David F. Weisman

David F. Weisman

    1. Re: Comment Swap

      Here's my fiction if you would like to comment swap It seems this story was deleted.

    2. Re: What LITrpg would you like to see?

      What LITrpg would you like to see, that you don’t feel like writing? What are your favorite structures or themes?

    3. Re: Comment Swap

      I’m not doing and more comment swaps on this book right now. I may start a different novel, taking time to rethink.

    4. Re: Comment Swap

      If you're still open to doing it, I'll do a comment swap on my prologue or 1st chapter.  OK sounds good.

    5. Re: Comment Swap

      I’ve accepted all the trades so far, and a pattern may be developing. My opening confuses too many, and I may write a different novel after rethinking. Thank you everyone!

    6. Re: Comment Swap

      Oh, I like this idea. I’ve left a comment on your first chapter; here’s my story if you have the time to do the same: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/36157/selenas-reign-the-golden-gryphon Accepted (...)

    7. Re: Comment Swap

      Would you be open to doing Prologue+Chapter 1? My prologue is barely about 600 words. Accepted. My comment on the prologue is not the most recent, but chapter one is.

    8. Re: Comment Swap

      My first chapter is long (10k words), but I'll take a comment swap if it's okay with you? Sounds good.

    9. Re: Comment Swap

      Let’s each leave a comment on each other’s first chapter and then decide if we want to go further. Mine is LITrpg.  Eightfold Invasion: Simon doesn’t know if he’s going insane or his violent RPG (...)

    10. Re: Free Review

      Hope I have the right link here. Only about 9000 words so far but I plan to upload more this afternoon. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/34443/eightfold-invasion Simon isn’t sure if he’s going crazy (...)

    11. Re: Requesting cover art for sci-fi litRPG

      Joan Ninja Hen, thank you very much for that cover! As soon as I get to my PC I will save it. While someone else is making me a cover as well, it will be good to have two, since I am very new to this.

    12. Re: Requesting cover art for sci-fi litRPG

      Do you want reviews to help get ready for sale and publication, or just to hear how people react to your work? I only ask because if you plan to publish I might have to be a little nit-picky, because the (...)

    13. Re: Requesting cover art for sci-fi litRPG

      I love your portfolio! I’m new here, so I just want to make sure I know how this works. I could use this new cover you create on Royal Road and or Amazon?  I know good work takes time, I make something (...)

    14. Re: Requesting cover art for sci-fi litRPG

      Eightfold Invasion: Simon wonders if he’s going insane or the sci fi RPG he’s playing is leaking into the real world - and which would be worse. This is a litRPG novel. Many of the alien species (...)

    15. Re: Partial Reviews

      I didn’t even know we could upload them before they were finished. I guess I still need some sort of cover. I only plan to upload 6000 words so far, since the later stuff is changing, though I plan to (...)

    16. Re: Partial Reviews

      The first 6000 words of my novel are as good as they are going to get without critiques. The rest is less polished, not ready for reviewers yet. Does anyone want to trade 6000 word review for 6000 word (...)