Camille d'irithyl

Camille d'irithyl

    1. Re: Time Travel!

      This story is fucking badly written, like the work of an elementary school child, but if you're desperate, you can try it: Apocalypse War: Survive. Die. Restart

    2. Re: review swap

      I recently realized that my writing was something absolutely horrible (and so poorly and badly written that it could be confused with a draft written by an elementary school child!) to the point of feeling (...)

    3. Re: What's the Deal With the Xianxia?

      Because reading novels about philosophy, the meaning of life, or the reason that the universe can exist is a very, very redundant and boring. And I say that even though it's one of my greatest passions, (...)

    4. Re: Rewound time for new game+ or second chance

      Here: Apocalypse War: Survive. Die. Restart

    5. Re: Revival of the Dead, AKA The Dragon Ball Dilemma

      Well, what matters is how you use the fact that the dead live again. In my novel "Apocalypse War" the dead come back to life as the undead, if their brain or body has not suffered any damage that would (...)

    6. Re: time loop recomendation

      They haven't started yet, but the time loops will be the main element of the plot: Apocalypse War: Survive. Die & Restart

    7. Re: Revival of the Dead, AKA The Dragon Ball Dilemma

      There is no problem in raising the dead. The issues that matter, however, are: -What psychological, social, cultural, and political impact does this have on the world? -As with the creation of any magical (...)

    8. Re: Why do you write?

      I dream of becoming immeasurably rich, famous, and the master of the world, to be surrounded by a harem of female readers totally devoted to my one and only person.  Why else would I write? The pleasure (...)

    9. Re: A novel like The Second Coming of Gluttony

      The answer is yes: Apocalypse War: Survive. Die & Restart Um, there is also "Age of Heroes", it has big flaws, but maybe you might like it.

    10. Re: Favorite Obscure Games

      1997 Nightmare Creatures on PlayStation 1. I had to stop playing it when I was a kid because it scared me too much (I didn't know that, but it was the last level). This game was revolutionary at the time, (...)

    11. Re: Is this hook good enough for first page?

      Too melodramatic, stiff and forced. It gives the impression of reading Z-series dialog lines or a typical webnovel. There are some simple rules to follow to make it simpler and easier to design. Rules (...)

    12. Re: Any fans of The Last of Us?

      This game is one of the best games I've ever played in my whole life as a gamer (since megaman 2 on NES). It's a fucking masterpiece! (all the Souls game series are too)

    13. Re: What is LitRPG

      LitRPG is shorthand for Literary RPG(Role Playing Game). it usually revolves around a world governed by 'game-like' elements such as stats, skills, and leveling up. there are many different ways to show (...)

    14. Re: Adding a new tag. Can you find any Time Loop stories?

      So a time loop story would be like Re:Zero (anime) or Interstellar (movie)? RE:Zero makes time loops the central element of the plot, so yes. But interstellar doesn't really answer that, even though (...)

    15. Re: What is the lowest rated series on this list?

      I feel so sorry for those little orphan stories...:(  I want to give them a bunch of 5 Star reviews just to help 'em out....  but the dates are funny: 01/01/1970 for the last ones. These stories (...)

    16. Re: Adding a new tag. Can you find any Time Loop stories?

       Blessed time : somewhat a time loop or time reset story, MC goes back in time, though the difference is that MC cant die. Guess this one would still apply for the tag? The Last time loop: Max of the (...)

    17. Re: Adding a new tag. Can you find any Time Loop stories?

      Ici:  Apocalypse War: Survive. Mourir et redémarrer  :DrakanPotato: J'ai vérifié qu'il s'agit bien d'une histoire en boucle temporelle, et je certifie que la source de l'information est crédible (je (...)

    18. Re: Portal-Fantasy & Kingdom-Building novels

      ruling by a earthling + world building? Try: Release that Witch it is not bad

    19. Re: Difficulties when focusing on Royal Road's chosen genres?

      A strategy to try?? Propose something no one else offers, and mix it with the popular genres here isekai/litrpg/fanfic. So you'll have a demanding audience in a niche that is still empty of competition.