1. Re: Artificially inflated five-star averages.

      I got to ask is this lack of integrity common here? I understand everyone's trying to get on the rising stars list, maybe get a following and start earning some cash. But leaving raving reviews for work (...)

    2. Re: Is it worth working on two books at once?

      I write two books at once and...it's hard. But I have a personal reason for this though. I have casually written three stories several years ago and I want to revive and finish all of them now that I've (...)

    3. Re: Assuming your manuscript is up to snuff, how likely are you get a traditional publishing deal after Royal Road?

      Like others said, trad publishers want publication rights, so that's mostly a no if you already posted online. So it's going to be self monetization in your case and then probably self pub. But if you (...)

    4. Re: How much should a blurb give away?

      I have no idea what you're trying to sell with that blurb. Webnovel readers are mostly genre/trope focused. I see you have Portal Fantasy/Isekai tag there. At the least, include what's the portal fantasy/isekai (...)

    5. Re: Authors are disappearing left and right.

      Perhaps they decided that it was never for them or miscellaneous decisions (the case with doravg) In the case of dora, it's because she's writing and want to write books with LGBT and RR is generally (...)

    6. Re: I feel like re writing my book... Again...

      Yeah, I have that feeling all the time for my books. But I just continue writing. Although, if you feel really strongly to rewrite, I suggest you do it since you only have a few chapters.

    7. Re: Is it possible for anyone (on any site) to achieve a natural growth?

      Yep, it's very possible. Side note though, your story has progression and isekai on it, so that's already playing into the algorithm somewhat. Although it's weird that you have no followers with 430 pages? (...)

    8. Re: Is present-tense fiction unpopular on RR?

      Have to consider the demographics. Many YA novels are written in present tense, mostly because of Hunger Games' immense success influencing that trend. As for Webnovels, specifically RoyalRoad, the background (...)

    9. Re: First or Third Person POV, which do you prefer?

      ^ Yep, it's a genre thing. Like modern YAs are going present tense writing. But RR usually don't like present tense. As for POV, I think Third Person is safest. It's the right amount of "distance" from (...)

    10. Re: Pacing in story... Usual mistakes and how to improve?

      Think of pacing in terms of writing a web novel. Let's say you release only one chapter a week. Readers would hope a lot of stuff happen there. Sure, you can go all out with descriptions and all that, (...)

    11. Re: What to do when a reader is irritated about a flaw of the MC, but it's important to the story?

      If he's supposed to progress and change though, that's fine...in a normal book. But this is web novel writing and people click away the first instance they have a complaint. I assume that character will (...)

    12. Re: Character Growth and character flaws

      Everyone hates Mary/Gary sues...but do they really? I feel like every time I see a story with a well done flawed main character there are countless comments about how bad X character trait and reviews (...)

    13. Re: How do ya deal with negative reviews?

      Especially when they haven't fully read what you've put out? Specifically to answer this, there's nothing you can do about it because we are writing webnovels and people can click away. I'm not sure (...)

    14. Re: Is polished english essential in web serial?

      So what do you guys think? Is polished english needed when a author 7 times a week? Or simple does the job when uploading 7 times a week... Firstly this depends on what kind of story you are writing. (...)

    15. Re: Rising stars


    16. Re: Copying Your MC to Other Stories

      If I'm a reader of the old story, I'll probably prefer a rewrite instead. But I'll be fine if the new story isn't sort of a reboot, but if it's a sequel of sorts.

    17. Re: How do you guys keep getting all those followers?

      You should temper your expectations because you're not writing a mainstream RR novel. And keep in mind that off-genre stories are held to a much higher standard, you need a really good quality of work (...)

    18. Re: Sometimes it only takes a single active reader

      For sure a single loyal reader can keep you going. It's usually the recommendations of fans of your work that'll lead others to it.

    19. Re: I feel like I might be doing something wrong as far as posting my story here

      However, since that's not what I write, it'll just take longer to gain momentum (on this platform at least) and I'll need to do some extra work to gain exposure. Speaking as someone who wrote a novel (...)

    20. Re: Different POVs having different knowledge

      Don't swap back and forth because that's head-hopping. You might think you're doing an omniscient third-person style, but you said you're using the character narrators, so that's head-hopping. Now, some (...)