M.J. Markgraf

M.J. Markgraf

    1. Chapter regret

      You ever just finish writing a chapter and ask yourself, 'WTF did I just write?' Time to scrap the chapter and start over, first time in a long time I felt the need to do that.

    2. Re: Mother of Learning is out on Amazon!

      I made the mistake of starting to read it and now I'm hooked.

    3. Re: Revising chapters posted from wriathon (noob writer seeking answers - I mean, asking for a friend)

      This is a hard thing to answer. As a person who essentially rewrote my first arc of nearly 100k words, I can tell you it won't really bring back people that left. It might help you keep new readers though (...)

    4. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      After the world comes to a grinding halt when he is on a camping trip, Paul has to figure out how to survive this new world and make it back home. Along the way, he makes friends and enemies. Will he prevail? (...)

    5. Re: Blue screens/stats: how much is too much?

      Lets turn around this question. Is it possible to tell a litRPG in nothing but bluescreens?  :DrakanFascinating: I swear SenescentSoul tries hard to do that in some of his chapters of Delve :)

    6. ITS OVER 1000!

      Finally made it to 1000 followers on Mana System. My goal for the Writathon has been achieved. :peoapproval:

    7. Re: Ratings and acceptance line

      If people want to not read stories if they drop below 3.5 stars, that's on them. Personally, I don't even look at the rating anymore, why?  Well, let's take my story for example. 90% of my ratings, (...)

    8. Re: Do you guys know how to make a plot in general?

      Here is a good resource for how to structure a plot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seven_Basic_Plots

    9. Re: Stories.

      The first story I wrote was about a man who created AI, then the man went insane and thought himself a god, only to get killed by his hubris and his AI. Interesting concept, poor execution on my part. (...)

    10. Re: Hmmm…is There a Rise in Readers, or Something Else Happening

      Writathon also tends to get people reading more.

    11. Re: Read my first story after two years and...it is shit!

      Don't know if I'm tired of my story or it is just boring. How about you? The same problem with your work? Yup. I reread the first story I wrote and it was bad. But that just means we have grown as (...)

    12. Re: How detailed is your outline?

      Outline? Yup, sounds like me. I did an outline for my first book, that I never released. It turned out awful, I kept trying to change things mid-story, and nothing made sense with the ending I had planned. (...)

    13. Re: Genre shift from LitRPG to Progression/Fantasy

      I hope so. Fantasy fiction is my thing. I've no idea what litrpg is, really. It's essentially the same thing, except game-like elements are usually mixed in in the form of stats and skills. Like you're (...)

    14. Re: When would you give up?

      I'm guessing the reason for so few sales is the fact Amazon doesn't recommend your book. Or at least I have never seen it on my recommendations list and I avidly read LIT RPG. I'm not sure how you (...)

    15. Re: Half a million views!

      Well done! Roughly how long did that take you? Over a year. My story had a slow uptick until it hit Trending. After it fell back off trending it slowed again.

    16. Re: Half a million words!

      Congrats! I just passed half a million earlier this month.

    17. Re: When would you give up?

      I mark my return to the forums after a couple of months with some anecdotes and a question I've been curious about for the past few days. I released my first book on Amazon around 11 days ago and (...)

    18. Re: A bit of an Update

      I now know how to mess with Val :) And Val knows how to mess with you, he sees you are about to hit a certain digit, and he can wait. 🐕 lol, Too true.

    19. Re: A bit of an Update

      I now know how to mess with Val :)

    20. Re: How Do You Find Artists for Book Covers?

      You can always look at https://www.reddit.com/r/starvingartists/