Speedrunning the Multiverse

It's not a 5 star story, but it's 5 stars in enjoyment. With well written charector, funny jokes, and eloquent language, I can't help but smile at every page.

The real gold dust here is actually very simple. Almost all cultivation novels pretend to be deep and end up falling into obvious cliches. This just goes, why pretend, and then intentionally uses those cliche tropes in clever ways. It's refreshing. 

Molting the Mortal Coil

Wuxia to the core, the green core.

Okay, i will start by saying i really like this story. Now... I am a sucker for wuxia, so i am a little biased. So, here comes the unbiased comments.

Style, its a wuxia through and through. Writting style seems... Normal? Is there a normal way of typing. Anyway, it didnt jump out as, wow, thats new. And in general, wuxia is a old but good choice. But being old, means it brings down the style score. Still, solid 3, not bad.

Story, its good. It has a steady flow with ups and downs with believable elements. I like the way that the iseakai was used. The story though, isnt gripping, its not dragging me by the heels through a rainbow of emotions. Its just good.

Grammer, it seemed good to me. But, hey, my grammer isnt good enough to judge people badly about it. Sufficent for me.

Character, little flat, still, i like him. He seems like he is written through the author. As far as i can tell, the author didnt put on the protagonists shoes, the protagonist put on the authors shoes. Being thats the case, he feels very normal. 

Anyway, enough chapters exist that binging this is great fun. Would recommend if you like standard wuxia novels. Its a long one, but ive read them all. Taking breaks to let them build up before binging them once more. 

Realm of Fantasy Online

I am writing this review for any wayward travelers. Every story deserves at least this; so here we go.

Interesting if overused premise, early days. When reading the chapter, nothing jumped out as 'wrong,' which says a lot. 

The writing seems to be planned, foresight in a few lines, snippets of his past. It had potential, that is what I gathered.

I recommend it be given its chance, as all novels should. But it's potential seems reasonable enough to warrant giving it attention.

if and when I continue to read this; I shall expand and improve this review. Until then, good luck New author. 

Malt the Manslayer

Honestly, I just love it. I am not writing a advanced or detailed review. It's a awesome gritty take on some pretty dark themes. He gives the right amount of detail and dark without traumatising the reader. While also having enough good for it not to be a tragedy. Anyway I love it, I recommend you give it a chance. 

Sanguine Paradise

Inconsistent with odd choices, okay story.

I tried my best to enjoy the story but it quickly become unbearable. The earlie power boosts that feel unnatural, the girl who I knew right from the beginning was a bed warmer. Or the host of inconsistencies in the story. A good example is in this chapter 

He makes 2 ornate, deadly daggers with his own blood. I understand the ability to use poor quality blood for such jobs but only a few days back with a third the mana all he could make with absolute focus was a needle. Now his blood quality has increased since then, although he has gained levels from a single needle  to 2 simultaneous large daggers with ornate designs custome made for someone. That's a big jump.

I like the idea, in fact it's realitively thought out; blood always does make interesting stories. The grammer is okay and the style is normal but I just can't wrap my head around some choices in the story. So to save myself the headache I will be heading off and I wish you luck with your story. A power fantasy is always good fun to read and write but you must always be careful for it to be believable.

also the XP system gives me a maths migraine. 

The Future That Never Was — A Cyberpunk/Space Western book series

Disclaimer: Review is upon request. This makes my review subjectively less valuable then otherwise random reviewers who've reviewed without prompt. Still, I hope this review is enlightening to your potential enjoyment of the story.

Grammer: I must say, I'm impressed. The grammer is easily within the top 10% percentile of the medium it's posted within. With graceful and fluid writing and intelligent word choice; it's a sight to see. If a story makes you question your own capacities as a author, you know it's well written. My only concern, this chapter was clearly thought out to the highest degree. I personally would struggle to maintane such high degrees of careful planning over exstended periods of time. Story quality degradation is a risk, yet I can still imagine in such a extreme scenario it would still be a enjoyable story to read.

Style: I feel this is easily the selling point of this story. With a older, well tested style of writing. It has little room for failure. Comedic aspects combined with clever writing within a cyberpunk / space cowboy setting. It's a very popular style and for good reason. I hope the author does it justice.

Story: Likely to be the weakest link within the story. Not for failings of the author, but simply because this is a popular story style. And with all popular story styles; similarity's between them can often take away from the enjoyment of the story. But I find the interesting twist of a sentient cat really brings life to the story.

charector: Another well done aspect. A aspect I personally struggle with. The charector within feel lively, realistic and jovial. A light hearted tune permeates this aspect of the story. I can appreciate charector such as this and I hope they grow through the story. 

