M.J. Markgraf

M.J. Markgraf

America in Another World

Interesting concept, poor execution

The concept was interesting, all of the USA was transported to another world where all the other humans are fighting with World War one doctrine and weapons or even older. But as expected the US steamrolls any opposition. If it wasn't for the colors of the text, the story would be impossible to follow as it jumps from one view to the next in quick succession. 

The world has magic... but seems to be completely useless as it has very little impact on anything story-wise.

Then come in the elves, seemingly masters of magic, but all they bring to the table is World War II-era technology, specifically German tactics. Giving the Elves some interesting tech, or tactics could have made the story much more interesting. Instead, they are just hell-bent on killing all humans, using tanks, planes, and standard WWII-era ships.

As for the characters, none of them has any personality. They all just seem hell-bent on killing anything that they can with no thoughts of tactics, even the few American soldiers that appear in the story. The rest just flee hoping to escape the fighting.

The Grammar was decent but there is definitely room for improvement. Overall I had to give this story a low score. It could have been so much more. While I only read up to chapter 27, I didn't feel that continuing to read would change my mind in any significant fashion.

The Tower Trials

It's a decent start to the genre. We have a tower where people go to ascend or level, the typical stat allotments, and an ability to take on missions and earn titles. Nothing groundbreaking story-wise but a good read. 

Most of the characters are interesting and the story so far flows well. Of course, the first type of character the MC interacts with is a stuck up noble. My one complaint is that the MC can disable two trained guards that are in full armor and with weapons, using nothing but his wits. It's a bit of a stretch.
There are a few misused words but other than that I didn't see any glaring grammar issues, not that I am the best judge of grammar.

Now with that being said, the story needs something to stand out from the crowd. While it is well written and the characters are interesting there is little to hook the reader. It doesn't offer anything unique enough to make me want to continue reading. Not that I didn't enjoy the read, it's just that there are so many other stories that have more to offer.

I'm sure this will change once the story gets going.


While the story isn't bad I found the MC rather dull and repetitive. The grammar leaves a lot to be desired. I would recommend you install a program like Grammarly it would fix 90% of the grammar mistakes.