Camille d'irithyl

Camille d'irithyl


Retribution Engine [DEPRECIATED (...)
by Akaso
774 pages

This story has been folded into its sequel as Arc 1: Retribution Engine

This page now serves as archival.

"The War of Fog is over. Now the true period of strife begins."

- Unknown Soldier

The world's great heroes have slaughtered one another for the ideals of their countries. Amidst the post-war struggle for survival, a towering figure emerges from the Exclusion Zone. She aids a trio of disgraced soldiers in crossing the border to their homeland, and soon takes up the mantle of a beast-slayer in one of the last sovereign city-states remaining. But tensions from the war remain, and soon trouble comes knocking at the gates...

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by UYScuti
218 pages

The day she turned 18, a breach in the northern sky flooded the world with unknown particles, altering humans and animals alike.

On her 22nd birthday, societies collapsed, and the monsters took control.

From humans to beasts, Amy Sullivan fights the nightmares behind every door and hunts the person who left her behind, the person who killed her sister.

Isolation, fighting, and struggling to survive. This is a story set in a fallen world. Please mind the tags.

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Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

Copy, Paste: The Misadventures (...)
by treebark
383 pages

Milo, 30, has everything going for him—with the exception of a paying job, girlfriend, or anything resembling an active social life.  None of that is about to change, but he will be transported—copied?—to another dimension where the rules are pretty different, so that’s…something. 

Join Milo as he bids farewell to his sister’s spare bedroom and says hello to the magical world of Altabar, where he’ll encounter scary monsters with lame names, meet new friends, and learn where not to pee. 

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New Game (Reborn as a Reluctant Demon Lord, Book 1)

New Game (Reborn as a (...)
by TitusGM
1.4k pages

Portal Fantasy. Isekai. A daydream of nerds everywhere, leaving behind their boring world and living in a fantasy one that is full of adventure. A daydream that became a reality for me and 1000 other Comic-Con attendees.

Except for me, it was more of a nightmare. Wanting nothing more than to find a way home, and also saddled with being the world's new [Demon Lord], I found myself trapped in a gamelike world and also somehow a part of the [Hero's] party.

So join me as I tell the tale of my struggles. A tale of levels and skills. A tale of cagey game admins and bugs. And a tale of our party's grand quest to defeat... Well... Me.


What to expect from this book?

1. A main character who is not overpowered (and instead has to go from near-useless to strong. Not just weak to strong). If you are looking for an OP [Demon Lord] who laughs at his weakling enemies... This isn't for you.

2. A meandering pace as the characters aren't told how a lot of the world works and have to figure it out themselves. (And because there are a lot of characters. Whose idea was it to have a party of 9? I blame Jake)

3. A tragedy. A lot of things are not going to go well for the protagonist. (Not that everything is tragedy all the time. There is humor, laughter, friendship, and even a mascot monster character who got way more popular than I expected. But this is not a story that will leave you uplifted and inspired after every time you read it).


Release Schedule and publishing information:

Book 1 is complete! I will include a link to book 2 once it has been started.

Feel free to give feedback, positive or negative.


Other notes

Book 1?

Yes, this says Book 1. There are probably going to be 3 books.

No, the plot as you can guess is not going to be tortured to drag out all the way to book 3. That would be ridiculous. If you can guess the plot of books 2 or 3 at any point before the last chapter of book 1, please use your clairvoyant powers for something more productive.


This story is intentionally told under the username TitusGM because the idea is that he was the one actually writing everything down what happened after it all is over.

I initially planned to answer everything in character on this site, but that just really didn't work out. If you want an in character response to a comment, simply prefix it with IC: (I also try to leave that as a reminder in the author's note after each new chapter)

Cover art?

Made by a friend who shall remain nameless at this time by his request

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Error's Game

Error's Game
by Vitaly S Alexius
133 pages

Ognevika, the almighty Red Dragon, solved all her problems with naps and fire. Now she is as an outcast kobold facing down a legion of murderous adventurers with only her wit and an unlikely friend. At least the world isn't ending in 25 years, right?

-------[currently on hiatus due to comission work]-------

A whimsical, dark comedy. A fantasy sprinkled with post-apocalyptic elements. This is the light novel version, which explores the world of Athalon. Comic book coming out in the future!

Street cred and much love for participation in the 5 months-long Athalon rp campaign and making the world come to life goes to: Snow, Madalyn.O.G., ErinRedFen, Aura, JustMadDog, Pax Rozebar.


