Sebastian Lindblad

Sebastian Lindblad

    1. Re: Are you affected?

      I'm a student living in Sweden, one of those countries touted as a disaster, seeing as we were some of the latter to implement social distancing and there is no rule for masks. Initially, we experienced (...)

    2. Re: I GOT A PATRON!!

      Whoa, congratulations and keep up the good job!

    3. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      I will add mine to this list, link being in the signature. I'd rate my fiction as sci-fi (the year 2095), with individual focus (on a primary character, though the secondaries will definitely have time (...)

    4. Re: Looking for a Cradle fan fiction I saw on Updates, yet I cannot recall the name

      As title says; also, is it okay to post fan fiction here? (I have seen the fan fiction slot, but meant more in a general sense)

    5. Re: Cover wanted: will work for it

      As the title say. I grabbed an image from Pixelbay and put the name of my fiction on it, but I remain less than satisfied. For a equalivent or better cover, I will write a feedback/review/ weird poetry (...)

    6. Re: Newbie just lookin for advice.

      I merely read your first chapter, so this feedback will be limited. In addition, this is just my personal opinion, not fact. As has been previously mentioned, the indents at every paragraph are superfluous, (...)

    7. Re: Need help with character names!

      Name them after classical names, very much like Tobias? Or, decide on an outlandish name, to suggest something?

    8. Re: Partial Reviews

      I'm game! 6000 words is halfway into 1.3 in my fiction; how far into yours should I go?

    9. Re: Can anyone give me tips or ideas to improve my story?

      Heya! I was doing my laundry, so had some time over to write some points. Now, this is just from your first chapter, so take it with a grain of salt. Additionally, these are just my opinions, not hard (...)

    10. Re: no romance and no harem novels

      Hi there! Not to tout my own horn, but I have got a fiction which is somewhere between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Battlestar Galactica, which has some mysteries as part of its plot. No harems and very (...)

    11. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      Here is a story about a world men and women in mechas fight a relentless army that will not give up. A world where people are still poor, the rich lord their advantages and the shadow cast by the future (...)