Final thoughts: This story is promising. I noticed a large amount of world building, souly through passing conversation. A advanced and rather difficult skill to master. I happily give this my star of approval. If all future chapters maintane such quality I can easily see this being a marketable story.

personally it's not what I would normally read. I will check it out occasionally; noting its positive quality's alone.

I hope this review helped with informing potentially viewers if the story is of interest to them.



Darius Supreme

Predictable power fantasy but worth a read

I base my overall score on my enjoyment of the story. At 3.5 I will continue to read it.

saddly I cannot give it a higher scored. The story itself is very well written. With little grammatical errors or breaks in immersion. I love the double side of the charector that was beautifully portrayed in the first few chapters. 
my only concern is, I find it leans very heavily on a power fantasy. The charector is portrayed as someone who is all knowing, it doesn't feel like natural. Aside from that, the conversion points... don't make much sense. I understand the fundamental, difficulty of balancing a currency system like that, but it doesn't feel planned out. Although I I'll admit breaking down the steps was a clever loop hole to include that was logical and intelligent.

Next, the fact a random bandit leader, hardly a noble contains 10 items, which half of which are a get out of jail card of the most extreme. And the other 5 are a combination of obvious plot points and bypasses for his superior system. 

like the fact he got  insta kill knife. He could kill a creature 14 levels above his and gain 1.3 billion xp! That's crazy. And it doesn't stop there what if he kills a creature 20 levels above, I fear the thought. Given the charector type he can absolutely kill a creature 20 levels above with a sneak attack. He smart enough.

So, yeah I think the story is a little predictable.

I may bash it but fundamentally it's still a pretty good story. Lots of clever writing to which I have enjoyed the humour, horror and general story.

overall I'd advice you read it, at least try it. But it may very well not be your cup of tea. 

My advice for the writer, maybe clean up the transmutation system, or at least set some consistent ground rules they aren't a mathematical riddle.

Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same

This review is posted in a light heart, this type of novel is outside of my normal range so i struggle to find faults but i wanted to let you know. I find your type of writing inspiring. I love your ability to make slow, methodical writing both clear and enjoyable to read. I am improving my own writing from reading yours and if that warrants anything, its 4 stars. I am loving the novel, a change from my normal range and well writen. Good job, keep up the good work.

I love the attempt at a difficult concept, writing a broken charector. Its even harder if you cant directly relate.

Its not perfect, but i'm not a english instructor; so i dont care, keep it up!

Soul Power 9999

Foundational sound, shaky story, solid read

Thoughts Would recommend 

Okay you may wonder why such a clear power fantasy "based on the title" would warrant such a high rating. Il tell you (since this is a review). First il say this is a very well thought out story, the characters are interesting although they are very cliche. But for a story based on a commonly degraded trope following a cliche story line this has been a light in the trash heap power fantasy's normally are. I would recommend reading it.



The only reason it's not a 5 is because it's both a cliche story and uses the writers crutch know as "The system" but hey it's not destroying the story so he's done well so far. It's got a bit of flare the author has style in his writing, well written, and smartly done.



Definetly the weakness of this novel the story is not existent it really is just a bargain bin story that puts the character into the world with little care for before during and after the story. The world building it a little on the weak side for my taste. Non the less they have woven the character into the story like a well strung tapestry which in and of its self is not a easy take. Easier to make a alien to the story to escape doing it.



All but impeccable. Clearly been gone over 1 of more times to check spelling, grammar. It's a very strong foundation With little unneeded words. Not perfect mind you the story could use some more creative language and descriptive language but the grammar is very good. 


A interesting and strong charector I'm a little biased I like the charector, although I don't like how his memory's are basicly gone it feels like a cheap get out of jail free card. Aside from that he's a funny likeable charector with clear charectoristics. His lack of goal some would say is a bad thing I'm not sure so far. Although the arm thing is definitely a engineered power boost I'm calling it. Probably a even better weapon.

Side note

Variation in language I think would improve the charector you introduce a lot of them sound the same, we all know the same person is writing all the charectors so varying up speech patterns is a difficult skill but definedly something to practise


This review is my opinion and my opinion only, I'm not a creditors author or language teacher I just like this story and hope this review aids you in either choosing to read of not or helping in your own personal views

So overall

A decent story, fun and a good power fantasy, not amazing, not a must read but definitely something I'd put on the bored list for a rainy day. I will personally be putting it on a list and catch up here and there but I won't be following it chapter by chapter. The hook is not that strong.

The Terrarian's Reincarnation

This review is up for change due to the novels infantsy. It's not a new concept but it's a fun one. Grammatically okay, pretty cliche start but even the author knows that. I'm just enjoying the story I hope he uploads with a reasonable rate. I went to update the review so it reflected the current chapter but no it needs to be 50 words long ouch.