time came for his class awakening ritual, he was ready. He was ready to receive a powerful starting class and to break free from his boring lifestyle.

Well, you know what they say, "Be careful what you wish for, lest your wish be granted."

Arthur was assigned the death knight class, which is just barely, technically, maybe legal.

With it, he learns about what drove him to such simple minded ambition in the first place: his affinity. Now, he's faced with a dilemma: will he embrace it, or reject it?

'My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal' is a laid back story with occasional tension, that describes Arthur, a young man, exploring the world, the system and his own mental health as he pursues his ambitions.

This story is the first serious fiction I ever wrote, so while criticism is definitely welcomed, keep it polite. I'm going to rewrite the first few chapters at some point, since they're not as good as my later ones, but I'm focusing on my current chapters first. I don't have time to do both yet, since I'm also in the middle of my exams.

What to expect from this story:

-Litrpg elements

-A chaotic good aligned protagonist (that starts off as a neutral good protagonist)

-(Hopefully) interesting characters. 

What not to expect from this story:

-Grimdark elements


-An enslaved protagonist. (I mention this due to the background of the mc's class)

Release schedule: 1 chapter every other day, 2pm European time (14:00)

Cover by the experienced artist Radovan Zivkovic

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Iron and Wood - A Tale Of Empire and Clans

Iron and Wood - A Tale (...)
by Rivery Wind
94 pages

For centuries, the Midlands had been split into fragments. A once glorious, united Empire has become a shadow of its former self. Unity has not returned, and not for the lack of trying. The greatest of these successor states were the Li Dynasty to the south, the rulers of old, and the Emerald Empire to the North, with its vibrant vitality. Unity is the end goal, and both will sacrifice anything to attain this elusive dream. For unity would surely solve the conflict that had long plagued this once prosperous continent.

The Ironwood Clan was a prime player. Some would consider them the ones holding the reigns to the horse named 'Unification'. Iron and wood were the backbones of civilization; similarly, the Ironwoods were the backbones of the Northern Empire, and by extension, the people of the Midlands. Their methods, as questionable as they might be, had strengthened the North. Yet, were they enough? 

In the midst of it all, a young Ironwood who had lost his path must once again find his way. For the sake of his own wellbeing; for the sake of his clan; and for the sake of the Empire and its subjects.

However, is he willing to sacrifice for the good of all? Is he willing to condemn some for the sake of others? Is he willing to make the right, albeit harsh, decisions?

Only the heavens would know.  

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Additionally, any views and beliefs expressed by the characters are not the author's own. The story is also not an endorsement of any actions taken within. 

The 'profanity' and 'sexual content' warning tags are there to be safe (and to leave room for potential future changes), but for now these two things are not inside this novel.

This is my take on 'cultivation', though it might be somewhat disconnected from the general idea of the genre. 

Release schedule: Two chapters a week.

The cover was created using wombo art. While I believe that creations using the app are in the public domain, if that is not the case, I will take it down. 

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by Michael Adams
1.4k pages

Charles Monroe survived the disappearance of his parents, did his best to hold things together for himself and his sister. He survived when she, too, vanished, leaving behind nothing but a cryptic note. He was devastated, but he kept moving forward as best he could. 

Cancer didn’t put him down, and after suffering through several rounds of chemotherapy, Charles Monroe thought that things might finally be looking up. That is, until a virulent strain of ebola swept through the city. With his immune system strained as it is, the odds don’t look good for Charles.

Now, on the bridge between life and death, he hears a voice claiming to know where his family went. It claims that it needs his help and that it can give him a second life, one far away from all the pain he’s ever known. So, Charles answers as any reasonable person would.

He says no. Charles isn't ready or willing to die yet. 

But, as with everything else to this point, even his choice to keep fighting is taken from him all too soon. With no other option but the dark oblivion of death, Charles chooses to make a deal with the spirit of a distant world that's seeking a wild card in its battle against the gods, monsters, and mortals that threaten its existence. 

Someday, he’ll find where his family went. Someday, he’ll uphold his end of the bargain and hunt beings powerful beyond anything he’s ever known. Someday, he might even – hatch?


Things to Know:

-Cheep!? Will release on a minimum weekly schedule. 

-After a backlog of chapters, posting will slow, but in the interim you can expect a chapter a day up until roughly 25 chapters.

-This story at times will potentially carry some heavy moments, but the tone is intended to be lighter overall. 

-There are invisible game-like elements in this story, but nothing so concrete as a dedicated gamelit novel.

-I personally have some issues with anxiety, so I may or may not interact with the community a lot. I'll try if anyone has questions, but I can't guarantee that it'll be consistent.

-MC is a non-human lead, and will never actually become human. Romance will potentially happen between side-characters, but not with the MC.

-MC IS NOT THE ONLY VIEW POINT. I have to put that out there because people sometimes hate alternate PoV's in a story. None of them will be filler, and they'll be there only to give a little bit more nuance and meaning to the world that the MC has stepped in, or is about to be imminently important. I'll try to keep them down, but this also helps to prevent me from burning out getting trapped in one view.

-Most of all, I hope that this story is enjoyable to you, and that you have a great time reading it!

-Written by Michael Adams, Cowritten/Edited by Summer Kent

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A Sense for magic

A Sense for magic
by JNorm
499 pages

Vance is a young man who has been blind since birth. He lives with his father and older brother. Over the years, he sought remedies for his affliction but had no luck.

