1. Re: I have an addiction.

      I am addicted to watching the numbers go up, views, followers and favourites. And this is why litrpg is so popular. Everyone likes numbers going up. (Except in real life where those numbers probably (...)

    2. Re: Help with revealing information in a series?

      Author's Notes at the end of the chapter is the safest bet that the reader will read the explanation. Most people won't click a link to somewhere else or go to a reference chapter or something. They read (...)

    3. Re: Are there rules against formatting your stories the same as you would an actual paperback?

      I find this 10x more enjoyable to read. And this basically sums it up.  It's kind of like the case of present vs past tense. Yep, Hunger Games, a billion dollar franchise, is present tense and (...)

    4. Re: Are there rules against formatting your stories the same as you would an actual paperback?

      The major problem of using white space instead of indentation is when you have one-line paragraphs like dialog. It results in lots of white space which looks terrible. As I said, it's a preference. (...)

    5. Re: How many warning is needed?

      Let say when you're going to write something really dark, tragic, grim, evil, immoral, sadistic... but it is not something main in your story. For this stuff, context needs to be taken into account. (...)

    6. Re: Are there rules against formatting your stories the same as you would an actual paperback?

      Personally, I like the indentation style when reading a book, with my eyes going down the page. But if my eyes are stationary and it's the page that's moving, I prefer just no indentation, as I'm scrolling (...)

    7. Re: Which one readers prefer? A fast intro or a more lax one?

      As a general rule for web novels, the inciting incident is usually in chapter 1. Like the start of the game in litrpg, the death and reincarnation in a rebirth story, getting transported to another world (...)

    8. Re: got my first review, at least it's not a 0.5 star review, kek

      Looks like the reviewer wants to help you, so that's good.

    9. Re: 'Harsh' readers on Royal Roads

      This kind of depends on the story too. If the story is really far out from the usual here in royalroad, it can elicit some knee jerk negative reactions. That's my experience. 

    10. Re: Got onto Rising Stars! Two minutes later... got hit by a bad rating.

      It's an occupational hazard of having a niche story on a site with different popular tastes.  I've been in that situation before. The most important thing is that you'll find the readers meant for your (...)

    11. Re: Do You Think a Sprawling, Multi-POV LitRPG Would Work?

      Royal Road's insistence on single POV stories comes across as really weird to me. Not just RR, its Web novels in general. And that's because web novels are self-insert vehicles, that's why we got OP (...)

    12. Re: Advice on writing an adorifying main character?

      Insert weird thoughts into her cute moments. Example:  Scene, MC and friends petting cats or something.  Friend: These cats are so cute I could just eat them up.  MC: Yeah you're right.  But in MC's (...)

    13. Re: Do you think Light Novel style is viable?

      I also write first person. My normal internal monologue is past tense and then have italicized present tense when there's something I want to emphasize. There are modern novels that don't even use italics (...)

    14. Re: Has anyone written a novel that reads more like a comic book?

      I think I passed by your story before. I think you have another thread asking for help? Anyway, it's the paragraphing that's the main thing you should address. You don't even need to read like Tolkien (...)

    15. Re: Been away a while

      And maybe you have new ideas to improve your old chapters, so can edit + reupload

    16. Re: How did your novel perform in the beginning?

      well that just seems like a bad design choice lul You technically can if your story is a sudden hit. But stories that people flock to at the start are those with high upload schedule. Even once a week (...)

    17. Re: Present tense vs Past tense

      There is a power in present tense that past tense doesn't have. Still I think anyone should write in whatever tense makes them interested in the story they are writing and we shouldn't gatekeep tenses, (...)

    18. Re: Present tense vs Past tense

      Who told you that writing in present tense is a bad habit? Use whatever tense makes sense. I proudly write in present tenses. It feels more gripping and engaging for me as a reader and a writer.  Present (...)

    19. Re: Should I put a comma after a dialog tag before the beat is written?

      What I'll do in that case is: I'm always smiling," Bob said, before putting on a smile. or I'm always smiling," Bob said, putting on a smile. I don't think you can put a comma before "before" (...)