Aucis Josh

Aucis Josh

    1. RE: Dark Theme

      It's their story so I don't think the devs are going to make it so you can change how they wanted it to look, I found you can 1. Either change it to the white theme ("White power") or 2. Highlight the (...)

    2. RE: Bookmarks release based style suck - Suggestion

      Seems a few people don't like this set up. I agree there does need to be a better way to sort fics in all the different areas but stated in the last post I made, this could take awhile, if they aren't (...)

    3. RE: Read Later Layout

      I think #2 could be cool for all parts of the site, this includes bookmarks and favorites. I'm no programmer but just thinking about the different titles and types of fics, this could take some time. Either (...)

    4. RE: proofreader

      There is a cool group found in the group member area on the forums for just that, they are called draft. They are busy but if you can't get help here you can always ask them. :)

    5. RE: Legalities?

      I'm not an expert but I think I can answer the other ones, I had to do some research and what not for my first amazon book, just incase. 1. If you state a copyrighted company, product, and name you can (...)

    6. RE: Somehting is happening to the tags on Latest update

      April fools, looks like it worked. "hah gottem!"

    7. RE: Error 500. I can't leave a review.

      Got that error before, I suggest 1. refreshing and having the same review. 2. clear your cache, this wont break anything and worked for me.

    8. RE: War!!

      Hmm, quite a few of these rules are problematic. First, are you and a rep of write also judges or does 'looking over' mean something else? 50 minutes would be hard to enforce and quite frankly it would (...)

    9. War!!

      As I look at the old desolate battlefield, of my groups fallen, scribbles fallen. I nod. Yes this is  perfect timing. plenty of time has passed for our wounds to heal and our rage and anger Burns. The (...)

    10. RE: Dungeon Crawler - For Dungeon lovers

      This place seems a little quiet. If you guys get the admins approval (or the other group overseers) you can turn this into an official group, there is already 5 members that aren't in another group already. (...)

    11. RE: How far reaches our Penguin Empire?

      North America here man. (U.S.A) and after my many years being on here the only place I haven't seen anyone from is Iceland, greenland, the poles, Syria, north korea, and belize. Every where else that I (...)

    12. RE: place to post ideas for royalroad i.e improvements ,possible new additions and fixes

      This forum thread is already a suggestion thread (Suggestion and questions) .

    13. RE: Forum Label

      Even then the change doesn't seem right, this is more of a forum then a community page.

    14. RE: Need help with finding/making Table

      There is a guide somewhere on the forums ill need to find the link but you can make tables easily using the given toolbar while writing chapters, there is also one on gdocs if you cant find it here on (...)

    15. RE: Forum Label

      The forum is basic knowledge and obvious, no need to change it.

    16. RE: Linked Tags

      I think this is already in motion or practice, you can search these tags using advanced search but adding a click option would be helpful.

    17. RE: Help

      This is the wrong place to ask, there is a forum for questions like this.

    18. RE: Warning

      The help and, support ticket aren't hard to find I'm uncertain why you weren't able to find it?

    19. RE: Little Redirect

      update your links will also help, also deleting cookies should help if you haven't done so already.

    20. RE: Possible Royal Road virus

      Bugs, support tickets, or PMing a admin would be better than posting here.