A Vampire's Dilemma

Art, they say, imitates life.

It's a sad commentary on today's society when I come across a good novel, yet it has a tragic beginning that reflects today's changed society.

I'm a fan of reincarnation stories. Typically, our hero will see a child wander into a street with a truck approaching. They somehow manage to save the child with a miraculous feat, yet get struck by the truck and die.

This common theme of reincarnation stories I've been reading has started to be replaced by mass shootings.

Don't get me wrong, the story is still a damn good one so far. Still, it saddens me that authors are starting to use these real-life tragedies to jump-start their stories. On the other hand, having our main characters then turn around from these senseless acts of violence to make a better future for themselves is heartening.

So far I find this story to be very well written, and entirely believable.  Now on Chapter 5, I look forward to seeing how this story will develop.

Blue Core

A reincarnated dungeon story unlike any other

I first stumbled upon this novel on another web site a few days ago.  Since then I've been reading and re-reading it while I wait for another chapter to come out.

When I saw that it was here on RoyalRoad, I immediately followed it, set it as a favorite, put it in my "Read later" list, gave it 5 stars and set it up so it would show up on my news feed as soon as a chapter got posted.  If it was available on Amazon I'd immediately snap it up too.

Can you tell I like the story?  =)

It's been mentioned before, but the sex scenes are well written.  That's a positive, but not why I have been reading the story over and over again.

The dungeon building is very interesting, as it is being set up more like a true ecology than a standard "corridor with traps" motif we usually see with this class of novels.  Still, this isn't the major reason why I keep coming back.

The world building is great.  The author provides a consistent framework for everything, with some interesting takes on how magic functions.  I also like that the dungeon is appearing during a time of strife where people's lifestyles are being shaken up.  They are being forced to reevaluate what is important to them.

The point of view changes that show what is happening from the perspective of other characters is also great.  This provides additional worldbuilding, but it also pulls you into the story more as you get a taste for just how different the event are from what is expected by the characters themselves.  They can look and see that something odd is happening, and it seems to be a good thing, if really weird at times.

Still, this is isn't the main reason why I keep coming back either.

It is because of the relationship that he is having with his first Companion.

I enjoy stories of self discovery, and finding a person who suddenly needs to cope with being a dungeon is interesting.  An adventurer who is basically still a newbie who finds the dungeon is moreso, and having these two people explore a relationship together is a cherry on top, so to speak.

Will they realize what they mean to each other?  Will their relationship grow and will it last?  Will they be able to lean on each other during the tough times as well as the good?

Their relationship and friendships that are developed between the other characters are the major factor that keeps me coming back again and again to read it.  I am writing this review at day 110 of the dungeon, and I can't wait to see what happens next!


Not a typical "I got sent to another world!" story

I liked this story so much I decided to pay for it on Amazon as a way to support the author.

Most stories in this kind of genre have the main character die in our world, then are either reincarnated or transmigrated (shifted) into a world of magic.  Our heroine, Jade, gets shifted.  There is no special fanfare or group of people who summon her, and indeed, she arrives with no fanfare at all.  Still, she must try to prove herself to everyone as she is the image of everything a hero is not.  She is not strong, she can hardly walk, she has no family, no money, no background.  Yet, she is able to slowly overcome her obstacles as she learns more about the world and the people around her.

The spelling and grammar are excellent, and the characters are well thought out.  They each have a reason for the way they act, and everything that happens is consistent and believable.  The magic system introduced is somewhat standard to these kinds of stories, but the power granted to our heroine is unique to these kinds of stories.  It puts an interesting twist to her quest to become stronger and independent.

The only thing I wish is that the chapters were a bit longer.  I want to read more!  Still, I look forward to more of Jade's story.  That should help me to feed my hunger for more.  =)

New Game Plus

The more I read, the more I like

I think having a main character that only speaks up to four words at a time is an interesting character trait.  The thoughts of  the main character are verbose enough, and the other characters in the novel can certainly carry the conversation easily.  The more I read the story, the more I look forward to reading more.

One of the best lines in the story so far comes during a certain combat situation.  The main character says, "I. Am. The. King."... after which, you just KNOW  all kinds of mayhem  will happen next.

This is definitely one of my favorite stories on Royal Road.

EDIT: It's unfortunate that the first nine chapters were revised a bit.  I think the original versions were much better.  I also hope the author comes out with new chapters eventually. It's still a great story.

a little sister's all i need | 我只需要一個小妹妹

This novel is pretty close in terms of plot and characters to "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (also called The Irregular At Magic High School)".  There are some differences in circumstances though, such as the siblings sleeping together in this novel.  As such, I can't really give it more than 1 star.  I've read up to "Potentials and Regulars III" (the fourth chapter).  The story may diverge after this point, but right now it's not enough for me to want to continue.

Searching the Internet by the names I mentioned above should provide more information for anyone curious.  I tried to include a link to the manga in a previous review, but it got deleted since it pointed to a web site that infringed the DMCA.   =)

I should be able to include the link to the light novel on Amazon below though.


For the manga adapation, see the link below.


Lich in Hero's Realm

I like the general concept...

So far I've read up to Chapter one.  I like the general concept of the leader of the 'bad guys' traveling to the world where all the heroes come from.  I also like the idea of a lich trying to make sense of how magic works in the modern world, as well as trying to get his bearings.

With all that said, I probably won't follow the series as it's a bit too brutal for me.  The human race in these fantasy stories are usually too arrogant towards the other sentient races, but in this story they seem to go overboard.  On top of that, when the lich gets provoked he goes even further than the human ever did.  That really puts him into the category of a bad guy and not an anti-hero.

Good luck with the series!


A copy of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

While the title of the story seems to indicate this character will be a Necromancer, the first few chapters are basically a copy of the story "Legendary Moonlight Sculptor".  Some small details are different, but if you read the first two chapters of LMS you'll see what I mean.

You can see a translation of LMS at the link below.  This may yet turn out to be a good story, but as of the first two chapters it is almost a copy & paste job.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Binary Soul

A great sci-fi meets fantasy story, plus LAUGHTER!

I like stories where sci-fi meets fantasy.  In this story, a girl from the stars cra... er, lands on a planet with magic, swords and monsters.

The characters are memorable and unique.  The overall story is a good one, with a good use of various points of view to help progress the narrative.  The icing on the cake is that there are times when I just can't stop myself from laughing!

I highly recommend this story for anyone who is interested in fantasy novels or a sci-fi fantasy mix... or just wants a good laugh.

The science of magic universe - The saint

When this novel first started, I thought it would be a minor spin-off of the other story by this author (The Heretic -- see his signature block at the end of any given chapter for the link).  Yet, the more I read The Saint, the more I become interested in this story.

I decided to go back and read this from the beginning only to realize I hadn't voted yet!  Now at chapter 121, I can say that the story is certainly good enough to stand on its own.

It is an interesting take on what happens when our modern-day world becomes increasingly exposed to magic.  I definitely recommend it.

Fantasy Unlimited (Dropped)

I have read up to Chapter 4, and this shows promise as a story.  It follows similar patterns of when someone plays a Virtual Reality game and is suddenly transported into the "real" version of the game.

The pace of the story seems good, and parts of the character's background is revealed at various times in the story when it is most relevant.  The grammar is excellent as well.


I look forward to more!