The Precipice of Power

Style: 5/5

I gave it 5 star because even though I prefer 1st person perspective, the 3rd person style of this story is well-executed and written. I also like the pacing and how long each chapter is (some say that it's on the short side but for me, it's just on the right side). Also, the worldbuilding isn't heavy to follow and the story keeps on getting interesting as you progress.

Grammar: 5/5

Nothing too much to note so yeah...5 stars

Story: 5/5

The story is interesting. At first, I'm just interested in Kiro's improvement but as I continue reading, I also got intrigued on Seira's growth too. The story folllows the adventures of the two so I gave it a 5 star.

Character: 5/5

I like the twins character and I also like how the story didn't introduced too much characters in the early chapters. That's my problem to some stories I've read here in RR and reading this fiction like this made me give it a 5 star.

Over-all, it's 5 stars too me until chapter 10. Looking forward on how will this story unfold.

Valkyria Heart: A modern fantasy (on break until late fall)

As I read RAGNA, I got immediately pulled in by it's descriptive style of narrating scenes especially the action scenes done in the earliest chapters. The descriptions are phenomenal and the character of the MC Ragna is shown clearly right from the get go. But as I continue reading the story, I found a couple of issues.

Style: 4/5

The third person descriptive style of the story is well-written. The fight scenes were immersive and you can see the passion of the author in making the fiction. But my first issue is that, the author relies on explaining some things in the comment section when a reader is confused on a specific scene or fact. I get that it will be revealed more in the upcoming chapters but the author should at least leave some hints to better portray it to the readers without getting confused. My second issue is that some dialogues are better to be in thoughts (italics) rather than a narration. At first, it was minimal but I'm starting to notice a couple of sentences better to become mere thoughts.

Grammar: 5/5

Not much of an issue here. Some are already corrected by the author given how active the community is in the comment section so 5 stars as of now.

Story: 3.5/5 (edited)

Still at the early phase but I expected more after finishing chapter 16. I mention my issue in the style where the author relies on explaining confusing facts in the comment section and that greatly affects the story. Also, the characters are a big part of this rate. At first, I expected a lot in the development of characters from this story. The way they were introduced made me interested on how they will develop and affect the world especially the MC Ragna. But the turning point arrived (where Ragna got blamed for everything) and...that's it. I read some stories here in RR and I like how a massive character development occured in the MC after the crucial turning point arrived but here, it fell a bit short for me. Of course, I saw how Ragna developed as a character because of that event but her unlikable characteristics (egoistic and cocky) were still there. Well, that might be the defining characteristics of Ragna as a character but I was just expecting more appeal especially because of the fact that this fiction revolves around her. I'm not saying to remove those but I just want more development to see on Ragna. But on the positive side, the chapter where I stopped to review is still at the early phase so there's still a lot of potential for growth not just for Ragna but for the other characters as well.

EDIT: I read ahead and saw some improments in both characters and the story, especially at the MC Ragna. The author focused on her, giving her more depth compared to the previous chapters so I added .5 stars in both categories. 

Over all, its a 4 star for me as of now. There are some issues here and there but still has what it takes to be an amazing story here in RoyalRoad if done right in the future chapters.



This review considered up to the chapter "Morning Star".

Crowfeathers is a story about Yuuichi Morimoto, the Lord of Bukijima and the new Royal Thaumaturgist of Shin Rikoku (I like the japanese names btw). Because his father was branded a traitor and her mother a criminal, people hated him for his name Morimoto. In fact, he wanted to refuse the position of Royal Thaumaturgist because he only wants to go to his exiled mother's side. Though the sudden attack of  Order of Kuusai will make him accept this position to protect the King's sister, Yuriko Watanabe.

Style and Grammar: 4/5

Good use of grammar and style-wise, the third person perspective writing compliments this kind of story. Though my only issue is the shifting of tenses but only minimal so I'll still give a 4 star here.

