1. Re: Reputation Giving

      Shameless plug for my Guide on Rep: It's not actually levels, it's at specific values of rep https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/109297 Oh, thanks for this. I have no idea how it worked before. (...)

    2. Re: Yay! I Have a New Book Cover!

      Ohhh! Looks really cool!

    3. Re: What type of fiction is consumed in RR ?

      I'm writing a Fairy-Tale like weird fiction, so am i at the right place to write fictions like this ? It's going to be hard no doubt to do something different, just like anything in life. Note that (...)

    4. Re: 25 followers and going strong (hopefully)

      Congratulations! May it rise more. 

    5. Re: Hiro and Akua

      Looks really cool

    6. Re: My Update Post Has Gotten More Views than Some of my Actual Chapters

      What was it about? As mentioned above, readers like to gossip. Non-readers will actually read update posts for the gossip sometimes. Like my uploads titled Author's Retrospective, which is me sharing my (...)

    7. Re: Requesting assistance with concepts behind crafting LitRPG.

      Lock it behind an undiscovered area or something. This way, there's a legit reason why it hasn't been done before + it's not a bug but an intended game mechanic. Your problem now then is explaining why (...)

    8. Re: How does one make a title? With a foundation of bricks?

      Choices are either you go with the current norm in webnovels or you try a more "traditional" way of making a title. The japanese started the trend with titles as shortened synopsis because webnovel/lightnovel (...)

    9. Re: LGBTQ+ Relationships

      Writing platforms, RR and SH included, have their own preferred stories. If you publish a romance story in RR, you will have a hard time. Period. It doesn't matter what pairing, it's just not the preferred (...)

    10. Re: What is the best way to denote a time skip or a perspective shift?

      Horizontal line with spaces before and after, and line of the new paragraph clearly stating what it is, so put immediately if it's new pov, like "A is doing this or that", or if time skip like "A week (...)

    11. Re: What counts as a Plot hole

       I'll largely echo everyone else though with the caveat that the perception of a plot hole is more important than whether or not there actually is a hole This is actually the more important point. (...)

    12. Re: Has reading become boring for anyone else lately?

      Can try something really different from what you're used to, like something you know you won't even touch if you weren't bored. 

    13. Re: Does bad writing engage audiences?

      I've noticed that audiences on RoyalRoad don't mind grammar mistakes much at all. This depends on the story. If it is one of the more popular genres, then readers won't mind bad grammar that much (...)

    14. Re: A Review of Review Swaps(after 30 swaps here is what I've learned)

      I would say it's the other way around, people tend to be more open for harsher feedback if they requested the review.  Oh, you misunderstood me. I was saying that some people still reacted negatively (...)

    15. Re: How did you deal with your first 0.5 rating?

      Oh, I got different view for this one. People normally give outright 5 stars if they like my story for example. Is my story truly a masterpiece that deserves perfect 5 stars? Obviously not. It's just how (...)

    16. Re: A Review of Review Swaps(after 30 swaps here is what I've learned)

      Don't review swap. Wait for honest, truly honest, reviews to come your story's way. You will cherish them more.  For a vast majority of writers here in RR, this will probably not come.  Besides, sometimes, (...)

    17. Re: Reaching Readers

      I just speedily scanned through your book, so take this with a grain of salt. I suggest not doing those prologue things, they usually don't have a good effect for webnovels. Plus, that starting letter (...)

    18. Re: Naming Characters. Come Rant With Me

      I’m thinking of whether or not to make pronunciation guide at the start of my book mainly because my MC’s name is “Demini” and there is so many ways to theoretically pronounce it (it’s Dem-I-knee if (...)

    19. Re: The good news is, I didn't die. But did the book die?

      Hubby told me that I don't owe anyone an explanation or anything, but I mean... damn. I have a couple of stories in my old account that I dropped like 5 years ago because of plenty of real-life (...)