I am System

The idea for the story is pretty good, though the execution could be better. How the system works is not thought out very well.

You might think that the MC will be creating a system from scratch, but, apparently not. The system has its own system? What the heck? The existence of the CP shop is kinda contradicting. A lot of things that Jack does are not explained. Well, alright, I can forget about that and just imagine that he somehow manages the system, it doesn't really affect the plot.

The grammar is subpar, but it's readable and perfectly understandable, doesn't make my eyes bleed.

As I said, I just love the idea. Haven't seen many fictions with the MC as a genuine system. Alas, because of the aforementioned reasons I can't give it more than 4 stars. Great fiction!

Mud's Mission

 Well, at the start I was intrigued, but, as I was reading, the story grew boring, I couldn't even manage to start reading chapters after 92 because of this, since I just wanted to skip all the descriptions and dialogues... The story is good by itself, you should give it a try

Sexy Space Babes

Came for boredom relief, stayed for the... plot?... or the porn? It's hard to say, I can't decide. Waiting equally for both. Great fun.

I really like the reversed gender roles. You've opened my eyes, I think that I will never be able to read fictions with fully human male MCs again. Also, nice twist on the fiction name... You can say that all the characters are sexy space babes.

Sex scenes are great, but the world building is even better. Love it. 

You've got me hooked! Now you gotta pay me moral compensation. With new chapters, of course... 

Eve of Gods

Found this by accident, I didn't think that it will be something special, but I got hooked. Will be waiting what happens next, the beginning is promising! 

Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

In this story are hella lots of flaws, illogical decisions and cringe, the grammar is pretty bad too, every chapter I find a few mistakes, nevertheless the tree puns are fun and the plot is intriguing, I can't wait for new chapters To Come out. Overall, the story is pretty good. 

Fork This Life!

i was looking for stories with object protag for sooo long, but i've never thought that i'd find one with a fork, especially a good one.. 

Reborn as a Fantasy World Dungeon

the story in itself is pretty good and I'd like to see how it goes, but (a huge but) the perspectives are strange, we are told the place and not who is narrating (and ofc I don't remember where all the characters are placed, have to guess from the content), it gets confusing to read. Also there are a lot of details, not even speaking about the lengthy paragraphs. Despite such style of the story, the plot is intriguing, the situation our MC is in is very intersting, can't wait for continuation! 

I was reborn into a fantasy world as a magic robot?! Automata Prime

Can't read it further than this, too much cringing for my own good. The idea is pretty good, but characters' actions make me cringe, throughout all the encounters with people I had to close the browser for a few times just for the sake of not poking my eyes out. 

Diaries of Nero the Halloween Cat

It's an usual OP MC japanese-like novel, just with a Halloween thematic, would read it only if I was extremely bored, even though it's boring by itself. 

Just a Rock

The story is boring as hell. I read the reviews and thought that it's very good, but they are just a joke. Not even funny...