Camille d'irithyl

Camille d'irithyl

    1. Re: Why do mc's always choose the "human" race in VR game novels?

      Yeah, I mean, it's totally stupid, right? So why? I mean, it's probably one of the dumbest choices in the world. What's the advantage of doing that? Honestly, I don't understand why the author of VR novel (...)

    2. Re: Overly complicated, barely useful system. Any advice to trim them down?

      Oh, one last detail. For a man to be able to resist a 9mn bullet in the head, the TGH should at least be multiplied by 50. For a man to produce a shock equivalent to a gun, you will also need to multiply (...)

    3. Re: Overly complicated, barely useful system. Any advice to trim them down?

      Yeah, 30 is way too much, it would require too much memorization effort from your readers, no one likes having to memorize a rule book just to read a story (think about making it as easy as possible (...)

    4. Re: Any games coming out by the end of the year?

      Mayby "Watch Dogs: Legion", "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War", or Immortals Fenyx Rising. If they don't make the same kind of mistakes as usual. Or the remake of Demon's Souls (but only in ps5). I (...)

    5. Re: What LITrpg would you like to see?

      I know I have shitty taste, but I would like to see a novel like God and Devil World . That novel was dirty, illogical, and had more holes in the plot than there are craters on the moon, and the MC (...)

    6. Re: Favorite Tropes?

      Demons! The end of the world. A broken and tired man pushed by the situation to become a legendary hero. A happy and sad end at the same time.

    7. Re: Antagonist backstory and motivations

      If you want your bad guys to be credible, then make them think that what they do is justified (it must be), because no one acts without a reason, and when they do it impulsively, they justify it after (...)

    8. Re: Tower Stories

      If you're looking for a story about the rise of the Towers, there's also "Tower of Heavens", but I think the author has deleted the first two volumes since they've been on amazon. Then if you particularly (...)

    9. Re: PC Busted...

      Phew, luck was with you in your misfortune.

    10. Re: Dream sequences? Scenes that take place in a character's dream, or imagination?

      Are dream scenes in a novel a put off? There are good ones, and I think there is a right and wrong way to write dreams as scenes. Nobody likes that "it was all a dream" at the end garbage, that's (...)

    11. Re: Video Game Idea/Topic: Dungeon Core

      Dungeon Keeper! and War for the overlord (with the last DLC), the two best dungeon games of all time. I have honestly never read a dungeon novel that is really interesting. Well, it's not their fault, (...)

    12. Re: looking for either immortal mc or god manegment mc type story

      Can coming back to life every time he dies be considered a form of immortality?

    13. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      An action-adventure novel about second chance and time reverse, in an apocalyptic war in the atmosphere of a dark medieval-fantasy world When I was summoned to another world with every other human on (...)

    14. Re: I just received a comment on one my chapters and cant help but feel a little upset

      I sympathize. I've published my first chapters in the last few days, and I've already received a 1.5 and a 2.5 without comment when I've barely published 4 chapters and have specifically been clear and (...)

    15. Re: Post below for review swaps. I have an appetite for reviewing and reading.

      Hey, switch over here. A time loop story in a dark fantasy world (14k words at the time I write these lines). Apocalypse War: The Return of the Last Demon Slayer

    16. Re: Looking for Dark Fantasy/Grimdark Stories

      Dans le monde maudit d'Artorias, il n'y a que guerre et désespoir, mais de nombreux héros se dressent contre les forces des ténèbres pour lutter contre le destin fatidique qui promet d'engloutir toutes (...)

    17. Re: I'm looking for help or a tutorial for the signature on the forum

      Okay, I did it, surprisingly my 19th try was successful. Sorry for the useless post.

    18. Re: I'm looking for help or a tutorial for the signature on the forum

      I'm desperately looking in the forum for a tutorial or a topic on how to create a well-made (and therefore clean) link for the cover image of my novel, so that it looks good in my signature, but without (...)

    19. Re: space between the phrases

      Hello friends.Say, I'm wondering about the formatting of the spaces for the written chapters (and I didn't find anything despite my research). For publication, there is no preview option, so it's impossible (...)

    20. Re: Request for advice about the resemblance of the universe of my novel with the Dark Souls games

      What you say is totally true. Um, having said that, I just found out that one of the religious factions in one of my kingdoms has the same name as a faction in a well-known game (diablo), The Sisterhood (...)