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by Yuma
228 pages

When Lake wakes up in hell, he's a little upset. 

All those horrifying demons outside aren't helping his mood, and neither is the fact that he has no food and water.   But at least he has a game UI to help him out!  Hopefully the situation doesn't get worse from here...

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Shade Touched

Shade Touched
by Zat
572 pages

A monster is born in the depths of the wilds, but she isn't like her siblings. Curiosity colors her every thought, and a hunger for understanding grows within this little creature. The world is full of wonders just waiting to be discovered! She's not just hunting for her next meal, her prey is something far greater: knowledge. But as wonderful as it is, discovery alone is missing half the point. After all, what joy is there in finding the next amazing thing when there's no one to share it with?

Aiming to update Monday and Friday!

Check out the Discord! Come over and hang out!

If you would like to read some chapters early, consider donating to my Patreon!

Cover art by the amazing Kailey!

Full-size cover here.

Full banner pic here.

Gore tag for some somewhat graphic fight scenes.
Profanity tag because there may be some explicit language, it shouldn't be excessive.

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Montgomery and Carano

Montgomery and Carano (...)
by Jonathan H Knight
842 pages

A modern take on Romeo and Juliet. Jenna Carano is a badass demon hunter, hot headed and passionate, while Professor Robert Montgomery is the exact opposite: always calm and disciplined. 

They were raised to hate each other but when someone much worse than they are gets loose on the streets of London, they must join forces to protect the city and the people they love.

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In Loki's Honor (season II)

In Loki's Honor (season (...)
by MDW
4.9k pages

Subtitle: I'm cursed to die 100 times.



Plot synopsis:

Earth is in turmoil. Fiction of travel to other worlds through the use of magic take on airs of prophecy as youngsters all around the world disappear. Amidst this turmoil, one New Yorker is caught in a traffic accident and chosen by Loki to travel to another world. The god's offer was not a fair one.

But they came not as the Trickster's champion. Their purpose, a sinister one. One that will earn them the enmity of the world. A Heroic destiny is not in their future.

Their only ally is the impartial and pervasive System. Unable to be purged, they came to stay.

Thrown in a barbaric world where life is a dime a dozen, the intruder tries to survive and escape the wrath of the native deities. All the while burdened by divine curses imposed upon them by Loki.

The silver lining is that they can come back. Again and again. Only to restart the chase.

This fiction contains gore, sexual violence, torture, brutality, psychological and physical trauma, and no plot armor whatsoever. Portrayals of racism, misoginy, prejudice, and random violence will happen without warning. There won't be graphycal displays of smut or porn, however. That's important, somehow.

If any of the above can offend you or your sensibility, please don't read. The themes displayed are intended as criticism on why they are bad. The characters' reactions and opinions are their own and don't reflect the author's worldviews.

One more time: THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE.

Reader discretion is advised and required.

This work is not intended for people easily offended or minors. This is a non-commercial work and market viability is not a concern.



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The Merchant Prince Book 1: Returning Home

The Merchant Prince Book (...)
by TaxReligion
485 pages

Enter a world of deceit and assassins.  Augustus DeCastellian is a member of a wealthy merchant family, with ports all over the known world.  He is sent on a voyage to new lands to open trade routes, but when he returns he will need to fight, using his tools of manipulation and cunning, for what he is owed.

Author's note:  This story is somewhat slow-paced, especially in comparison to the norm on Royal Road.  The first three chapters act almost as a prologue, to give you a feel for what the rest of the story will be like.  So, I suggest new readers try to get to the end of chapter 3 before deciding if this story is for them.
A few of my reviews have said that this story is abnormal for Royal Road.  I agree with that sentiment, at least based on what I've read on the site.  It was just an idea that was in my head, that I began trying to write once my hobbies were cancelled due to the virus.  I found Royal Road after I started writing it.  Honestly, it's probably not even tailored for the web-novel format.  But it's the story I wanted to tell.


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Artificial Jelly

Artificial Jelly
by Materia-Blade
69 pages

Born to die and be born again, Gell, the Jellyfae must discover her strange connection to the horrible monsters called humans, that speak with words she understands, but seem to want nothing but her death. Driven by a desire for safety and freedom, she ventures forth to Tread the Sky, and finds more worlds than one.

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I'm Just the Guard!

I'm Just the Guard!
by Commander Kane
187 pages

When an NPC in the MMORPG game Raidscape achieves sentience, he desperately tries to level up to stop Players from raiding the castle.

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