This year, an Arcanist visits the small town of Wethermane. Vance is curious and intends to visit this powerful stranger, hoping for either help or hope. What he receives is something else, something greater - opportunity.

This book will follow his tale from afflicted young man to budding Arcanist, his struggles along the way, and hopefully a little humour.

Book cover art by: Ollie Wodge

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Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia

Virtuous Sons: A Greco (...)
by Ya Boy
1.5k pages

The saying goes that when a man is born the Fates weave his destiny and swaddle him in it. Then one day the man dies, and the swaddle becomes a shroud. Heaven moves on.

It is audacity to question the Fates. Olympus is Olympus. The land of men is the land of men. To transgress that, to cross the line of divinity and scale Olympus Mons? To defy the Fates and cast off their threads?

That is hubris. It’s a mark that every philosopher bears plainly on their soul.

[Virtuous Sons updates every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8pm EST.]

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Borne of Caution

Borne of Caution
by Fuggmann
1.3k pages

An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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The Menocht Loop

The Menocht Loop
by caerulex
884 pages

Ian Dunai is trapped in the only maze an arch-decemancer can't escape.


Only 1% of the population is blessed with magic affinity at birth. Fewer still have high enough affinities to rule. Ian’s decemancy eclipses all, granting him ultimate control over Death. He conquers cities with a thought and turns them into ruins with a gesture. But overwhelming power isn’t enough to escape the time loop or reveal its purpose.

When Ian discovers a critical clue that he missed years ago, escape is finally at his fingertips.

Little does he know, it's only the first realm.

Release schedule: 2 chapters/week (Mon/Fri at 11:30 AM EST).

Book 1, The Menocht Loop, is complete at ~100k words (~370 pages; chapters 1-41).

Book 2, The False Ascendant, is complete at ~110k words (chapters 42-83)

After being on Royal Road for nearly 20 months, Book 1 came down from Royal Road on Nov 17th, 2021, and Book 2 came down on Feb 8th 2022. Please consider buying the books on Amazon. The first 10% of book 1 and book 2, respectively, are still available to read on Royal Road so you can try before you buy. DM me if you want to read the books but do not have the financial means to purchase them.

Book 3, The Eldemari's Wrath, is complete at ~145k words (chapters 84-143)

Book 4, The Samsara Crucible, is complete at ~165k words (chapters 144-211).

Book 5, The Seed of Chaos, is ongoing (chapters 212 and on).

Constructive criticism welcome.

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Cover art by the very talented Jeff Brown. (Higher res version here; 3840 x 2400 ultra high res wallpaper version here)

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by kosnik4
2.2k pages

I put all the warning tags to give myself creative freedom, but I'm not going to write a story filled with gore or swearing.

This is my first time writing, other than for school projects. I put the gender-bender tag because I wanted to try writing from a female's perspective, and needed an excuse for why my MC reads a little tomboyish. The gender-bender fades into the background over the first few chapters, please don't let the tag keep you away from trying out my story.


Second chances are rarely earned, and even rarer given. Follow a new life in a new world, where anything is possible. Our MC wakes up, stuck as a baby, needing to decide how she will live her new life. Let's see what future she can forge for herself, when hard work is rewarded with status points and skill levels.

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Rebirth in a Magical World

Rebirth in a Magical (...)
by Flying JMW
1.2k pages

What would you do if you were reborn inside the Harry Potter Universe. Follow Alexander Fawley's adventures as he is reborn in the Harry Potter world. In this tale, he will have new unique adventure to call his own, And he will discover that the Harry Potter Universe is much greater than he had imagined. 

P.S This is my first story, so please leave reviews, to let me know how I am doing, so I can get better. Also J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, I simply play in her world.

On a side note, I am curently re-editing the first half of the story. So, you might see grammer mistakes. I am working on fixing the problems, if you can push through to the chapter thirty-five ish the grammer improves alot becuase White Wind has been editing my mistakes. 

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The Abyssal Dungeon

The Abyssal Dungeon
by TheDeepDarkReef
984 pages

The world of Vol, a huge, bountiful plane where the only constant is life, in its many, many forms. One such form is a dungeon core, a peculiar little gemstone, and the focus of our attention. Watch as this otherwise unremarkable gem awakens in one of the most resplendant places in Vol, an aptly named Mana Reef, and how it turns its simple hole in the ocean floor into something truly unique, all while the rest of the world is forced to deal with its growth.


This is my first venture into writing for fun, and I'm hoping to keep this running until I run out of juice. With that said, I very much enjoy dungeon core novels, and wanted to do one a bit outside the norm. Hope you enjoy!

If you want to come stop by the discord, I know we'd all be more than happy to welcome you!

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The Law of Averages

The Law of Averages
by mcswazey
2k pages

What young boy doesn't crave adventure? What young man doesn't wish to be a superhero?

But time marches on, and life grows dull with responsibility. Is it any wonder that old dreams are forgotten?

Welcome to The Law of Averages: In which a man is dragged solidly out of his comfort zone. Be careful what you wish for, you never know when it will come true.

This story follows Daniel Newman as he adjusts to a strange new world. One where superpowers are for sale, where heroics are frowned upon, and where life is constantly defying Daniel's expectations. Dan always thought that he was destined to be normal, but one world's normal is another world's special.


The Law of Averages now has a Patreon page!

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