David F. Weisman

David F. Weisman

    1. Re: I feel authors with overly liberal mindsets can't write realistic characters or plots

      There are certainly many bad writers in the world, I don’t think what you are referring to is one of the top five things that make writing unreadable. I have even seen readable writing with that particular (...)

    2. Review rules

      Do you have to have 10000 words for people to be able to review you? Does advanced vs basic matter?

    3. Re: My absolute best tip for writers: the incognito search window

      The FBI still knows. Even Google is just pretending they don’t know for now.

    4. First Chapter Comment Swaps

      I’ll comment on your first chapter if you comment on mine. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/48626/eightfold-warrior-green-sword-honor/chapter/788484/do-you-need-a-brush-with-death-to-level-up This (...)

    5. Re: I'll give you what you give me (Part 2)

      Let’s start with a comment swap.

    6. Re: Oops!

      Now you tell me. Of course, now I asked. Seriously, thanks!

    7. Oops!

      Every time I make a minor edit in the text that appears on top of chapter one of my pending novel, have I been going to the back of the moderation queue?

    8. Looking for cover art

      I am looking for cover art for my new book. I am planning to pay by reviewing your book on Royal Road, giving you a shout out, making comments on your chapters as you write them, and pitching your webnovel (...)

    9. Re: Why does everything have to be a litRPG? (rant)

      Partly because Royal Road is a magnet for them - because it has a reputation for them and readers for them. Anything else with the possible exception of portal fantasy I would publish elsewhere.

    10. Seeing all someone’s comments

      I vaguely recall you used to be able to click on something on someones profile and see all their public comments on different stories. Is that still possible, is it not done from the profile, or am I just (...)

    11. Rising Stars tags

      How could I see a list of all litRPG or Gamelit rising stars?

    12. Collaborations

      Has anyone seen or taken part in any interesting collaborations?

    13. Chapter Length

      When I was writing a few months ago very short chapters posted frequently were recommended to get into the 'recently published' list as often as possible. Now I hear people talking about 3 or more k being (...)

    14. Re: Best way to be seen.

      I get the majority of my views from recently published chapters. I think that people who advance search for recently published gamelit are more likely to follow, comment, and rate though. Anyone have any (...)

    15. Re: Play a riddle win a reputation!

      Hello everyone. I have a game in mind, hopefully you will participate. The rules are simple. Answer the riddle I will give and if you got it correct I will give you reputation. And if not, but want (...)

    16. Re: Comment Swap

      If you are still doing the comment swap, here is my story. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/37158/rachel-kalos-world-protector Accepted and I commented.

    17. Re: Comment Swap

      I'd be down, if you're still around for it. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/37363/a-fractal-divide We both commented already so thanks.

    18. Re: Comment Swap

      I'd be willing to comment swap, here's my fiction. Hope you like it :) Accepted and I left a comment.

    19. Re: Comment Swap

      Sure! Here's mine: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/37108/the-last-woman-on-earth-a-military-science-fiction Do you want to follow and favorite IF you like the book too? I can do it :D Sounds good. (...)

    20. Re: Comment Swap

      I am still working on this story, and reopening for comment swaps. If you already did chapter one please move on to chapter two, since a book only gets one chance to make a first impression. If this is (...)