1. Re: Top 10 words I LOVE

      Honourable mentions: Duck, Ducks, Duckling, Ducklings, and Alexander Wilson Typo spotted. Here's the corrected version. 0: Duck, Ducks, Duckling, Ducklings, and Alexander Wilson

    2. Re: Writing characters with different languages.

      I've used italics for a two-language system. "This would be someone speaking in the standard language." "And this would be someone speaking in the secondary language. It's useful in showing that (...)

    3. Re: How Many WIPs?

      I suppose I could bring up my extensive list: ~7-9 planned multi-book/volume stories (plus 1-2 planned sequels) ~3 possible multi-book/volume stories ~7 scrapped/dropped multi-book/volume stories (...)

    4. Re: Breaks between high intensity content

      I let the tension go down a notch. Whenever my work ramps up for sustained periods of time, I make sure to break it up a little by having more relaxed scenes weaved in between. Something like having (...)

    5. Re: Tips On Creating Maps

      This is my go-to site for easy mapmaking. Despite the limited assets in the free version, it still has enough room for making impressive maps if you get creative enough: (...)

    6. Re: Pun? Wordplay? Or what is it called?

      We call that subtle wordplay.

    7. Re: Working Against Popular Tropes.

      Realistically speaking, you can never please everyone. Every author has their group of readers. Some people will enjoy what you write, and some won't. The idea is to just keep going anyway. People who (...)

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    9. Re: Wanted: Ducks

    10. Re: Hello!

      Since no one else has greeted you yet -- welcome. Cinn has a complimentary guide for beginners, right here for your use.

    11. Re: Imagine you wrote 500 chapters of a novel on RR. If you start a new novel, do you lose most of your patrons?

      Maxine J. Durand (Void Herald) has done it multiple times already. He's doing fine. There's some people who read the story just because they like that one story, and then there's people who like your (...)

    12. Re: Story tension and writing episodic serial fiction?

      As with all things, it's a matter of balance.  Most web serials can always use a little underlying tension. Sometimes you'll want to spice up that tension, to grip the reader, and sometimes you'll want (...)

    13. Re: Using emboldenment to signify shouting/raised voice?

      The exclamation mark already signifies yelling. Disagree. Exclamation mark merely signifies that a character is exclaiming something. The emotion doesn't have to be angry or even loud. To (...)

    14. Re: Using emboldenment to signify shouting/raised voice?

      Most of the time you will not need to use bold or italics. The exclamation mark already signifies yelling. It is only in select web serials that I come across bolded words, and it's usually poor practice (...)

    15. Re: Stephen King

      There's only one rule that matters when it comes to writing. And that's, "All rules can be broken as long as it's purposeful." I myself only have one rule when it comes to writing: Never quit. (...)

    16. Re: To Plot Or Not To Plot?

      There's two types of writers: pantsers and planners. A pantser writes the story as they go along. A planner writes the story with very set plans and plots points to connect. That's not to say they're (...)

    17. Re: Pokémon Fanfic Recommendations

      If you're looking for trainer-based fanfics, I have the following list: - The Origin of Species by DaystarEld - Traveler by The Straight Elf - Pedestal by Digital Skitty - Welcome to the (Insane) World (...)

    18. Re: Free Author Premium Giveaway - 5+ Winners

      A duck covered his eyes from atop the hill, squinting though the feathers of raised wing. The young, rising sun shined with extra radiance today, sending down its beams of sunshine with the happiest little (...)

    19. Re: Unapologetically a Fanfiction writer... For now.

      As a fellow fanfic writer (who for some reason wrote original works beforehand), welcome.  We wish you good fortunes and safe travels on this royal road.

    20. Re: Well, I guess I’m doing this—Hi!

      Welcome. We offer you this complimentary hyperlink, which features a complete guide for beginners to the world of Royal Road. Enjoy your stay.