sunflower of ice

sunflower of ice

    1. Got my 50 followers achievement

      The title says it all really. Not sure what else I can say XD

    2. Seems i just posted chapter 50 here

      I am not sure how celebrity it should be as I'm just posting them here from my main site after I reread them to try to fix little things and well... take notes on things that I have already revealed just (...)

    3. Re: What's your least and most favorite genre and why?

      this is mostly for shows/movies but im not much of a fan of the giant robot genre.

    4. Re: Am I irrational for really hating the word '"had"?

      I forget who, but i remember seeing someone say they hated the word very.  you aren't very angry you're enraged. You aren't very hungry, you're famished, you aren't very tired you're exhausted etc etc (...)

    5. Re: What is your process for making your book titles?

      depends on the title I guess. Some if I have made a bundle of chapters already I will look into anything that's been revealed or planned etc, but if not I will think of the genre some etc. Like my story (...)

    6. Re: Isekai Title Game

      I'm suicidal but every time I try to kill myself I'm summoned to another world.

    7. Re: Is Caffiene mandatory?

      I never drink coffee. love the smell though. that said people need different things sometimes. like I like to have a glass of ice water nearby and some things in the background. like if I got bad (...)

    8. Re: Does cursing limit your potential audience on RR or does it not make a difference?

      To be fair everything can limit your potential readers. Some hate gore, some hate foul language, some hate physical intimacy of both willing and unwilling. genre, chapter size, release rate. Everything (...)

    9. Re: Reading Time...

      according to some website I found once the average time to read something (note average) is about 275 words a minute, but to speak it is about 175 words a minute. I forget where I found it so I could be (...)

    10. Re: How does this work?!

      I have a guess that a large part is the total number of stars you get from reviews. Mostly because "If they care enough to review even a bad one there is something there" because well people have different (...)

    11. Re: Imagine you wrote 500 chapters of a novel on RR. If you start a new novel, do you lose most of your patrons?

      I would say depends on what you make next and how much of it is the specific story/ies that you craft. Plus some people are to lazy to turn off the patreon if its a low donation like a dollar or two unless (...)

    12. Re: Does anyone else dislike prequels.

      Not as a whole but it depends on the basic questions. Who made it? What is it about in reference to the previous stories? When does it take place compared to the originals? Does it take place in the (...)

    13. Re: Reading Time...

      It can very greatly depending on how in the mood I am, distracted I am, and well the genre of the story/how deep into it I am as sometimes I like to go back and reference things while reading.

    14. Re: Favourite/most memorable chapter/scene of a story you've read? [Lots of spoilers, probably]

      In the light bringer series in one of the very first, if not the first, one of the main characters ends up talking to this guy he found near a corpse. The guy was bound up and talked to him a bit, but (...)

    15. Re: Names.

      Victor. I needed a name that would seem to fit in a fantasy setting despite being an isekai and names that are also just words seemed to fit well. Also the word that his name was opened to some possible (...)

    16. Re: How many ongoing writing projects do you have ?

      One, but I am already planning my next one. Also occasionally play around with random ideas for well to get my mind off my current to clean out my clutter. I even wrote an whole instruction manual for (...)

    17. Re: Are you willing to say goodbye to the characters you love most?

      One character I made i turned out to like a lot more than I expected and.... I've already contemplated killing her depending on certain factors.

    18. Re: How Do You Complete Your First Story?

      For me i have a self imposed deadline that helps me and having readers who read it helps me keep motivated. I put out on chapter a week on my main site. I say actually do the writing because you can edit (...)

    19. Re: How do you all feel about stories where any character can die?

      honestly it depends on the story specifically. if it feels like it works i will be fine with it. If i dont feel like it works I wont be fine with it.