Story: 4/5

I already discussed the premise of the story above but what I liked about this one is the shifting of perspective between the Royalty side and the Order. Though a bit short, the author also showcased Morning Star's side and I'm curious if it will be like that in the next chapters. But as of now, story-wise, I'll give this a 4 star.

Characters: 3.5/5

The MC has the depth that a protagonist of every novel should have and the other characters seems interesting as of now. But I guess I'm still looking for some punch in them so these main figures can be categorized as memorable, fictional people you won't forget as you read other stories .So right now, I'll give 3.5 stars here.

Over all, I'll give this story 4 stars. I can definitely recommend this to others so have a read yourself!

Righteous Sovereign, Shameless Rogue (hiatus/rewrite)

As the synopsis mentioned, "Righteous Sovereign, Shameless Rogue" is about Lin Xianyi,the MC of the title and described as an idiot. His soul is somehow drawn into the body of a child inside of a mysterious cocoon. Waking up as the cocoon shatters, he slowly comes to the realization that he has arrived in a whole new world, the world of cultivation. It's a nice xianxia comedy with action and martial arts that will keep readers invested in this especially the ones into cultivation.

Style: 5/5

"Righteous Sovereign, Shameless Rogue" is a third person style perspective. What I love about its style is the description and the hilarious way of telling the story. The actions scenes were also well written. My only issue is the way the characters were addressed in the story (like young man, youth, etc.) It can be confusing sometimes so I'll give a 4.5 stars here. 


Good use of grammar. Nothing to point out negative so I'll give 5 stars here.


As of now, not really much was developed fully well but I can see the author is setting up the characters to major events later on in the story. And I like how the author blends the worldbuilding into the chapters so I'll give a 4.5 as of now.

Characters: 5/5

All characters seems interesting. I also like the dynamic between Xianyi, Qingtian and Lin Ming but there are even more from the good roster of characters here so I'll give 5 stars in this one.

Over all, I'll still give it a 5 star. I'm sure Xianxia readers will love this story and if you're interested in trying one, I definitely recommend this!



Like the synopsis mentioned, Vagrant is about Desirae Abernathy, a daughter of a rich congressman who wants all personal and extracurricular augmentations outlawed. In a world of technology, this type of ideology can taint a family name and put hit markers on anybody who wears it proudly. That's also the reason why she found joy in the adrenaline rush of being a part of  illegal activities.

Soon after, Desirae got involved with a notorious gangbanger DeVile (wait...is that a pun for the word... devil???) who wants her father's database of sensitive intel. Desirae saw that as an opportunity to make a quick buck. But the supposedly innocent exchange will turn into a life of stealing, murder, and personal advancements.

Style & Grammar: 5/5

The style of Vagrant was a third person-perspective writing. It was well written and I didn't feel the style and grammar hindering my reading experience. So 5 stars in both categories for me.

Story: 5/5

Still in the early chapters but I see a lot of potential here. Realistic characters can turn a story into a good one (which I will discuss in the next score) so I'll give 5 stars here.

Characters: 5/5

As the review title mentioned, the characters were realistic. From the MC Desirae to the newly introduced characters like Vesna. Heck, the author 'soundofhysteria' even gave us a realistic teen protagonist in the form of Desirae. Though her actions doesn't scream smart, it was fine because what should be emphasized is her rebellious phase and her attitude resulting from his father's negligence. Soundofhysteria perfectly showed how someone would act in that kind of circumstances and I'm looking forward to see how her character will improve in the next chapters.

But as I was saying, everyone has their own quirks so I'll give 5 stars here.

Over all, I rate this story a 5 star. Totally recommendable to others and would get popularity if done right in the future chapters.

Everlasting Throne of Supremacy

Everlasting Throne of Supremacy is a Xianxia about a Young Lord who got ambushed by black robed men after he claimed the coctis quenching fruit. At the early chapters, the story will take a look at the character of the MC and will also showcase the figh scenes between his guards and the robed men.

