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Bio: When I sat down to write this section I got nervous. Having your creative expressions judged and viewed is nerve wracking. Especially in a place like WattPad with other people who also read and write regularly. These people whom I have also judged for the same reason I am worried about filling this section.

Now that that awkward bit is over and rewritten several times (I will do it some more) let's get to the fun part. I enjoy writing. I enjoy reading. These two things have been at the forefront of my life for a long time. I've always had stories to tell, but I always made up excuses to NOT write. Ironic, right?

So I have begun the process of publishing some of my work on here. Some of it is old concepts I'm rewriting and some is new. I feel that grammatically at this point in the bio I have made so many errors. On my last edit I removed the word, "egregious" from here since it made me seem like a haughty ass. Which leads me to a real issue I'm working on and appreciate any input; how to write and not sound like a jerk face.

So please, enjoy my writing or don't. I appreciate you reading my work regardless. Leave a comment if you have suggestions or edits. I am always open to honing our craft and as my father always said, "You can't fall of the floor."

You can support my efforts buying buying me a coffee if you are so inclined!

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