Style & Grammar: 3.5

Just like the review title said, this story needs a thorough editing in style and grammar. There were plenty of typo error, shifting of tenses, wrong capitalization, etc. But it can be corrected through editing apps like grammarly so I'll still give 3.5 stars here.

Story: 3.5/5

As far as I can infer, the story revolves around the decisions and actions of the MC (at least as of the chapters I've read). In fact...

Spoiler: Spoiler

 So even though I want to give a higher score in the story category, I will only give a 3.5 star here because of how the author created the MC (in which I will discuss in the next category)

Character: 3.5/5


Spoiler: Spoiler

Over all, I rate this 3.5 star. It needs a major editing and after that, I'm sure that the author will get more readers.

A Stranger in Sorcererstown (The Stranger Trails Saga)

This review is up to Chapter 7 only.

Style: 5/5

A Stranger in Sorcererstown is a third person perspective with a wild west movie feel to it. Didn't see any issue with the flow, pacing and chronology of the story so 5 stars for me.

Grammar: 5/5

Good use of the English grammar. The way it was constructed didn't hinder my reading experience. Also, the descriptions of the settings and scenes were superb so 5 stars.

Story: 4/5

The story is fascinating as well as its worldbuilding. Anyone with interest to this sort of genre will surely be hooked right from the start. As for me, what I like in this story is the action scenes (and the main character that I will discuss later in the next score). Those were well-written and surely the strengths of this title. My only issue is that the ambiance of the story. It's s a bit on the heavy side but that's how the story should be (so it's more like a personal preference of mine at this point) So 4 stars for me.

Character: 4.5/5

Nothing more interesting than a mysterious, badass MC. He's not the sort of protagonist where everybody already likes him and that's his charm as a character. Also, the other characters have depth and uniqueness on them. They even act in a realistic way so I'll give 4.5 stars here.

Over all, I rate this story a 4.5. Definitely a well-crafted work and something I could recommend to other readers.

Glitchworld Ground Zero

This review covers up to Chapter 4.3

Style: 5/5

The style of Glitchworld Ground Zero is a fast-paced, third-person perspective. The chapters are divided into parts, making it an easy read for audience as you progress the story. 5 stars for me.

Grammar: 5/5

Didn't see any issue here. In fact, the use of English grammar didn't affect my reading experience so 5 stars too.

Story: 4.5/5

The story, just like the review title mentioned, was humorous. I found myself bursting into laughter in the dirty jokes and witty acronyms. The only issue I found is the lacking of  'something' that will keep the readers invested in the title. Of course, it is intesting to follow what will happen to the lead characters (Shanaya, Marioli, Ravindra, Rashmi, Danielle and Gavin) in the nanotechnology game park but maybe I'm just looking for a goal that will cover the story from beginning to its end. Of course, it's still in the early parts of the story so as of now, I'll give 4.5 stars here. Totally changable as you progress.

Character: 4.5/5

The characters have distinguishing personalities. They already have their own quirks so all there is to do is to wait for their character improvement as you progress the story. 4.5 stars for me.

Overall, I rate this story a 4.5 star. Go and have a read if you're intersted in a VR title incorporated with adult humor.

Heaven's Fall

Heaven's Fall is a story about Sendrien Dagon/Thistleman a Demon Lord that was transported into another world and met Lady Diane, an 8 year old magic-less noble. Seeing him as injured, she offered him a hand in exchange of pledging his loyalty to the noble girl. Thus, the start of their adventures.

Style: 4/5

The main style of Heaven's Fall is a third-person perspective. Because some of the time, the style turns into first-person (I categorized it as one because some dialogues weren't even italicized so it became more like a 1st personrather than a 3rd person perspective). It's something I don't recommended because by doing this, the story will lack consistency. Also, the story relies on 'tell' rather than 'show'. But it doen't mean that I'm not a fan of the 'tell' style even though some readers always prefer the 'show'. But for me, the third person perspective should be heavy in 'show' rather than 'tell'. And it became one of the issues here. Of course, a thorough edit will fix this issue so as of now, it's 4 stars.

Grammar: 4/5

Saw some minor typo error like 'drug' instead of 'drag' and the story also has the habit of shifting tenses. So 4 stars here too. As I said in the previous score, I recommend an edit and this story will be good.

 Story: 4/5

The story's premise is definitely interesting. You'll look forward to what more will the demon lord can offer to Diane because...

Spoiler: Spoiler

Reminds me of the seting in an anime and that's definetely not a bad thing. it just makes it more interesting for me as you follow on what could happen more as the two continues their adventure. But I have to give 4 stars because some scenes were lacking in execution. It's a shame bacause it could be a lot more emotional if those got exploited more.

Character Score: 4.5/5

Thistleman and Diane are characters that has a lot of potential. Thistleman is amusing and intersting and I'm expecting more from his character. As for Diane, I like her determination. She is strong-willed even though her family hate her to the point that they want her to be gone in the family (because she is magic-less). In fact, she even helped others with miserable fate and that charisma of hers made those people wanting to become her servant. So 4.5 stars here even though they were still not that fleshed out as characters (because that's a given for the early chapters of a story).

Over all, this story is a 4 star. It has an interesting premise already so an improvement in both style and grammar would make this story highly-recommendable.

I was reborn into a fantasy world as a magic robot?! Automata Prime

This review covers up to Book 1 : Chapter 9

I was Reborn into a Fantasy World as a Magic Robot is a...wait. Isn't that too long? I mean, the title is clearly reminiscent of a japanese light novel so...can I shorten it like them? I don't know...like...RebornRobot...Reboot? Okay, for this review, I'm gonna call it Reboot. Sorry for doing things without Xian's consent xD

Anyway, Reboot is a story about a programmer/toy designer who got killed by a sysAdmin Error through Beam's action. Then, he got reborn to a new world as an Automata, a species of magic robot slave. But don't worry, he's OP because of the powers given to him by Beam (as an apology for killing him). You will now follow Prime's story as he meets his new friends along the way.

Style: 4.5/5

Reboot's style is a first person perspective that follows the POV of Prime. I like the pacing at the early chapters but when I got to Chap. 5, the pace got a little faster and it remained like that up to chap 6 (only for two chapters). For me, the chase (chap 5) and the escape (chap 6) felt incomplete due to the fewer use of dialogues. I think it could've been better to include more dialogues from Prime because that will make the situations more emotional and compelling. But it's just those two so I will still give a 4.5 score here.

Grammar: 5/5

No issue there. The use of English Grammar here didn't hinder my reading experience so 5 stars.

Story: 4.5/5

Reboot's story is simple but interesting, perfect for all-ages. Robot fans would love the easter eggs that Xian put throughout the story (he is even giving 5 rep points for those who'll find it so good luck!)

Personally, what I love here is the coding of Prime, as he make and rework things through programming. That is what makes Reboot unique from other isekai and you can see Xian's creativity shining throughout the story. Also, I love the illustrations of characters (there's even a separate book for that so I recommend checking it out after you catched up to the story for there will be spoilers if you decided to view the illustration book before reading). It's hard to find a story here in RR where characters were already illustrated. And seeing Reboot with a roster of complete design made it easier for me to know what they really look like.

My only issue is the lack of a specific goal in the earliest chapter (like saving the world from a timed calamity, saving Emilia-tan from all possible bad ends and defeating the demon lord and his army) but that is already common in the isekai genre so still 4.5 stars.

Characters: 4.5/5

This score got a lot of boost considering the fact that you can see the character's illustration right after they got introduced. My personal favorite is Ravage's design as of now. I mean, who wouldn't want a robo cat that can transform into a nekomimi-shoujo-maid robo character? Sorry for showing my weeb side.

My only issue is that the characters were still lacking punch and depth. But that can be improved as you go along the story so I'll give 4.5 stars here.

Over all, I liked the concept of Reboot. It's interesting to follow the adventures of Prime and the others, curious on how it will unfold so I definitely recommend it a read!